Olivia Fragrances

Olivia Fragrances
Olivia Fragrances encourages moments of contemplation through sensory pleasure such as lighting a candle, vaporizing a fragrance, massaging your skin. Inspired by nature, travel, loved ones and moments experienced, fragrances have always had the ability to evoke intense memories - seize this perfect opportunity to let emotions carry you away.
Olivia Fragrances
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The Olivia Fragrances Collection

With the Olivia Fragrances collection, self-care becomes a sensory experience of comfort and wellbeing. This luxury brand invites you to discover unique fragrances, body and room products that transport you to a cosy and relaxing world. Experience the pleasure of caring for yourself in 50 ml.


Values, Ethics and Sustainability of Olivia Fragrances

In Olivia Fragrances, conscious choice and superior cosmetic quality are the fundamental pillars. This niche brand offers sustainable products100% vegannatural and cruelty-free, with organic ingredients, guaranteed by a controlled supply chain, from the cultivation of the selected ingredients to the packaging of the products. The brand's philosophy is based on the simplicity of the formulas and the choice of high quality ingredients, to create a natural, simple and rejuvenating experience. The Olivia Fragrances is collection is designed to revive and relax the body and soul, while respecting skin, people, animals and the environment.


Olivia Fragrances Room Diffusers

Olivia Fragrances room diffusers are made from high quality raw materials and are characterised by an intense and long-lasting fragrance. Thanks to the use of pharmaceutical-grade vegetable alcohol derived from sugar cane, these diffusers are free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulphates and phthalates. Moreover, the fragrances used are IFRA Italy certified, guaranteeing the highest quality and safety. Made entirely in Italy, Olivia Fragrances room fragrances guarantee absolute attention to detail and quality. You can create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere in every room of your home, knowing that you are using environmentally friendly products.


Olivia Fragrances Luxury Candles

Olivia Fragrances' scented candles are made with the highest quality ingredients, using a blend of mineral wax and precious plant oils of European origin. The candles are handcrafted and meticulously produced: each candle is hand-cast in small batches to preserve the fragrance properties and ensure clean, ecological combustion. In addition, the candles cool and rest naturally in the open air for at least 24 hours before being polished. Cruelty-free and free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulphates and phthalates, the fragrances used are all certified by IFRA Italy, guaranteeing the highest quality and safety. Keep it in your living room, on your hot tub and wherever you need to give a luxurious touch to your domestic spaces. 


Olivia Fragrances Best Seller Products on 50 ml

  • Olivia Fragrances Le Parfume des Collines Candle: this scented candle by Olivia Fragrances is a must-have best seller, featuring the fougère fragrance of cypresses, combining the freshness of green leaves with the sweet nuances of sandalwood. Its unique and sophisticated fragrance creates a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in any ambience, providing a fresh and intense olfactory experience.
  • Olivia Fragrances Accord d’Eau Diffuser: the Accord d'Eau diffuser by Olivia Fragrances captures the essence of morning freshness on a hot summer day, thanks to a tonic and refreshing blend. Ginger, with its spicy elegance, gradually emerges, giving way to notes of musk and sandalwood, which envelop the bouquet in an enveloping, infinite sweetness. This unique and sophisticated fragrance gives a sensation of lightness and wellbeing, creating a refreshing and pleasant olfactory experience. The fragrance is a unique and sophisticated fragrance.
  • Olivia Fragrances Blossom and Woods Hand Cream: Olivia Fragrances is hand cream has been specially formulated to deeply moisturise and protect the skin, reducing irritation. Its light texture allows for rapid absorption, leaving hands soft and fragrant with a delicate floral fragrance. Citrus notes enrich the cream's elegant and refined aroma, giving a soft cotton-like effect.
  • Olivia Fragrances Bourbon Noir Candle: this scented candle by Olivia Fragrances gives an immediate sense of relaxation. The rich heart of vanilla is balanced by notes of black pepper, creating a scent that conveys comfort and intimacy.
  • Olivia Fragrances Citrus and Black Pepper Hand Wash: Olivia Fragrances is hand wash has been specially formulated to maintain the natural pH of the skin, leaving hands perfectly moisturised. The fresh and aromatic fragrance of citrus fruits is combined with the liveliness of ginger, giving a delicate and refreshing scent.


Olivia Fragrances Products Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Olivia Fragrances Dejeuner sur l’Herbe Candle: “I have to say that Olivia Fragrances has done an exceptional job: it really does taste like freshly picked white flowers! I keep it by the side of my bed, and whenever I need to relax I light it and close my eyes” Frank.
  • Olivia Fragrances Fleur Poudree Diffuser: “This fragrance took me back in time, bringing back memories of my childhood. The talcum-like scent of freshly laid sheets in the sun, the memory of sweet and gentle summers, all this is encapsulated in this fragrance” Giulia.
  • Olivia Fragrances Flower Scent Scented Water: “A refreshing water that makes me feel as if I am immersed in Japanese nature, surrounded by flowers and wonderful scents! I can no longer do without it now” Alice.
  • Olivia Fragrances La Maison des Papillons Candle: “I was sceptical at first, so I tried the brand, starting with a scented candle…is simply fantastic, it smells like summer on the Mediterranean coast! Not is just a candle, is THE candle, it almost hurts to light it so it doesn't finish.” Catherine.
  • Olivia Fragrances Le Feu La Nuit Diffuser: “An ambience perfumer that you don't expect, it literally feels like being under the stars in the middle of the desert, I can't explain it...but my house smells super relaxing, is like magic!!” John.


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