A dip into 1930s America, the smile of the barber, settling into a leather armchair and never having to think about anything again. Bullfrog celebrates the original experience of male grooming, combined with the best international methods and influenced by the style of Anglo-Saxon and North American barbers. Discover hair, beard and moustache products that celebrate the best of different schools and trends.
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Discover Bullfrog beard and hair products

Every morning a man gets up and knows he has to take care of his face, bringing with him a Hamletic doubt: "What products should I use for my beard?". Yes, beards are no laughing matter: from those who like to keep them neatly shaved and trimmed with a ruler, to those who prefer a longer (yet not wild!) look, shaving products are invariably the subject of research and debate among men who like to take care of themselves. Bulffrog's beard, face and hair care products were created to meet this need. From shaving creams to hair shampoos and even perfume, all Bullfrog creations fully respect the brand's style, which likes to represent traditional barbering, but with a modern twist.


Bullfrog: The history

Bullfrog was born from an idea of Romano Brida: after almost twenty years in the Management Consulting and IT fields, Romano decided to change his life and took a year for himself, a year to have a fresh new start. It was during this time that Bullfrog was born: in 2013 the brand's first salon, in the Isola district of Milan, and the Bullfrog Barber Academy were founded. In 2014 the first creation by Bullfrog was launched: Agnostico, an aftershave lotion, ideal for the man on the hunt for an immediate solution to soften his beard. 

In 2015, Bullfrog founded two more salons in Milan and its first foreign store in Zurich: it was the beginning of a great success, which took Bullfrog products from Milan to all of Europe. Today Bullfrog is a leading professional brand for beard, moustache and hair care.


Bullfrog beard and moustache products

Whether you have a thick beard, a goatee or a handsome moustache, the Bullfrog product collection offers plenty of choice for a disciplined, smooth and groomed look. Bullfrog offers a selection of shaving creams (for those who like to shave without foam), beard oils and men's skincare products for post-shave facial care. Thanks to their professional and soothing formulations, all Bullfrog shaving products are gentle and effective on the face and leave a pleasant feeling both during and after shaving. The Bullfrog range also includes men's skincare products, a mouthwash for healthy teeth and gums and several hair styling products.


Bullfrog fragrances

Pleasing, masculine and iconic, Bullfrog perfumes are inspired by the best smells of traditional barbering. The Bullfrog Eau de Parfum collection that has captivated so many men's routines is now complemented by the introduction of four new additions: Bullfrog Eau de Toilettes inspired by the essential elements of nature - air, water, fire, earth. The perfect finishing touch to leave an unmistakable mark on the skin.


Bullfrog Best Selling Products on 50 ml

  • Bullfrog Texturising Salt Spray: a volume and styling treatment for all hair types, capable of giving volume to hair and modelling natural wavy hair, while recreating the “beach-waves effect”. Thanks to its marine scent and unique texture, this product has made countless men fall in love with it.
  • Bullfrog Secret Potion No.1 All in One Beard Oil: have you ever wondered how many drops of shaving oil you should use? With this Bullfrog Shaving Oil you only need two or three to nourish even the thickest beards, both before and after shaving. 
  • Bullfrog Secret Potion No.3 Shaving Cream: a soft and comfortable shaving cream that is also ideal as a pre-shave treatment. If you don't like shaving with foam, this product is one of the brand's best sellers and not for nothing. 
  • Bullfrog Agnostico Aftershave Lotion: the first product launched by the brand and one of its most iconic. Agnostico has a soothing and refreshing action: its light, fast-absorbing texture acts quickly on skin irritated by shaving, leaving it soft and moisturised.


Bullfrog Products Opinions: See 50 ml customer reviews!

  • Bullfrog Anti-Stress Moisturising Serum: "I have been using this gel for several months now and I must say that it feels really good on the skin. I will be buying it again." Marco
  • Bullfrog Exfoliating Anti-Stress Gel: "My skin is a bit thick and sometimes very dry: this product is a lifesaver, especially in winter. It leaves my skin very soft, without drying it out." Alessandro
  • Bullfrog Restructuring Matte Wax: "My secret to keeping my hair in place all day long. I didn't have high expectations for this wax, but I must say that it really surprised me: the texture is pleasant and easy to work with and the matt effect is very elegant.
  • Bullfrog Gentle Cleansing Fluid: "Perfect and gentle on skin and hair. I use it practically every day and will definitely buy it again" Ettore

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