Maroc Maroc

Maroc Maroc

Maroc Maroc offers face and body care products inspired by Moroccan nature and the ancestral beauty techniques of local women. The products feature natural ingredients such as argan oil, citrus fruits and roses, combined with modern ingredients to create unique textures. The brand promotes diversity and kindness, to convey a timeless cultural heritage.

Maroc Maroc
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Maroc Maroc Products

The brand inspired by the age-old beauty rituals of Moroccan women. Maroc Maroc gathers all the beauty secrets of Moroccan culture into its exclusive lines, to pamper our skin with luxury products at every step, from cleansing to moisturising.


History and Philosophy of Maroc Maroc Products

The Maroc Maroc adventure was born in 2007 out of a strong desire to transmit and promote the exceptional Moroccan cultural heritage. Maroc Maroc's philosophy is based on natural, high-quality ingredients from Morocco's rich resources: from Argan to Orange, via Almond and Rose, each Maroc Maroc formula is conceived as an invitation to travel to an authentic and timeless Morocco.

Cosmetics for the face and body that revisit Moroccan beauty traditions, sublimate the virtue-rich Mediterranean flora and reinvent the rituals of the Hammam. Maroc Maroc products rediscover Moroccan nature to maximise its potential, sublimating traditional active ingredients in contemporary textures. The brand's products are formulated to meet the specific needs of all skin types. From men to women, from dry to oily skin: Maroc Maroc offers a complete range of products whose effect is guaranteed by a thousand-year-old culture and whose safety is certified by the latest technologies.

The Maroc Maroc line is part of an authenticity full of elegance, where each product is inspired by a story, a ritual or an ingredient evoking an aspect of Morocco. Using Maroc Maroc products means embarking on a journey of discovering age-old beauty techniques, through ultra-sensorial treatments that are generous and respectful of all skin types. It means rediscovering magical moments, made up of sensations and impressions, from the sun whitening the landscape of almond trees to the roses releasing their perfume in the morning, passing by the sand dunes and the water flowing from the fountains of the patios.


Maroc Maroc Product Formulas: A Quality Guarantee

Maroc Maroc cosmetics are the result of a combination of plants, technology, and unique know-how. Their formulas have never included mineral oils or even silicones. The brand uses technical ingredients with efficacy documentation, which are re-evaluated by testing the finished products. Maroc Maroc products are used daily in many spas and thermal institutes, guaranteeing a valid brand that closely follows the main cosmetic needs and, above all, the wishes of its customers. Maroc Maroc products are constantly being expanded, and although they are based on key ingredients that have been used for thousands of years, the brand strives to stay abreast of science, legislation and demand, guaranteeing safe and effective products.


The Inclusiveness of Maroc Maroc

Maroc Maroc takes into account the existence of a wide range of skin types and complexions, as well as the diversity of climates in the countries where their products are distributed. Their offer allows them to accompany you whatever your complexion or skin type. Maroc Maroc caters for both women and men, young and old, with formulas suitable for all skin types.


Maroc Perfumes Maroc Best Seller on 50 ml:

  • Maroc Maroc Infusion d'Orange: An authentic sensory experience: a body cleansing milk with a formula rich in fruit and orange blossom vitamins, which transforms into a fine, creamy-scented cleansing foam. You will leave the shower feeling lighter, with rejuvenated, clean, moisturised and delicately perfumed skin. The texture of Infusion d'Orange is relatively light and reminiscent of vegetable milk.
  • Maroc Maroc Grains de Lumiere: this intriguing balm reveals its secrets on contact with damp skin, on which it softens, turns milky white and then gently exfoliates. It reveals the perfection of radiant, soft, purified, and smooth skin. Key ingredients: argan and sesame oils, sugar crystals, finely crushed argan seeds and ground almond shell powder.
  • Maroc Maroc Caresse de Neroli: a rich yet creamy milk that perfectly cleanses and removes make-up, leaving only a silky, light veil on the skin. Its extreme softness allows this milk to be used to remove both eye and facial makeup. Soothing and moisturising, even delicate skin or skin prone to dryness will appreciate Caresse de Neroli.
  • Maroc Roses de Sucre: two varieties of roses come together and radiate an incredible gourmet fragrance in cream with a velvety texture. This ultra-rich cream is reminiscent of a gourmet cream with an irresistible colour, its sugary fragrance and texture make you want to touch it, to spread it on your skin until you are enveloped in a delicate rose cloud.
  • Maroc Maroc Jardin Mille Roses: a hybrid between a delicate mist and a perfumed rain shower. A perfumed mist that leaves a light veil on the skin with an enthralling aroma. The perfumer wanted to use an authentic rose, like those found in his garden, whose sweetness is pushed to the max by the combination of notes of raspberry and even locum. A spray of Jardin Mille Roses immediately transports the mind to a paradise of flowers.

Maroc Maroc Perfumes Reviews: See Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Maroc Maroc Cactea Nectar d'Huiles Precieuses: 'I have been using the Gold Maroc anti-ageing serum for about two weeks ... and I have noticed a reduction in the wrinkles around my eyes! The product is very moisturising and doesn't have a strong smell like other anti-ageing products. I will definitely continue to use it, and I think I will also try other Maroc Maroc beauty products!" - Julius
  • Maroc Maroc L'Or et l'Argan: 'I was very pleased with it. My skin immediately became softer and brighter, and it has a light but enveloping scent that makes me feel like a goddess. It absorbs very easily and leaves no oily residue on the skin; I tried it because it is non-comedogenic (so it had to be light) and indeed I was not disappointed. Recommended!" - Alice
  • Maroc Maroc Terre du Desert: 'I use it about once a week. The barber recommended it to me, telling me that both he and his wife (both Moroccans, I think that was already a good sign) use it. I must say that so far, I am finding it very good, it leaves my skin clean and ready for the cream, but not dry. I think I have found a nice addition to my routine.' Joseph
  • Maroc Maroc Richesse d'Arganier: 'I was recommended this as a nourishing face cream, and I must say that it was a good choice. My skin is much softer and nourished, and the dry areas on my face disappear immediately. After about a week of using it, I went on holiday and forgot about it, but my skin didn't immediately become dry again, on the contrary! It was another couple of days before the effect started to disappear. I recommend it to anyone looking for a face mask for dry skin that doesn't just hide the effects, but actually works." - Martina
  • Maroc Maroc Miel d'Ambre: 'This Maroc Maroc body scrub is simply fantastic. My skin became smoother and softer after only once using it (at the spa) so I immediately got the name. I recommend using it once a week for consistently soft and clean skin, maybe two for your feet." - Sarah


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