Acque di Italia

Acque di Italia

Acque di Italia, the Italian luxury personal care brand, draws its inspiration from the spa rituals of the ancient Romans, combining tradition, elegance and well-being. Inspired by the famous Latin saying 'Mens sana in corpore sano', Acque di Italia nourishes both body and mind through a comprehensive range of products and aromas.

Acque di Italia
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Acque di Italia Products

The Italian brand of luxury products for personal care that blends tradition and well-being. This brand draws inspiration from the thermal beauty rituals of Ancient Rome, believing that body care contributes to mental well-being. Acque di Italia provides unique sensory experiences that celebrate Italian cultural heritage.


History and Philosophy of Acque di Italia Products

Acque di Italia taps into Latin wisdom, embodying the famous saying "Mens sana in corpore sano" and embracing the concept of a deep connection between body and mind. The brand's philosophy is inspired by the ancient Roman baths, places of refuge and tranquility. The ancient Romans discovered the healing and rejuvenating power of thermal baths, and this personal well-being ritual has become a timeless practice.

Acque di Italia products aim to offer everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves in a relaxing and enveloping experience that goes beyond body care, recreating sensations of inner peace and harmony. Each product comes in a cerulean package reminiscent of the color of water, aiming to provide moments of serenity and well-being. The fusion of ancient thermal treatments with modern formulations creates a perfect blend of past and present

Each product line, in addition to taking care of the skin and the well-being of the body and mind, is characterized by a distinct fragrance and offers a selection of products ranging from hand soap to cleansers, waters, lotions, and body creams. Whether Serenitas pays homage to orange blossoms and the gentle touch of rose, Vitalitas is a triumph of sparkling notes of grapefruit and apple. Voluptas is a succulent elixir with black cherry that merges sensually with vanilla, while Gaudium is a burst of freshness combining bergamot and mint with more aromatic notes of sage and ginger. Finally, Incendium is a nod to the scents of autumn, from cloves to chestnut and pepper. Acque di Italia is an ideal ally for those who, in caring for their bodies, seek not only external beauty but also inner well-being, celebrating the art of self-care with grace and authenticity. 


Ethics and Sustainability of Acque di Italia

The brand makes commitment to a more sustainable world a distinctive feature. The packaging, made from recycled and recyclable materials, is a perfect example of eco-consciousness. The brand is born and raised in Italy, celebrating the country's heritage and traditional well-being practices. The label " Made in Italy" is a seal of quality and authenticity, while the natural active ingredients and dermatologically tested formulations bring purity and gentleness to the products. Equally important is the ethical commitment; Acque di Italia products are Cruelty-Free and free from animal-derived ingredients.


Best Selling Acque di Italia Products in 50 ml

  • Acque di Italia Vitalitas Body Cream: a moisturizing body cream rich in active ingredients that gives the skin a velvety softness. With its citrusy notes, this cream provides a lasting energy boost. When used regularly, Vitalitas becomes a true treatment that helps prevent the deterioration of skin tone and maintains the natural hydro-lipidic film.
  • Acque di Italia Incendium Body Wash: a body wash gel encapsulating the warm and enveloping notes of autumn , a blend of spices, orange blossoms, and chestnut. The texture is soft and delicate, allowing this shower gel to cleanse the skin deeply yet gently. Incendium is suitable for those with dry skin, as it helps restore its natural balance.
  • Acque di Italia Gaudium Hand Soap: a light liquid hand gel that cleanses and creates a soft foam, leaving the skin of the hands soft and silky. Fresh notes of mint and bergamot combine with sparkling ginger, providing a sensation of vitality. This soap is ideal for daily use, thoroughly cleaning the hands without being harsh.
  • Acque di Italia Serenitas Body Cream: a floral and citrusy body cream that, thanks to an exclusive mix of active ingredients, provides intense hydration and leaves the skin soft. Hyaluronic acid helps maintain hydration, shea butter creates a protective barrier, and vitamin E, with its soothing function, prevents premature aging of the skin.
  • Acque di Italia Voluptas Body Water: a lightly fragranced refreshing water with an alcohol base, equipped with a spray dispenser for easy application all over the body whenever desired. The power of black cherry and the softness of rose merge in a delicate sensuality. Voluptas can also be used as a substitute for Eau de Toilette / Eau de Parfum during the hot summer months!


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