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The notes that characterize the olfactory family of fruity perfumes are mouthwatering, fresh and joyful! No matter what season of the year is, there's always the perfect fruity scent! Whether you are a lover of apples - crisp and fresh - or tropical fruits - juicy and sweet - our selection of fruity scents will win you over at first bite!

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Niche Fruity Perfumes: a Complete Guide

One of the most well-known and amusing olfactory family in the world of niche perfumes is undoubtedly the fruity one. If you've ever wondered what the distinctive features of this family are and what are the best fruity niche perfumes for women and men, we're here to help! Finding the perfect niche perfume has never been easier with us: you can get samples from our site, and explore the best scents in artistic perfumery!


What are Fruity Perfumes?

The olfactory family of fruity fragrances, as can be guessed from the name, includes all fruit notes (except citrus fruits, which have their own olfactory family)! Depending on the fruit used, fruity fragrances are characterized by sometimes sweeter and mouthwatering notes, and sometimes fresher and exotic notes. Think - for example - of a scent that contains the essence of a crisp apple: what comes to mind? Probably the feeling will be of a comforting autumn (or spring) afternoon spent breathing in the fresh hillside air. Try it now with a more mouth-watering and thirst-quenching scent, flavored with mango and papaya… we bet the summer will be your first thought! One thing is certain: regardless of the fruity note contained, fruit fragrances give a joyfulyouthful and thoughtful touch to an olfactory composition, and always put you in a good mood!  

A curiosity for enthusiasts: almost all fruity notes are synthetically recreated in the laboratory. This is because many fruits do not contain natural essential oils, as in the case of pearpeachcoconut, and pineapple (and many others!). Therefore, the traditional extraction of essential oils from these fruits turns out to be impossible!


Fruity Perfumes for Every Season!

As at the table, every season has its fruity scents: 


  • Spring Fruity Perfumes: this type of perfumes use sweeter and fresher notes of strawberry, kiwi, apple and pear, often along with floral notes. If you want to try a sweet fruity scent perfect for spring, try Petite Cherie EDP by Goutal!
  • Summer Fruity Perfumes: the best niche fragrances to enjoy this season include sweet, green and tropical notes of fig, cherry, coconut and mango. A great fruity summer scent with fig? Try Philosykos EDP by Diptyque!
  • Autumn Fruity Perfumes: with the arrival of cold weather, notes of chestnut, pear, grape, and apple take center stage. If you want a fruity taste of autumn, there's Castagna EDT by Tuttotondo!
  • Winter Fruity Perfumes: notes are kept similar to autumn, and we have fruity scents with kiwi, apple and pear accompanied by spices and woods. If you like comforting and intimate niche fragrances, the perfect winter fragrance for you is definitely Dear Polly EDP by Vilhelm!


Best Fruity Perfumes for Women: Create your own Discovery Set 

Discover the best fruity fragrances for women, and be won over by their sweet, fresh and joyful nuances! Choose your favorite fragrances, create your own scented discovery set and try them in the comfort of your own home whenever you want!


  • Molinard Nirmala Eau de Parfum: a fruity and sweet women's fragrance by Molinard, and an ode to feminine sensuality. Right from the start, this niche perfume reveals an exotic, generous and extraordinary passion that creates an intense and lasting olfactory experience. The essence of this fruity fragrance is further enhanced by its bottle, which is very elegant and decorated with a delightful red bow, shining with a light of its own.
  • Pierre Guillaume Superlady Eau de Parfum: a true vibrant elixir for extraordinary women! At the heart of this fruity, floral fragrance for women, the floral notes of Magnolia and the fruity, mouthwatering notes of Caramel Apple create a fresh, carefree harmony that envelops you in a simply wonderful aura!
  • BDK Bouquet de Hongrie Eau de Parfum: among fresh and fruity women's perfumes, we really like this one a lot! It's a hymn to the elegance of businesswomen, and a tribute to the Austro-Hungarian roots of founder Edith Benedek, an undisputed icon who spread the allure of artistic perfumery to Paris during the 20th century. This niche, super-feminine fragrance is composed of the most refined fruity and floral notes, suspended over a sophisticated base of Musk, Amber and Cedar. What can we say… spectacular!
  • Simone Andreoli Leisure in Paradise Eau de Parfum: this fruity fragrance for women is a real treat for the senses, with a key accord that lulls you into an overdose of Coconut Milk and Vanilla, heralded by a lively burst of Papaya. Trust us: this fruity scent will make you daydream and instantly transport you to a tropical paradise, with your feet in the warm sand as you admire a gorgeous sunset. 
  • Born to Stand Out Indecent Cherry Eau de Parfum: a “drunken” cherry that will win you over! This charming fruity scent captures the soul and essence of cherries, revisiting them in a decidedly unconventional form. An excellent niche choice for those who love the fruit and floral pairing and are looking for a fragrance that is sweet, provocative, playful, fun and at the same time sophisticated!


Best Fruity Perfumes for Men: Create Your Discovery Set

Wondering what the best niche fruity fragrances for men are? We'll tell you all about them! Choose your favorite perfumes, create your own discovery set and try them at your leisure right at home!


  • Lorenzo Pazzaglia Summer Hammer Extrait de Parfum: one of the best fruity fragrances for men for persistence and trail! Summer Hammer EXT is designed for men who desire a fruity, fresh fragrance capable of capturing the essence of summer days in any season. For Lorenzo Pazzaglia, happiness is made of simple things, like a mango Piña Colada, fresh, juicy, and enriched with warm, tropical, floral, and green notes. This niche fragrance is a hymn to lightheartedness, happiness and the joy of life!
  • Essential Parfums Fig Infusion Eau de Parfum: the magnificence of the fig tree enclosed in a scented bottle. A carefree, bright and memory-filled male niche fragrance that will transport you to a warm summer day spent in the shade of a majestic fig tree. If undecided (or if we have intrigued you), buy the sample and try it, you won't regret it!
  • Jeroboam Floro Extrait de Parfum: a fruity scent that will enchant your senses, taking you on an anticipatory journey to olfactory ecstasy. The journey inside this niche fragrance begins immediately with an explosion of crisp and juicy notes of Apple and Pineapple, concealing generous, sensual and creamy notes of Sandalwood, and then concluding with a triumph of Dry Woods and Musks, giving an impressive persistence!
  • L’Artisan Parfumeur À Fleur de Pêche Eau de Parfum: from the mastery of Antoine Maisondieu, this fruity fragrance is a tribute to the Peach, the elegant fruit that seduced palates at the court of Louis XIV. Inspired by the royal jeweler's creation for Empress Marie-Louise d'Autriche, Antoine Maisondieu sculpted this fruity note like an authentic diamond, highlighting its three unique facets. The first bite is juicy and surprisingly salty. The pulp of the fruit is soft and enveloping. The skin, on the other hand, reveals a woody and velvety dimension, giving a sensory depth that envelops the senses with unparalleled harmony!
  • Botanicae En Route Eau de Parfum: the essence of an endless journey. This fruity perfume is not just a fragrance, but a narrative of days spent on the road, where the air is fresh and each step forward reveals new places, in an eternal adventure. This is the ideal scent for men in search of the best fruity fragrances, a travel companion that captures the excitement of exploration, in all its nuances. 


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