Pantheon Roma

Pantheon Roma

Pantheon Roma tells a Renaissance love story through scent, that of Raphael Sanzio and his Margherita, defying all rules and prejudices. This artistic perfumery brand celebrates an era when all of Europe admired beauty and a sentiment so deep and overwhelming that it can only be narrated through the evocative magic of perfumes.

Pantheon Roma
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Pantheon Roma Perfumes

The Pantheon Roma brand stems from the extensive and prestigious experience in the world of Italian and international Art Perfumery of Paolo Fadelli and his son Leone. Their story is characterized by the selection and launch of highly important brands, both in the Italian and international markets: thus, Paolo, together with his son Leone, wanted to transfer all this wealth of experience into the Pantheon Roma project. The heart of this brand is the passion for the Renaissance, a historical period in which all of Europe sought and venerated beauty in all its forms. Through their fragrances, Paolo and Leone have decided to celebrate this splendid period, convinced that love, a sentiment so deep and engaging, can be best told through fragrances. 

The collaboration with renowned international perfumers, including Arturo Landi, has allowed Pantheon Roma to create unique and engaging fragrances. Thanks to the meticulous research of selected and precious raw materials, and the meticulous attention to every detail of the production process and packaging, the brand has earned a prominent position in the world of artistic perfumery. 


The Pantheon Roma Collection: Italian Perfumes Inspired by the Renaissance 

The Pantheon Roma project draws inspiration from the concepts of the Italian Renaissance, combining ArtCultureBeauty, and Love. The love story of Raphael Sanzio and his Margherita, lived against all rules and prejudices, represents an example of pure love and creativity that has left an indelible mark on the history of humanity. Raphael, a young artist from the hills of Urbino, finds himself in Rome to paint the Pope's apartments and ends up falling in love with Margherita, daughter of the baker of Trastevere, despite being promised to marry Maria, niece of Cardinal Medici. Their forbidden love is consummated secretly in the garden behind Margherita's bakery, but soon Raphael dies, buried in the Pantheon according to his wish. Margherita, in love and devoted, decides to live her life in an endless memory of him.  

Pantheon Roma creates fragrances that manage to narrate this love story, evoking memories and intense emotions, describing the characters and telling something about ourselves. This brand of Italian perfumes is inspired by this story to create collections of fragrances that capture the essence of love and art, offering original and evocative perfumes that transport those who wear them on a unique sensory journey. 


Pantheon Roma Best-Selling Perfumes on 50 ml 


  • Pantheon Roma Annone Extrait de Parfum: this fragrance by Pantheon Roma is an oriental masterpiece for men and women imbued with sensuality. The combination of Mango and Saffron creates an enveloping and unexpected bouquet that enchants and surprises. At the heart of the fragrance, Oud and Amber add depth and modernity, narrating an exotic and tropical journey of pure pleasure. 
  • Pantheon Roma Anniversario Extrait de Parfum: a Pantheon Roma perfume for men and women that celebrates the joy of life with fruity hints. The lively notes of Strawberry, Blueberry, Coconut, and Peach create an explosion of colors and flavors, evoking the euphoria of celebrations and the richness of life. At the heart of the perfume, Rose, Jasmine, and Heliotrope add an oriental and sensual touch, while the bold Saffron gives a mysterious and seductive tone. 
  • Pantheon Roma Aurea Extrait de Parfum: this perfume enchants the senses with fresh and mysterious tones! Citrus notes harmoniously blend with an intense and long-lasting heart, while the base of Gray Amber adds depth and mystery, creating a captivating aura of seduction and charm. 
  • Pantheon Roma R Special Edition Extrait de Parfum: an intense fragrance that envelops the senses with a harmonious combination of exotic spices from distant lands and sensual notes of Leather and Oud. The sweetness of Strawberry adds a touch of warmth and sensuality, capturing the imagination and celebrating human extraordinary creativity! 
  • Pantheon Roma A Special Edition Extrait de Parfum: this perfume by Pantheon Roma celebrates purity and harmony, with notes of Coconut Milk, White Flowers, Patchouli, and Vanilla that blend harmoniously to create a fragrance that embodies the purity and mystery of white, inviting a sensory journey to the essence of purity and harmony. 


Pantheon Roma Perfumes Opinions: Discover Our Customers' Reviews 


  • Pantheon Roma M Special Edition Extrait de Parfum: "Simply magical! This fruity fragrance envelops me with its feminine, elegant, and sophisticated scent, transporting me to a world of charm, romance, and mystery. Its notes of strawberry, raspberry, and rose are truly special: absolutely worth trying!" - Ellen 
  • Pantheon Roma Raffaello Extrait de Parfum: "Wow! This niche fragrance is an extraordinary sensory experience. It envelops you with its depth and elegance, as if you were immersing yourself in Raphael's artworks, with each spray revealing new facets of its beauty. It's a must for those looking for a long-lasting men's fragrance that conveys intense and lasting emotions." - Mark  
  • Pantheon Roma Il Giardino Extrait de Parfum: "A truly enchanting fragrance! It transports me to a world of dreams and fantasies, with its green and musky notes that captivate the senses. It's like strolling through a secret garden, surrounded by the beauty and serenity of nature: an olfactory poetry, perfect for those who love romantic and enveloping fragrances." - Alexia  
  • Pantheon Roma Donna Margherita Extrait de Parfum: "Donna Margherita is pure charm in a bottle! The tuberose is simply irresistible, with its sensual and intense scent. It makes me feel confident and feminine, as if I were wearing an elegant and sophisticated dress. Every spray is an invitation to explore my femininity and celebrate my inner beauty." - Julia  
  • Pantheon Roma Trastevere Extrait de Parfum: "This niche fragrance is a true delight for the senses! The combination of Vanilla, Licorice, and Caramel is simply divine. It transports me on a journey through the alleys of Trastevere, immersing me in the sweet and inviting scents of the bakeries scattered throughout the neighborhood." - Luca  


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