Clive Christian

Clive Christian

Clive Christian, heir to a fragrant legacy that began in 1872, embraces Britain's history in all its majesty. Queen Victoria's famous crown adorns each fragrance, a tangible representation of quality and the relationship that binds the brand to the monarch. He produces sophisticated, highly appreciated perfumes that tell the story of a world of eternal elegance using amazing ingredients and expertise.

Clive Christian
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Clive Christian Perfumes

Discover the timeless elegance of Clive Christian's signature niche perfumes, a brand that continues a tradition that began in 1872 with the historic Crown Perfumery Company, whose fragrances were even found in the first class of the Titanic and whose invigorating salts accompanied pilot Amelia Earhart on her flight.
Clive Christian OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) took over this importan perfume house in 1999, redesigning it and so establishing a new history! Despite the shift, the company continues to celebrate the iconic crown that adorns each bottle as a physical symbol of the tradition and history that each fragrance has.

Queen Victoria herself granted the rights to use this very important symbol back in 1872: a gesture of acknowledgment and a statement of the particular relationship that existed between the company and the British monarch. An image that still symbolises the incomparable status of all Clive Christian perfume bottles: a marriage of past and present, with Queen Victoria's distinctive crown boldly standing on the cork of each perfume as a symbol of gratitude and superior craftsmanship.


The Clive Christian Collections: The Most Luxurious Niche Perfumes

Clive Christian creates the world's fineest perfumes using extraordinary ingredients and intense and complex formulations with craftsmanship. These fragrances embody pure luxury, blendingtrue British history with a timeless aesthetic. Clive Christian represents the unique and powerful expression of sé themselves, and tells a world of elegance and tradition and history through its collections


  • Original Collection: Clive Christian's tribute to the love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
  • Crown Collection: a dive into Clive Christian's origins and history of the Crown Perfumery Company, with a collection of the brand's most famous perfumes.
  • Addictive Arts: a collection that explores hedonistic decadence and is inspired by the words of the great masters of British literature. The perfumes inside contain a 25% concentration of essential oils, and are encased in a very elegant cobalt blue bottle (which, in the Victorian era, symbolizes poison).
  • Noble Collection: a journey through the centuries, and an olfactory portrait of the elegance and artistic and architectural grandeur that shaped Britain.
  • Private Collection: an intimate and precious olfactory narrative, painting the key qualities that color Clive Christian's world with shades of luxury, elegance and beauty.
  • Traveller Sets: intense and persistent luxury perfumes with regal appeal made in a convenient format to carry with you at all times!


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