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27 87
27 87 redefines luxury by combining it with simplicity: high quality ingredients, meticulous research and traditional craftsmanship from Barcelona are collected to create long-lasting fragrances, blended to evolve over time and always be a little surprising. 27 87 was born from the intention to collaborate with some of the most refined noses in the world to create unexpected fragrances.
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27 87: Artistic Perfumery and Sensory Experience

We are in Barcelona, a modern and eclectic city by the sea; and there could not be a better place for the headquarters of 27 87. If you're wondering where this particular name comes from, it's very simple: from the forms of the brand's various fragrances, of 27 ml and 87 ml respectively. The perfume house collaborates with the world's most distinctive noses to create innovative, modern perfumes, always one step ahead. Moreover, the mission of 27 87 is to celebrate the originality of each individual, and the personal need to express one's uniqueness. Proof of this is the white bottle like a canvas on which to paint one's personal art, and the box, created each time by a different artist as an embodiment and tactile extension of the perfume's character. For 27 87, niche means artistic perfumery. Niche is not necessarily pleasant. It is a tool for provoking, questioning and pushing boundaries. It is quite extreme. It is narrowly defined, of very high quality and not interested in the mass market or unlimited consumption.


Features of 27 87: Perfume Brand Ethics

27 87 wants to create a sensory experience that goes far beyond the world we are able to perceive with our eyes. The sense of smell is the most powerful sense we possess, directly linked to emotions and with the invisible power to influence everything we do. In other words: 27 87 celebrates the sense of smell as a sense not subject to reason. By accepting the fact that our senses and minds seek the invisible, we improve our understanding not only of beauty, but also of reality. In this way, the brand creates new perfumes through the know-how of traditional craftsmanship, prioritising quality and the pleasure of new and continuous change: acting, creating, experimenting, making changes, seeking progress. 27 87 places the utmost value on the product, not as a 'commodity to be sold' but as an artefact, the fruit of its own passion. For 27 87 Perfumes, a fragrance is defined by the quality of its ingredients, the production and manufacturing processes, maceration, local craftsmanship and long-lasting packaging.


Discover the Perfume Collections of 27 87

27 87 has created 4 perfume lines, each with a different mood, which inspires the entire line with modernity and dedication; they could be called four photographs of contemporaneity, four times in which to interpret the world. Here are the 27 87 perfume collections:

NOW: Perfumes that accompany the everyday - versatile and present.  It is a signature for the here and now. In everyday life, paying attention to the things you perceive means being aware of the moment. Concentrate. Become aware of everything you see, hear and smell. And some of these things will stay with you throughout the day (and beyond). The Now Line interprets this facet of artistic perfumery, and can be worn in everyday life. These fragrances do not fill the whole room, but at the same time have a strong recognition value. In this line, warm Moroccan cedarwood and creamy sandalwood combine with the metallic vibrations of fresh aldehydes, creating molecular compositions as unique as the genetic code of each of us.

GO: Perfumes for exploration and faraway places - exotic and fascinating. 27 87 Perfumes with this line wants to celebrate the moment when we discover something new that arouses our wonder: we stand open-mouthed, wide-eyed, and for a moment everything stops. Scientists often describe wonderment as an emotion that combines the experience of vastness with the pleasure and fear of the unknown. These moments are rare and ephemeral, but deeply precious. The 27 87 Go perfumes have exotic and extremely unusual ingredients, difficult to find even in artistic perfumery. It is an unknown exploration of auras, defined by notes of wormwood, fennel and mint leaves.

WILD: Scents for the most important occasions, courageous and powerful. Do not doubt. At least, in some cases. A statement asks no questions, makes no demands and gives no commands. A statement can be simple, composed or even complex, but it always leaves a mark. Wild combines niche scents with an ecstatic presence and sensual confidence. It develops into robust notes of red pepper and unique accords of burnt rubber, combined with bright Mediterranean bergamot and caramel.

CALM: Scents that integrate quietness and presence, that calm and reinvent. In the world there is always noise, importance, seriousness, anxiety, haste, confusion. Calm is not about any of these things. 27 87 understands calm as a condition of freedom from storms and high waves: the total absence of wind. An atmosphere in which there is no stress or tension. It is a smell that comforts you, that prefers introversion to extroversion. A gentle hill of presence, from warm accords of vanilla and sandalwood to notes of tonka bean and coconut.


Best Seller Perfumes 27 87 on 50 ml

  • Genetic Bliss Eau de Parfum: a fragrance to celebrate our full potential, the essence of who and what we are. Designed to adapt to the body's unique natural scent, Genetic Bliss perfume is a powerful infusion with woody notes such as akigalawood, belambra and creamy sandalwood for a fragrance as unique as the genetic code of each of us.
  • Wandervogel Eau de Parfum: Inspired by a desire for novelty and exploration, Wandervogel by 27 87 combines exotic shiso, marine notes and subtle sandalwood accords, giving it an airy, almost transcendent charm. With a soft note of fine Moroccan mint, Wandervogel Perfume is a modern interpretation of exploration and unknown lands. 
  • Hamaca Eau de Parfum: Inspire, exhale and let go: this fragrance blends fresh, salty marine accords with deep Venezuelan tonka bean, sun-warmed coconut, Madagascar vanilla and earthy sandalwood to create Hamaca perfume: pure presence.
  • #hashtag  Eau de Parfum: is inspired by our digitised world. Fresh, yet deep and smoky at the same time, hashtag combines Somalian incense, Moroccan cedarwood and iris. Mixed with the metallic vibrations of fresh aldehydes, it is a mirror and a companion to modern life: down-to-earth and with a hint of technological flair.


Profumi 27 87 Reviews: Discover our Customer Reviews!

  • Elixir de Bombe Eau de Parfum: "A modern and distinctive perfume, I would say the avant-garde of artistic perfumery. Its spicy and spicy notes make it sensual yet extremely distinctive, and then it melts into the sweetness of rose and caramel" Sara
  • Flaneur Eau de Parfum: "A melancholic scent that puts a certain nostalgia, but not depressing. Something complex and intriguing thanks to the hint of absinthe, warmed by orange blossom and woods" Francesca
  • Sonar Eau de Parfum: "An odour more than a perfume. In Sonar perfume you can perceive tuberose, but it is completely overpowered by a hint of plastic, burnt rubber, and metallic notes, like used tools from a workshop. A futuristic fragrance, original and also pleasant in a way. Definitely not for every day. Giorgio


If you like the more avant-garde, innovative and eclectic aspect of niche perfumes, 27 87 perfumes are right for you. If you have any doubts or questions about this artistic perfumery brand from Barcelona, we are here to help: contact our Customer Service! You still haven't found what you're looking for? Explore our catalogue for the best niche perfumes on 50 ml, the best body products and the best room fragrances from the world of the niche. At 50 ml you can buy online samples of all fragrances. Free samples on request with every order.