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Essential Parfums
Essential Parfums has over 25 years of experience in the perfume industry. The Maison chooses to leave "carte blanche" to the master perfumers: freedom, when it comes to creating, is what allows you to combine art and perfumery, simplicity and refinement. The goal of essentiality is also achieved through the choice of using natural ingredients, leaving aside synthetic ones.
Essential Parfums
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Essential Parfums Perfumes

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of elegance” is the motto of Essential Parfums, a Maison that puts its products first. Essential Parfums is a luxury perfumes company based in Paris that stands out for the quality of its products made with natural high-quality ingredients, and its commitment to pro-environmental and pro-community projects. They offer a wide range of body products and men's and women's fragrances; and are distinguished by the level of their fragrances and their uniquely designed packaging.


The Essential Parfums Product Philosophy

Natural ingredientsbest quality and sustainability are cornerstones on which Essential Parfums makes no compromises. "First-rate perfumery should not cost an arm and a leg" said the representatives of the brand, which wants to climb all the peaks of the perfumery world without abandoning a vision that also embraces ordinary customers. Unisex perfumes that speak for themselves to anyone who knows how to listen, an excellence of perfumery that wants to remain anchored to the needs of its customers in order to minimise the cost of the “brand” and allow as many people as possible to enjoy the true natural niche perfumery. The cost and complexity of processing natural products make them much more expensive and rare in the world of fragrances, but anyone who understands perfumery knows that it is worth it to produce fragrances that do justice to every single note. Simplicity is the ultimate in refinement, which is why Essential Parfums focuses on a precious handful of natural ingredients rather than a cacophony of synthetics.

Essential Parfums collaborates with the best perfume masters and experts in the world by sourcing the best sustainable ingredients, the only ones worthy of being transformed into olfactory masterpieces. The result is unique and luxurious perfumes, protected by elegant ecological packaging. Essential Parfums creates Haute perfumery at an affordable price through a simple approach: focusing entirely on the artistic fragrances themselves rather than the trappings that surround them. By cutting traditional advertising methods, Essential Parfums avoids costs that detract from the quality of the fragrances and makes its products available only to the true connoisseur.

The Maison has always been attentive to the environmental impact of its perfumes and prioritises sustainability in everything it does, from start to finish: its perfumers focus on natural and sustainable raw materials that not only create powerful fragrances but also respect local producer communities and the environment. The brand uses beet alcohol, prefers recycled and recyclable packaging (FSC paper and glass) and does not add colourants. The colour of the fragrances is totally natural and in fact, may vary slightly depending on the crop.


Essential Parfums Best Seller Products on 50 ml:

