Darling is a brand of made in Italy suncare products. The collection fulfills all needs to achieve a perfect tan. The brand combines the products effectiveness thanks to a formula rich in active ingredients with the passion for design, in order to create trendy objects with unique and unmistakable packaging.
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Discover Darling Sun Sun-Care Products

Darling Sun is a brand of Made in Italy suncare products: this line of natural sunscreens stands out for the great attention paid to the packaging, which is modern, fashionable and trendy, thanks to a minimalist and colourful design. Each sunscreen is characterised by a silky texture and delicious summery fragrances, such as tiaré. The colours of each sunscreen are reminiscent of the sea: the result? An exclusive, fashionable and high quality product to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, thanks to a careful selection of natural ingredients.


Darling Sun Creams

The Darling Sun line includes two natural sunscreens, one with an medium SPF and one with a high SPF: we are talking about Darling SPF 20 and Darling SPF 50, two sunscreens that are perfect even for sensitive skin that is not used to sun exposure. Thanks to their creamy and silky texture, delightfully infused with a scent of Monoi de Tahiti (obtained thanks to the maceration of tiaré flowers in coconut oil) and a formulation rich in beneficial ingredients for the skin, these sunscreens with good INCI not only guarantee an excellent level of UV protection, but also leave the skin supple, nourished and radiant, so that your tan lasts longer. Darling sunscreens are also enriched with apricot oil, which is famous for its anti-ageing properties - if you're looking for an anti-ageing sunscreen, you should give Darling Sun products a try!


Darling Sun After-Sun

After prolonged exposure to the sun, taking care of your skin is a must, especially if you want to keep your tan for as long as possible. For this to happen, you must first restore the right levels of moisture and nutrition to your skin, which have been altered by a long day at the beach or swimming pool and by the aggression of the sun's rays. Darling Sun has developed a soothing and refreshing After-Sun product with ingredients such as chamomile and mallow, lemon balm and menthol. Horsetail and Vitamin E relieve stress on the skin, moisturising it thoroughly. The iconic Monoi de Tahiti fragrance completes this sensory experience, relaxing the senses.


Darling Sun Tanning Cream

For those who wish to accelerate the natural tanning process, Darling has created an unrivalled self-tanner: Darling Tan Activator. Enriched with moisturising ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Calendula, as well as anti-ageing ingredients such as Coconut and Apricot Oil, this tanning cream will help stimulate the production of melanin, helping you to achieve a smooth and even tan all over the body. Also in this formulation, you will find the iconic Darling Monoi de Thaiti fragrance. To be used only with high sun protection: Tan Activator is NOT a substitute for SPF.


Darling Sun Skincare

For maximum protection and hydration of the face, Darling has designed Darling Glowy Face Cream SPF 50+, the anti-ageing and anti-pollution moisturiser with integrated sun protection. Thanks to its ultra-light and invisible texture, this face cream with SPF is quickly absorbed, leaving your face with a luminous, yet non-glossy effect.


50 ml has picked out the best Darling suncare products for you: protect your skin with the best Made in Italy suncare line! Don't miss out on our wide choice of Sun-Care Products and Aftersun Products. We remind you that on 50 ml you can buy samples of the best niche perfumes: browse the catalogue to find the one that suits you best! Free samples upon request with every order.