Coreterno is a lifestyle brand inspired by a wonderfully mysterious world of rebellious poets and ancient, often forgotten engravers. Each creation blends inspirational quotes with graphic images that evoke powerful emotions, in which Rock and Pop archetypes and symbols as well as ancient illustrations are reinterpreted in a contemporary way to create modern vintage collectors' pieces.

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"We descend from families of alchemists, engravers, rebels, mystics and poets. We guard the secret of centuries of great beauty. We have been instructed to use wisely the saving power of symbols and written words. Our history is founded on a genuine love and burning passion for ancient knowledge and quality craftsmanship. Our aim is to breathe life into inanimate objects and enable people to discover the mystery and regenerative power of our messages."

Coreterno is a lifestyle brand led by visionary creative director Michelangelo Brancato, born in Rome but raised on the streets of cosmopolitan New York. The name 'Coreterno', translated from the Italian, means 'eternal heart', and draws inspiration from a wonderfully mysterious world of rebellious poets and engravers now long gone and forgotten. Each of the brand's creations blends motivational quotes with carefully crafted imagery, resulting in niche candles and perfumes that evoke powerful emotions. Coreterno's history is linked to families of alchemists, engravers, saints, rebels and poets, custodians of centuries of immense beauty and masters in the art of symbols and written words. A passion for ancient knowledge and craftsmanship pervades every aspect of the brand.

Coreterno's collections feature representations of  archetypal symbols of Rock and of Pop, portraits and  illustrations from the 19th century, antique science and art books and antique engravings, all reinterpreted in a contemporary key, creating modern vintage collectibles. The Visionary Pillar candles offer inspiration, while the Aphrodite Glass Jar candles invite relaxation. The Eau de Parfum lead into a hypnotic world, through mystical paths. Through its collections, Coreterno uses language as a means of expression, constantly pursuing people's happiness. The words and symbols depicted on each object open the door to a magical and powerful universe. 


Coreterno: Perfumes and Candles for Enlightened Minds

Coreterno perfumes are inspired by the worlds of rock and roll, pop and the underground of the 1970s, together with a passion for the art of music; masterpieces of classical art fallen into oblivion, recovered and projected into a future that has a rebel soul, imbued with hope and positivity. Each fragrance possesses a mystical power, enveloping and unconventional that will awaken the rock star inside you.

The collection of scented candles Aphrodite Golden Label is dedicated to the powerful, revolutionary and immortal energy of love. Those who enjoy these fragrances are encouraged to be brave, take risks and believe in their dreams. Be rebellious, be holy and crazy, fight, get up, fall, but never lose faith in love. 

The Coreterno visionary candles represent the triumph of light over darkness, transmitting messages of power and healing for the heart and soul. Coreterno brings inanimate objects to life, but allows people to discover the mystery and healing power of the soul in each candle. The entire candle-making process is conceived in Italy, with care, love and skill, making each candle unique, the result of many mistakes, sacrifices, burns, patience, sleepless nights, dirty hands and endless joy. Each candle should be considered a precious object, which goes beyond its simple wax form.

Coreterno Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Coreterno Believe Visionary Pillar Candle: The world is only a reflection of your attitude; believe in yourself and spread positive energy to those around you. Artistic Visionary Candles represent the triumph and protection of light over darkness, embodying messages of power to heal the heart and soul. The candles are made in the ancient Italian tradition with vegetable and mineral waxes and pure cotton wicks
  • Coreterno Black Wonders Travel Set: Three exclusive fragrances blended by internationally awarded noses. Coreterno Eau de Parfum is inspired by the world of rock and roll, pop and the underground of the 70s, together with a passion for classical art masterpieces that have fallen into oblivion, recovered and projected into a future with a rebellious soul, imbued with hope and positivity. Contents: Hierba Nera, Punk Motel, Rose And Me
  • Choreterno Catharsis Eau de Parfum: Catharsis is a powerful and daring fragrance, an overtly aggressive combination of ingredients. The spicy notes of clove and nutmeg are only slightly softened by the neroli dragged into the heart, where saffron and whisky dominate the floral accord of ylang and rose. The declaration of war arrives from the base: Oud, Guaiacum, Cedar and a powerful leather accord leave their mark on the wearer's skin.
  • The Awakening Scented Candle: The Aphrodite Golden Label collection is dedicated to the powerful, revolutionary and immortal energy of love. It awakens consciousness beyond ordinary existence. Trigger the process of inner change, go beyond the mind and ego and realise who you truly are with The Awakening Scented Candle.
  • The Awakening Break The Rules Visionary Pillar Candle: Loving is the cruellest expression of rebellion, which originates in the most sacred of spaces. Rebel with the Artistic Visionary Candle Break The Rules. Coreterno has developed an innovative high-definition wax printing technique unique in the world. Each candle embodies a manifesto of philosophical expressions transformed into life-changing inspirational mottos. The packages are adorned with beautiful, detailed 17th century-style designs.


Coreterno Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Coreterno Sweet Karma Travel Set"A really nice discovery kit that lets you explore half of Coreterno's fragrances in depth. Inside are the 10 ml of Mystic Sugar, Catharsis and No Sleep, which is practically equivalent to a whole fragrance in terms of ml. I have to say that I appreciate this format: it allows you to conveniently take a good fragrance with you wherever you go" Yelena
  • Coreterno Hierba Nera Eau de Parfum: "An original opening of cannabis, citrus and nutmeg paves the way for an incensed and resinous heart. It closes with a solid base of oud, cedar and oakmoss. It has an appreciable hold and sillage, and certainly does not smell as bad as the herb from which it was inspired; rather, I think it refers to the relaxing effect of the fragrance" Tiziano
  • Coreterno Creativity Visionary Pillar Candle: "is really wonderful, every detail carefully thought out and a clearly high level of quality. I was immediately attracted by their particular style, the mix of classic and rock. is bigger than I expected and despite my fears is arrived undamaged and well packed" Gene 
  • Coreterno Rose And Me Eau de Parfum: "A dark bouquet of rose, jasmine and geranium, enriched with an eccentric touch of saffron. I imagine the colours of these flowers emerging vividly on a base of dark velvet, patchouli, styrax, musks and guaiac that intertwine in a complex and fascinating pattern." Maximum
  • The Courage Scented Candle: "is a truly beautiful candle, perfect for my maximalist and somewhat eclectic decor. It has a scent that is a bit difficult to decode, but really good and balanced, which doesn't get tired. I got two of them: the courage and the gift of love, to put them next to each other as if they were matched." Elly


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