  • Essential Parfums Bois Imperial EDP: A brilliant combination of fresh Thai basil, sparkling, peppery facets of grapefruit and Nepalese timut pepper absolute contrasts perfectly with the bold woody signature of this unisex fragrance. A green, rich and earthy Haitian vetiver oil echoes georgywood, an exclusive molecule with powerful cedarwood tones. This vibrant woody association is illuminated by the sophisticated floral scent of Petalia. The unique spicy-woody character of Majestic Akigalawood character is enhanced by rich Indonesian Patchouli oil and the powerful, sustainable note of Ambrofix.
  • Essential Parfums Divine Vanille EDP: Divine Vanille has a clever arrangement of notes that allows them to be enjoyed in several overlapping layers: the delicious warmth of pure vanilla caresses fruity suede, which in turn reveals facets of blond tobacco, peach skin and cinnamon-dusted wood. Wrapped in the powdery, papery resin of benzoin and diffusive musks, Divine Vanille is a unique fragrance, which puts vanilla in the foreground without allowing the composition to unwind into the sugary sweetness of a gourmand, or letting other materials drown its delicate yet singular identity. Divine Vanille is complex, yet easy to read: the perfect balance of simple and complex.
  • Essential Parfums The Musc EDP: an aromatic Eau de Parfum for men and women, a fragrance that is fresh, honeyed and warm at the same time, The Musc is a subtle blend of captivating scents that opens with red ginger from Laos and natural Lavandin Grosso from France. Natural, sustainable beeswax brings a creamy sweetness to the heart, combined with a pure note of Nirvanolide musk. Natural Australian sandalwood embellishes the blend with warm, woody tones.
  • Essential Parfums Mon Vetiver EDP: an eau de parfum for men and women. A charismatic and elegant fragrance that is also surprising. This aromatic composition revolves around the natural essence of Haitian vetiver, embraced by an unexpected Gin accord that infuses it with the freshness of juniper and lime essence from Mexico. Lavender and gentian accents (both natural) make this fragrance even more attractive, intensified by the mysterious facets of cashmere wood and natural Indonesian patchouli.
  • Essential Parfums Nice Bergamote EDP: a sunny burst of Calabrian bergamot leaves leave a luminous impression in this citrusy fragrance for men and women. Interwoven with a floral accord of rose petals, jasmine and ylang-ylang, precious cedarwood creates a warm base, then softened by tonka beans from Venezuela. The perfume contains a natural and sustainable type of ylang-ylang from the Comoros archipelago, extracted while reducing the impact on the ecosystem through a tree replanting programme. The tonka beans used in the fragrance support local Venezuelan communities.


Essential Parfums Products Reviews: Discover our customer reviews!

  • Essential Parfums Rose Magnetic EDP: “This for me was a blind buy. I jumped at the suggestion of a good friend of mine who is a perfume expert. Despite this, it's one of the best perfumes I have ever bought. The rose, lychee and vanilla make it a very good women's fragrance, but the grapefruit, mint and cedarwood balance the scales, making it one of the best unisex fragrances I have tried lately. A fragrance that is sweet and fresh but at the same time sophisticated, neither too sweet nor too intense, is suitable for all occasions” Eris 
  • Essential Parfums Orange x Santal Hand & Body Soap: “I suffer from sensitive skin but still want to use scented products, so for me searching for skin products is an odyssey. Despite this, I was really pleased with Orange X Santal. First of all, I love the scent! Orange and sandalwood (the dominant notes) create a fresh, enveloping fragrance that instantly relaxed me. The soap is very gentle on the skin and leaves the hands and body soft and moisturised. It doesn't dry out the skin like other scented soaps and yet lasts long after use, plus it's sustainable and natural! Honestly, it seems to me to be one of the best niche bubble baths I have ever bought” Lysa
  • Essential Parfums Fig Infusion Eau de Parfum: “The fragrance is a perfect mix of sweetness and freshness. Fig is obviously the dominant ingredient, but there are also fresh, fruity and green notes that add depth and character to the fragrance. It's not too sweet, so it's versatile Also, I appreciate the fact that Essential Parfums uses only high-quality natural ingredients in their perfumes. This makes the perfume gentler on the skin and, in my opinion, more long-lasting. It is also a healthier choice for the skin and the environment, as it contains no harsh chemicals. Simple perfection” Alex
  • Essential Parfums Discovery Set: “In my opinion the best way to discover Essential Parfums fragrances and at the same time one of the best gift ideas on the site, along with the Matteo Selection. Personally, I already know most of the brand's offerings, but I decided to buy a pack anyway for myself and my little sister so that she could also discover this fantastic producer. A great way to entice her into the world of the best niche perfumes without making her fall in love with an expensive brand that she couldn't buy for herself” Marianna
  • Essential Parfums Bois Imperial Hand & Body Soap: “I'm so happy! I LOVE Bois Imperial perfume, so of course, I wanted to buy the body/hand soap as soon as I heard about its existence. It's a great way to reinforce the Eau de Parfum, making sure it smells more evenly throughout the day. I'm sure I'll be buying it again, as well as obviously picking up the Eau de Parfum Bois Imperial” Tony


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