Amouroud is a young, yet very successful perfumery house. Provocative and dreamy at the same time, yet also light and warm. Each perfume is simply recognizable because of its originality. Just a few sprays and people will know: «Oh, it's an Amouroud...». Each frangrance is a sparkling experience thanks to its noteworthy style.
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Amouroud Fragrances

Amouroud fragrances are born from you. They are the evolution of the personalised mixing concept that has earned Perfumer's Workshop its success and appreciation for its visionary ideas. These are refined perfumes, perfectly proportioned and balanced, created to satisfy the most discerning noses.

The History of Amouroud

Amouroud was born from the experience of Perfumer's Workshop, a pioneer in modern perfume production since 1970. The first company to create custom perfumes in the luxury category, it paved the way for today's boutique brands, creating several new niches and markets. In the early days, Perfumer's Workshop set out to deconstruct the perfume industry, stripping it of the glitz and formality that had permeated it since the early 1900s. Their first success was a Bloomingdale's counter that transformed the idea of using essential oils, a mainstay of youth and hippie culture, into a luxury product, an uptown meets downtown spirit. It was the industry's first customised fragrance concept. Perfumer's Workshop allowed customers to create their own individual perfume in a variety of fragrance forms. In its simple and essential packaging, this opportunity for personalised blending gave power to the consumer for the first time, setting the tone for much of what was to come and foreshadowing many of today's niche brands. Amouroud's Workshop was the first customised fragrance concept in the industry.

Amouroud was born out of this experience: it is an exclusive collection, that brings together the best fragrances that emerged during this long experience. Scents of extreme beauty, suitable for all tastes. Sparkling and romantic, provocative and dark or fresh and light, Amouroud brings together fragrances that are a collection of olfactory memories, real and imaginary stories; translated with notes of wood, flowers, roots and herbs that capture a primordial place of serenity, joy and passion. The beauty of Amouroud is most evident in the exceptional quality of its fragrances. Each fragrance is a symphony in its own right, whose fascination and uniqueness remain evident even in the dry-down.

The Amouroud fragrances are all unique and wonderful. Born from the noblest of olfactory notes, they are excellent on the skin not only for their richness and long lastingness but also for the care taken to create a harmonious interaction between each individual ingredient. The use of oud is subtle and complementary to the masterful and eclectic combinations that make up each fragrance. This balance of ingredients is what makes Amouroud unique from other fragrances in the world of oud. The Amouroud perfumes are divided into three precious collections, illustrated below, whose uniquely styled packaging perfectly reflects the eclectic sophistication of the fragrances contained within them.

Amouroud Original Perfumes

The most iconic fragrances in the history of Amouroud, are classics born directly from the inheritance of the best customised formulas of Perfumer's Workshop. A collection of olfactory memories, of stories, real and imaginary. Transcribed with notes of flowers, woods, roots and herbs in perfumes that capture a primordial place of serenity, joy and passion.

Amouroud Elixir Perfumes

The Amouroud legacy continues with the crown jewel of their collection: the Amouroud Elixirs. Precious Extrait de Parfums, the most concentrated essences made from the world's rarest and purest natural ingredients. Warm and deep notes of wood, exotic East Indian spices, breathtaking flowers and precious Ouds have been transformed into completely new and unique fragrances.

These olfactory expressions are mysterious and powerful nuances that can rekindle a vivid memory long lost, creating passion and desire. Celebrating the boundless beauty of nature shaped by the majestic craftsmanship of great luxury perfumery.

Amouroud White Woods perfumes

Night falls in the deepest recesses of the Amouroud forest. Covered by a heavy blanket of the first snow, the mist hovers in the air just above the snow cover and gathers as darkness brings the cold air closer to the ground. The sound is muffled by the thick layer of white velvet. In the stillness, the sense of smell is sharpened. The tree trunks, piercing this heavy layer of crystals, release a sacred scent, of noble decay. The bark, enveloped in the heavy air of water, reveals its fragrance of damp earthiness. With the arrival of the sun, all this mixes and evolves. The trickle of melting snow introduces a breath of clean, crisp air, while the forest begins to divulge its rich secret scents. From the blend of noble essence, earthy decadence and soft freshness comes the Amouroud White Woods collection.


