Maison Matine

Maison Matine
Maison Matine is a perfume company based in France. Its fragrances speak to a generation in search of independence and creativity. This spirit of freedom may be found in the notes of best-selling perfumes such as "Lost in Translation," "Pom Pom," "Esprit de contradiction," among others. All products are limited edition and reflect a dynamic world in motion, while remaining simple and unique.
Maison Matine
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Maison Matine Perfumes

The graphic, responsible and generous fragrances offered by this maison are the result of the creativity of a new generation of committed French perfumers. Maison Matine's mission is to offer fragrances that are simple and different, without opulence or sexism. Fragrances that speak to a generation in search of independence and creativity, offering limited edition products that represent our ever-evolving world. The collection is the result of a collaboration between Maison Matine's small community, graphic designers and perfumers, in a collaborative process that allows us to offer unique, creative and sustainable products.


Features of Maison Matine Perfumes

The perfumes are developed and produced in France, with a focus on quality and sustainability. Production sites are located in Paris, Grasse and Chartres, using only organically cultivated wheat alcohol. All ingredients are harvested with respect for nature and the producers, to guarantee the highest quality and sustainability. The packaging is simple and effective, made of recycled and recyclable cardboard, in line with the brand's commitment to environmental sustainability. The brand has eliminated all traces of cellophane to avoid excessive packaging and waste, offering an eco-friendly and responsible product.


Bestselling Products Maison Matine on 50 ml

  • Maison Matine Avant L’Orage Eau de Parfum: a unique fragrance that invites you to experience the contrasts of hot and cold, of sì and no, suspended in time. This fragrance represents the calm before the storm, with a milky, enveloping scent that evokes a feeling of electrifying spirituality. Avant l'Orage eau de parfum è can arouse strong and profound feelings, offering a unique and immersive sensory experience.
  • Maison Matine Bain de Midi Eau de Parfum: enjoy a moment of peace and let yourself be transported into a unique sensory experience with Bain de Midi eau de parfum. This soft and playful fragrance has been created to offer a feeling of summer freshness all year round, so you can enjoy a moment of relaxation and well-being whenever you want.
  • Maison Matine Poom Poom Eau de Parfum: the next step to enjoying life to the fullest è Poom Poom, a carefree ode to life! A fragrance that invites you to live life to the full, without worries or negative thoughts. This exclusive fragrance è was created to offer a feeling of lightness and freedom, with a scent that evokes joy and enthusiasm.
  • Maison Matine Lost in Translation Eau de Parfum: "lost in Translation"  is a unique sensory experience that invites you to discover an unknown landscape, where all points of reference disappear. This exclusive fragrance è was created to offer a sensation of adventure and discovery, with a scent that evokes a daring accord of smoky, aquatic and metallic notes. 
  • Maison Matine Into the Wild Eau de Parfum: a sensory experience that invites you to dive into a tropical adventure, discovering the wild and lush nature of tropical forests. This exclusive fragrance has been created to offer a feeling of freedom and discovery, with a scent that evokes the smells and sounds of unspoilt nature.


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