Salentum is an Italian perfumery maison, born in the heart of the Mediterranean and founded by Dr. Massimo Sindaco in 2005. The mission of Salentum is to search for quality raw materials and enhance the Salento area: for this precise reason, the citrus fruits, herbs, and flowers that make this land unique are infused in all the fragrances!
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Salentum Products and Perfumes: The Olfactory Soul of Salento

In the heart of Salento, a land of borders suspended between sky and sea, the essence of Salentum perfumes is born. Guided by the passion of Massimo Sindaco, son of this generous land, the olfactory journey began in 2005. Amidst the enveloping waves of fig, the luxuriant freshness of bergamot and the sparkling energy of orange and mandarin, Salentum reveals its secret: to guard the soul of a millenary land that delicately emerges amidst enchanting fragrances.


Salentum: Enchanted Memories of an Extraordinary Land

The fragrant dance of Salentum perfumes recounts Salento with a symphony of citrus fruits, caresses of fresh mint, the enveloping sweetness of prickly pear and the millennial echo of the olive tree. Each bottle becomes the mouthpiece of a unique sensory experience, a perfumed embrace of the beauty of the region and its traditions. Flowers of Salento, Ambra Marina and Fico Salentino take you on a timeless olfactory journey, leaving an indelible imprint in the memories of those who fall in love with this enchanted land.


Salentum Profumi: Secrets of Aroma and Passion

In the heart of the Salentum workshops, an ancient art blends with respect for nature. Here, the magic of craftsmanship comes to life, and time dances in unison with the selected aromas. Work after work, each fragrance is transformed into a unique and original work, revealing the magic of carefully chosen active ingredients. An unforgettable olfactory heritage is the legacy of this passion and dedication.

The Italian language is a treasure, a language that lends itself to fascinating kaleidoscopes of words. Through the song of Salentum fragrances, Salento speaks and fascinates, enrapturing the senses and enveloping the soul in a perfumed embrace.


Salentum Perfumes Best Seller on 50 ml

  • Salentum Salentissimo Eau de Parfum: a fragrance from the citrus family characterised by pure and refreshing accords of bergamot and mandarin followed by stimulating notes of aromatic fragrances full of passion. A decisive, enveloping combination evoking the Mediterranean scents of the sparkling, sunny Salento atmosphere.
  • Salentum Gallipoli Body Cream: a nourishing cream for the whole body. A fresh and sparkling fragrance, in which classic notes of rose, jasmine and orange blossom intertwine with intense and luminous accords of lemon and mandarin. A burst of vitality on a base of woody and amber notes, inspired by the warm and dazzling colours of an Ionian sunset.
  • Salentum Gallipoli Shower Gel: a cleansing gel for the whole body. Hypoallergenic, carefully formulated with gentle cleansing agents and high-quality components, the fragrant shower gels of “Salentum ” cleanse gently, respecting the delicate physiological balance of the skin and leaving it soft, fragrant and supple. They give a pleasant sense of freshness and well-being.
  • Salentum Fico Salentino Eau de Parfum: a sunny fragrance thanks to the citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin. In the heart the essence of rose, fig nectar, the sweetness of violet and jasmine. Warm and sensual, the musky and ambery base evokes the Salento summer.
  • Salentum Fico e Arancio Diffuser: a fragrance that encompasses a warm and energetic citrus aroma with the green olfactory notes of fig leaves and the woody notes of bark. A pleasant fragrance that reminds us of nature, the scent of the sun on fig leaves, sunny fields and the songs of cicadas on summer nights.


Profumi Salentum Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Salentum Salentissimo Body Cream: “A mouthwatering citrus cream that I LOVE putting on every morning. It leaves the skin soft, and it smells wonderful” Tina
  • Salentum Fiori del Salento Shower Gel: “Perfect for sensitive skin like mine, which tends to be dry. I use it for both myself and my 5-year-old daughter, and it's working perfectly” Alessandra
  • Salentum Negramaro Diffuser: “Wow. I honestly don't know what to say. It has a very unique colour and scent, which is impressive. I love it, and I have noticed that many of my friends have asked me about it and decided to buy it.”
  • Salentum Ambra Marina Eau de Parfum: “An ’explosion of flowers framed by the magical trio amber, musk and wood, very sensual and pleasant. The quality is high, like Maison's other fragrances, and it has very good sillage and longevity. It is certainly pleasant to discover a Made in Italy pearl such as this. Domenico
  • Salentum Gallipoli Eau de Parfum: “The top notes are fantastic, I always appreciate fragrances that open with a hesperidian bomb and here the grapes make a perfect balance. The heart is a classic, elegant bouquet, and the woody, ambery base warms and enhances the whole. One of the best perfumes of Salentum” Valerio


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