Amouroud Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Amouroud Bois d’Orient Eau de Parfum: A superb composition that is both civilised and a little wild. Beautiful and full-bodied, è a harmonious and haunting combination of woody notes, rare spices and exotic flowers. Bois d'Orient opens with a delicately luminous top note, created by an accord of expensive bergamot, blackcurrant and cinnamon bark. The fragrance becomes richer and deeper as it combines Tuberose Absolute and Turkish Rose Absolute with Galbanum. BOIS D’ORIENT becomes sumptuous and intoxicating with base notes of Oud, Amber and Patchouli. It is extraordinarily long-lasting. Its impact is absolutely unforgettable.
  • Amouroud Oud Du Jour Eau de Parfum: Haunting, warm, delicately floral oud. Noble trees seem to have a spirit and a soul, an energy that springs from the earth and radiates, comforts and protects. Oud develops in the heart of these trees: a process that can be compared to an oyster producing a pearl. It happens rarely, very rarely. And that is why Oud is more expensive than gold. Its perfume is particularly rich, deep, strong and intense. It must be used with caution, and by very skilled perfumers, to avoid overpowering the fragrant notes with which it is blended. Oud De Jour è the creation of a master, where the multiple ingredients are perfectly integrated with the opulent oud into a magnificent, soft and sunny scent. It remains a splendid and discreet companion throughout the day, without overwhelming and disappearing.
  • Amouroud Wet Stone Parfum: The sound of water cascading over jagged rocks as it descends, carving its way across a frozen landscape, Wet Stone evokes the visceral power and magnificence of a mountain waterfall. Lively and invigorating, sea salt, bergamot and lemon blend in a sparkling top note. The aroma of fragrant wet earth moistened by the spray of agitated water. Its minerality and freshness are unmistakable. In the heart, Wet Stone vibrates with a distinctive accord. The subtle spices of ginger, creamy cardamom and aromatic sage further reveal its complex character. Sensual grey amber, warm Alaska cedar, invigorating Vetiver, Oud and Patchouli, earth and water merge in the base note, a tribute to opposing forces in harmony.
  • Amouroud Silver Birch Parfum: Majestic and exquisite, the smooth white bark of the birch stands out against the mounds of crystalline snow that cover the silent mantle of the forests. The sky, covered by looming snow clouds, creates a velvety dark blue background against which the trunks, motionless and silent, with their branches decorated by ice, stand out. A breath of warmth mixes with the cold, Silver Birch opens with a bold green and citrus accord. Tempered by sparkling cardamom, the composition opens to an unexpected and voluptuous heart of orange blossom and Egyptian jasmine. Irresistible and fascinating, Silver Birch Extrait de Parfum continues with notes of Vetiver and white leather at the base, a potent and sublime combination that dances on the skin.
  • Amouroud Safran Rare Eau de Parfum: Sensual, soft, woody, spicy, oud, delicately floral. The opulence of saffron rests silently within the shy, purple crocus. A flower that blooms for a few days. Its rich, fragrant red stigmata are hidden inside, three per flower. Carefully harvested by hand, they are dried to concentrate their precious and unusual silky fragrance. The richness of this luxurious note è bewitching and sustained. Finally, crowned with an Indian oud, making it a rare, saffron fragrance.


Amouroud Perfumes Reviews: Discover our customer reviews!


  • Amouroud Dark Orchid Eau de Parfum: “A sophisticated fragrance, subtle but persistent. As a woman, I can say that in my opinion, it is the best female perfume with oud that I have ever tried, but I also recommend it as the best male perfume in the same category if you are looking for something particular and not too aggressive.” Smeralda
  • Amouroud Lunar Vetiver Parfum: “An intense and persistent perfume, which fades between the different olfactory families with the elegance of a dancer on the dance floor. The spicy, tangy opening soon gives way to a juicy note that fades into the sweetness of Tonka and vanilla. The base note is a clear, fresh, clean vetiver that leaves one with a fantastic feeling of relaxation and well-being. It has quickly become my favourite perfume, the others don't hold a candle to it." Mary
  • Amouroud Oud Tabac Eau de Parfum: “It has an incredible persistence, è it stayed on my shirt even after washing, I couldn't believe it! It has a fruity but not cloying tobacco scent, with minimal sweetness. Woody, oriental and amber notes complete the picture. The Oud is not overpowering, but intertwines with the other notes in a composition that demonstrates the perfumer's mastery.” Sebastian
  • Amouroud Miel Sauvage Eau de Parfum: “My favourite note in this perfume è honey, which here has an almost imperceptible wild note. The oud is discreet, and blended very well. A very soft fragrance, suitable for those who want to stand out with elegance. Perfect on occasions when I have to be near other people, like in the office. It makes me feel like a delicately scented flower, and therefore even more precious: instead of being aggressive to the point of nausea, è an invitation to get even closer” Angelica
  • Amouroud Noir Illumine Parfum:I had already bought a creed men's fragrance on 50 ml, and finding it very good I decided to try another brand. This Amouroud fagrance è an explosion of olfactory notes. Extraordinarily complex and persistent, it is nevertheless very balanced and not at all unpleasant. Hearing it è like listening to a well-rehearsed choir” Marcus


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