Rhizome makes high-quality fragrances affordable for everyone. Minimalism and simplicity best describe Rhizome, a very young Italian niche perfumery brand. "Quality is first and foremost sensory: that's why it can be everywhere around us, in our favourite environments or in the people we love to be close to".
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Rhizome Perfumes: The Artistic Perfumery Revolution in Milan

Rhizome, founded by Stefano and Andrea Aschieri in 2019, is a Milanese brand specialising in Eau De Parfumscandles and perfumes for the environment. In a market saturated with artistic perfumery, Rhizome has distinguished itself from the masses by staying close to its community with accessible products and a personal image associated with modern luxury; embracing a fresh and innovative approach, focusing on the new generation often overlooked by the big players in the sector.


A Simple and Important Experience for All of Us

Rhizome shares the belief that a fragrance experience should not be complicated but, on the contrary, should be accessible and significant for each of us. Finding the right fragrance for our needs is more than a simple perfume, it is a unique experience that can become an indelible memory, a small piece in our personal history.


Rhizome: Meaning of the Name

In botany, the term 'rhizome' indicates a non-linear mode of growth of roots, and it is this concept that is reflected in Rhizome's approach to artistic perfumery. The brand adopts an unconventional path, based on a combination of inspirations from different worlds, such as art, design, fashion and architecture. This philosophy is reflected in their fragrances, which evoke suggestions and emotions from heterogeneous contexts.


Rhizome's Mission: Accessible and Elegant Products

From its first steps into the world of artistic perfumery, Rhizome wanted to break the mould. While many other brands offered inaccessible products and irrelevant communication, Rhizome focused on unique fragrances, unisex and accessible products, suitable for both fans of the industry and those wishing to approach this art form. Each product is carefully designed and produced in Milan, thus guaranteeing high standards of quality and refinement.

If you are looking for a unique and authentic scented experience, Rhizome is the brand for you. With its innovative and accessible approach, Rhizome has disrupted the canons of artistic perfumery by putting the emotions and personal stories of the wearer at the centre of its creations. Choose Rhizome, discover fragrances that speak directly to the heart and let yourself be transported on an unprecedented olfactory journey.


Rhizome Best Seller Products on 50 ml

  • Rhizome Desert Dusk Eau de Parfum: an aromatic unisex fragrance. A fragrance made of contrasts, dry as the desert and green as an oasis. We imagined being in a desert at sunset, the environment begins to cool and the sparse vegetation begins to release its natural aroma. Desert Dusk Eau de Parfum is a fragrance with a botanical and woody heart, balanced by a dry top note and warm base note.
  • Rhizome 8AM Room Spray: a musky room spray. A super clean and fresh fragrance to liven up the atmosphere of any room. A few sprays of Rhizome's 8AM Room Spray will get you back under the covers, in the freshness of your freshly cleaned sheets.
  • Rhizome 06 Eau de Parfum: a unisex floral perfume. This perfume is part of the niche project of high-quality essences developed and produced in Italy. Rhizome 06 is an Eau de Parfum celebrating the awakening of nature. Amber is the perfect base for a blend of floral notes and talc. 06 Eau de Parfum has a unique texture in its base notes. This perfume is simple and direct and at the same time is the ideal companion for the hottest days.
  • Rhizome 05 Candle: an oriental candle. Notes of amber and cumin are perfectly balanced to create an oriental yet refined fragrance. A rich, lingering scent that represents distant landscapes and environments. 05 Candle by Rhizome is an adventurous journey through classic fragrances.
  • Rhizome 01 Eau de Parfum: a unisex oriental fragrance. 01 is a fresh and delicate eau de parfum. Nutmeg, cinnamon and cumin will immediately transport you to ancient and remote markets, where spices are vibrant and colourful. An exotic world that is combined with the clear, clean notes of vetiver and sandalwood to create an extremely balanced fragrance


Rhizome Products Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Rhizome Tropical Dance Eau de Parfum: “It's a fragrance that smells of holidays and late-night adventures in the Caribbean. The gourmand notes of fava bean, bourbon vanilla and caramelised orange enveloped me in an enveloping sweetness, recreating the intensity and freshness of tropical fruits. Woody notes of patchouli, cedarwood and cashmere wood add depth and warmth to the fragrance, evoking the lush atmosphere of tropical forests. The aromatic notes of precious woods, amber notes and intense musks leave an enveloping and seductive trail, like a night of mysterious adventures in an exotic country.” Antonio
  • Rhizome 02 Candle: “This candle is a godsend! It goes perfectly with the minimal and somewhat boho style of my entryway, and its notes of cedar, vanilla and leather gently waft in to welcome anyone who enters the house. It immediately sets the mood” Julia
  • Rhizome 03 Eau de Parfum: “Very special and relaxing: the citrusy, aromatic and spicy notes make me feel a bit like I'm sinking into a sofa slowly sipping a familiar, but never before tried, infusion. The notes are already familiar (citrus, basil, ginger, vetiver) but associated originally. At a certain point, the citrus scent intensifies and the high quality of the raw materials becomes very clear because it seems as if you are resting your nose on the bergamot peel and inhaling its fresh, sparkling perfume. Very interesting, for me is a “comfort fragrance” ” Angelica
  • Rhizome 5PM Room Spray: “For me, 5PM is a relaxing afternoon spent drinking thé during golden hour, and it brings me back to that feeling every time I spray it. By now my little ritual of relaxation as soon as I get home is spraying it and closing my eyes, to enjoy it. I think that more than a room fragrance is an experience to be had" Joanne
  • Rhizome 06 Eau de Parfum: “It opens as a floral and powdery fragrance, quite classic and very pleasant…I must say that at one point it reminded me a lot of the scent of tic tac candy! I think it is a safe choice for a blind buy or a gift, I think most people will like it. Simple but elegant” Carlo


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