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V.SUN creams are superior products that offer reliable nourishment and protection to sun-stressed skin. They are made with ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter and aloe vera and do not harm coral reefs. V.SUN supports charitable organisations for the restoration of coral reefs and is 100% made in Germany to reduce environmental pollution.

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V.SUN Products

V.SUN combines super-reliable sun protection, a perfectly balanced skincare , a light summery fragrance (for those who want it) and responsible ingredients for a product that is pleasant to use but at the same time effective, a true ally for the skin. Available for the body and for the facewith or without perfume, with different levels of protection and even as aftersun, the romantic packaging and minimal selection allow you a simple and safe without sacrificing style.


More Information about V.SUN Sunscreens

V.SUN is an innovative brand of high-quality sun care products that prioritises skin health and environmental sustainability. Its mission è to provide reliable sun protection while treating and nourishing the skin with responsible ingredients. Their premium sunscreen è formulated with vitamin E and ectoin to defend against free radicals and premature skin ageing. High-quality shea butter and aloe vera from controlled organic cultivation are used to intensively moisturise and pamper sun-stressed skin. The creams absorb quickly and completely, leaving the skin velvety and protected.


V.SUN Suncare and Sustainability

V.SUN is committed to protecting coral reefs and the marine ecosystem by avoiding harmful ingredients such as nanoparticles, microplastics or octocrylene that can compromise coral growth. The products are designed to be coral-friendly and safe for life marine, ensuring the protection of both skin and ocean. All V.SUN products are made in Germany, including the packaging, to ensure the highest quality and sustainability. The company is committed to using the shortest possible transport routes to reduce environmental impact.

V.SUN believes caring for the skin and the environment should not be at the expense of enjoying life. Their products are designed with great love for detail and a delicate aesthetic flavoured vintage, so customers can feel safe and beautiful while enjoying the summer. Join V.SUN in protecting your skin and the environment with this brand of superior quality sun care, made with love.


After-Sun and SPF V.SUN Best Seller on 50 ml

  • V.SUN Sun Cream Body SPF 15: a high-quality sun cream for the body (sun protection factor 15) - with ectoin and vitamin E. It protects against sunburn and free radicals and guarantees an even tan. Quickly absorbed, with a floral and vanilla fragrance. Shea butter and aloe vera provide the skin with moisture for a velvety feel without stickiness. Coral-friendly formula, free of ingredients that compromise coral growth. With every product sold, the company supports marine conservation projects such as the restoration of coral reefs.
  • V.SUN Sun Cream Face SPF 50 Perfume Free: V.SUN's iconic ectoin and vitamin E formulation, but in its fragrance-free variant. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, the formula without octocrylene, phenoxyethanol or fragrances is good for both the skin and the coral reef. Effective ingredients such as shea butter and aloe vera leave the skin nourished and moisturised, resulting in a product that not only protects the skin from damage but also improves its texture and appearance.
  • v.SUN Sun Cream Body SPF 50: a broad-spectrum body protection, perfect for protecting and pampering your skin and that of your loved ones. The effective ingredients, pleasant summery fragrance and romantic appearance make V.SUN's body sunscreen a powerful ally against skin-damaging UV rays.
  • V.SUN After Sun Body Lotion: a high-quality formula with ectoin, aloe vera and panthenol. Rich in antioxidants and with a floral and citrus fragrance reminiscent of the most beautiful summer days. The intense moisturising effect pampers the skin after exposure to the sun and helps it regain its natural balance. As a result, the skin is soothed, nourished and has a healthy, natural complexion. Have you already discovered V.SUN's high-quality sun care products? They use only coral-friendly formulas that do not compromise coral growth, and with every product sold, they support marine conservation projects such as the restoration of coral reefs.


V.SUN Products Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Feedback!

  • V.SUN Sun Cream Body SPF 50 Perfume Free: “I had already taken the “V.SUN Hello Sunshine” (the perfumed one) and we were very happy with it, but the paediatrician recommended a fragrance-free cream for my daughter just in case. I continued to use the hello sunshine (which I recommend anyway, it's really good) while for my daughter I got this “V.SUN instant vacation”. Joking aside, it è a really good cream, I did the test with the SPF test dots and just a little goes a long way. Thank you!” Annarita
  • V.SUN Sun Cream Body SPF 30: “ I must say I got a bit carried away by the very Instagrammable pink packaging when I got it, è super cute!!! Fortunately, I also used it and I had a great time on holiday, I didn’t get burnt even after spending the whole day at the beach. It leaves the skin very soft, it also seems to protect it from the aggression of the salt. I will definitely pick it up again!!!” Alessia
  • V.SUN  Sun Cream Face SPF 30:  “It does its duty more than well and has a good fragrance and a comfortable format. It doesn't make the beard too thick. I recommend” Andrea
  • V.SUN Sun Cream Face SPF 50: “I use retinol twice a week, so  I need a high and effective sunscreen with which to protect myself. I searched online for the best sunscreens, and in one blog they recommended this sunscreen protection 50. First of all, I was impressed by the consistency, fragrance and appearance: it looks very good. After about a week and a half I can say that it looks very good indeed, I am happy with the purchase.


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