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Hiram Green
Hiram Green creates handcrafted perfumes from the finest natural ingredients. His perfumes challenge the often-heard criticism that natural perfumery is boring, fast fleeing, and has less sillage than traditional perfumery. Hiram’s perfumes are best described as intense, opulent and expressive. The initial inspiration for a perfume could come from anything: from music to art to travel.
Hiram Green
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Hiram Green - Niche Perfumes

When the power of nature meets craftsmanship, amazing things happen: Hiram Green perfumes are an ode to the creative flair of the perfumer and to the bountiful richness of nature, capable of giving us ever new and surprising fragrant ingredients. The Hiram Green line comprises a selection of intense and persistent Eau de Parfum, unique in their kind and therefore truly recognisable on anyone who chooses to wear them.


Hiram Green Perfumes: About the Brand

The adventure of the Hiram Green perfume maison began in 2013, when Hiram, a Canadian perfumer, decided to experiment with the best natural ingredients to create artisanal perfumes that would challenge the preconception that natural perfumery is destined to give bland, boring and not very persistent results. Contrary to this trend, Hiram instead created a collection of intense, opulent and expressive perfumes, brilliant and colourful, thanks to the natural ingredients they contain, which make them resemble real jewels. Each Hiram Green fragrance comes from the most diverse inspirations: from music to art, from nature to travel. An abstract idea is slowly, and with extreme care and precision, translated into something tangible: this journey can take months, or even several years, before arriving at a satisfying end result. In 2019, Hyde Eau de Parfum won the Art&Olfactory prize, an international award celebrating excellence in independent, artisanal and experimental perfumery. The Hiram Green perfume range now includes eight fragrances and a Discovery Kit, but is sure to expand. All Hiram Green perfumes are 100% natural, vegan (with the exception of the beeswax absolute in Slowdive) and GMO-free. All Hiram Green perfumes are produced in his studio in Gouda, the Netherlands.


Best Seller Hiram Green Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Hiram Green Discovery Set : a set to discover all the fragrances in the collection: Arbole, Hyde, Lustre, Moon Bloom, Slowdive, Vetiver and Vivacious.

  • Hiram Green Slowdive Eau de Parfum : a warm fragrance with a tobacco base theme. The fragrance opens with fresh, floral top notes of neroli and orange blossom. Later, tobacco flowers, honey and beeswax take over. The heart - rich and deep, with hints of dried fruits and creamy tuberose - is delicately anchored by a base of warm resins, which give Slowdive its soft and exotic touch.

  • Hiram Green Hyde Eau de Parfum : Hyde is a sensual and hypnotising leather-themed fragrance, which won the 2019 Art&Olfactory award. Hyde opens with a strong burst of bright lemon and bergamot. These cheerful notes then collide with the dry, sharp scent of birch tar (reminiscent of burnt wood), cassie, an opulent flower with intense green and spicy undertones. Both form a vibrant leather note with powerful depth and intense appeal. This pulsating heart is embraced by a warm, elegant base of smoky labdanum and malty vanilla that blends into earthy oakmoss.

  • Hiram Green Arbolé Eau de Parfum : a unisex chypre fragrance. Hiram Green Arbolé is a warm, woody fragrance that takes its name and spirit from Lorca's poem of the same name. Arbolé opens with an earthy patchouli burst that slowly merges with rich cedarwood and velvety sandalwood. Vanilla and tonka bean anchor the fragrance and provide a sweet, powdery base.

  • Hiram Green Vetiver Eau de Parfum : this fragrance is named after and centred on vetiver, an extraordinary tropical herb native to India. Its scent is complex: at once fresh, spicy, earthy and woody. Vetiver opens with a strong aromatic blend of citrus, followed by fresh ginger. All the facets of vetiver are present in its heart. To add further depth and complexity, we have included two vetiver varieties, one from Haiti and the other from Java. Once the vetiver heart begins to settle, cedarwood and ambrette seeds provide a soft, gentle finish.


Hiram Green Perfumes: Our Customers' Reviews

  • Hiram Green Hyde Eau de Parfum : “I have never smelled a perfume like this. The birch tar is quite intense on my skin and is the only note my nose can distinguish all the time. The duration is incredible”. Marco

  • Hiram Green Arbolé Eau de Parfum : “I love it! It's warm, dark and soft; definitely a winter scent. It's also quite intense, a perfume for a special occasion”. Cristina

  • Hiram Green Slowdive Eau de Parfum : “Slowdive is an elegant fragrance: a tobacco with honeyed incense, not too sweet, deep. Without doubt, my favourite Hiram Green perfume”. Cristina


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