Hair Fragrance

Once you discover them, there's no turning back: hair fragrances are a timeless yet often underrated accessory. These fragrances are specially designed not to damage even the most delicate hair. You can use hair perfume in combination with your favourite fragrance or on its own: browse the catalogue to find the perfect one for you!

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Hair Perfume

The tradition of scenting hair is actually very ancient: the ancient Egyptians, in fact, used to spread scented and precious ointments on their hair. Our grandmothers used to spray a few drops of perfume on their brushes before running them through their hair. Even today, you may have noticed the trail of delightful (or annoying) scent left by a passerby on the street: often, in these cases, it's the hair that spreads the scent in the air!


Why Choose a Hair Perfume

The art of perfuming oneself is not without its refinements, and hair fragrances are certainly one of them. But what is the purpose of hair perfume? There are many reasons why you should choose to try it, here are some:

  • They don't damage the hair. Hair fragrances, unlike normal Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, are designed not to dry out the hair cuticles with excess alcohol. Forget about dried-out hair after spraying an alcoholic perfume.
  • Perfect for layering. Whether you want to intensify the fragrance you are wearing or create an interesting combination, hair perfumes are an excellent resource for layering different fragrance notes. Combine the hair perfume with your favorite corresponding fragrance, and you'll see the persistence!
  • A trail is ensured. Spraying perfume in your hair will ensure that you leave a sensual trail behind you: perfect for a night out and for never going unnoticed!
  • Perfume, but not too much. If you have particularly sensitive skin and can't wear many fragrances or, worse, wearing perfume in the typical areas of the body (behind the ears, on the wrists, etc.) gives you a headache, hair perfumes can really be your thing. Spraying perfume on your hair will spare you direct contact with the skin and, above all, will allow you to achieve a more discreet effect in terms of olfactory intensity.
  • Anti-frizz effect. Some hair fragrances tame frizz, helping to keep the hair in order and... deliciously scented! A perfect combo!


What Are the Best Hair Perfumes?

There are many hair fragrances on the market, from the freshest to the most sensual and many others! If you don't know how to choose, here are some of the best-selling hair perfumes on 50 ml from the most prestigious niche perfumery brands:

  • Byredo Blanche Hair Perfume: a hair fragrance that is a perfect mix of freshness and lightness with a touch of sensuality. The delicate notes of white rose blend with the enveloping scent of sandalwood and the depth of musk, while pink pepper adds liveliness and spiciness. Perfect for those who love to leave a subtle, but unforgettable trail wherever they go!
  • diptyque Eau De Sens Hair Perfume: a citrusy and delicate hair perfume, enriched with nourishing camellia oil. This ingredient strengthens and scents the hair, leaving a bright and lively breeze on the hair, thanks to the addition of fresh notes of orange blossom and angelica, which will accompany you throughout the day.
  • Laboratorio Olfattivo Nun Hair Perfume: a hair spray that envelops the hair with a fresh and fruity perfume of lemon, pear, and bergamot, together with the floral notes of lotus and jasmine. Finally, woody and musky notes complete the fragrance, giving a feeling of deep peace. The result is soft and flowing hair, easy to comb, as well as fragrant!
  • Memo Paris French Leather Hair Perfume: a hair perfume that is like a delicate veil that settles on your lengths. Inspired by the French Leather fragrance, with its leather and rose notes, this fragrance is ideal in every season and for every adventure, from the winds of the French Riviera to the elegant city chaos of Paris.
  • Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur Hair Perfume: a hair fragrance that, like its perfume counterpart, enhances the magnetic aspect of musk with amber, vanilla, and sandalwood. A persistent and blatantly sexy fragrance, perfect for candlelit dinners or for captivating anyone around you!


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