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Seventy One Percent
Seventy One Percent is a skincare brand started by two passionate surfers. When dealing with the power of nature, we have to protect ourselves and our "playground", planet Earth. 70% water on the planet. 70% water in our bodies. And 1% of the profits are donated to Vision du Monde.
Seventy One Percent
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Seventy One Percent Products: Sustainable Skin Care Cosmetics

SeventyOne Percent is a cosmetics company dedicated to creating products that protect and hydrate the skin, combining effectiveness and respect for the environment. The company's mission is based on four fundamental pillars: EffectivenessNatureResponsibility and Solidarity.


Effectiveness: Small Promises, Big Results

SeventyOne Percent is committed to developing products that offer protection and hydration without falling for overblown marketing promises. Their mission is to provide effective and educational formulas, without exploiting fear to attract customers. The company focuses on creating useful and family-friendly products, using ingredients that meet your needs.


Naturalness: Natural and Organic Ingredients

SeventyOne Percent is committed to using natural and organic ingredients. The company's philosophy is to always prefer natural ingredients, but without ignoring synthetic alternatives when they offer a real advantage. For example, the choice of sunscreens was considered, including both preferred mineral filters, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, as well as some chemical filters considered 'clean' and offering different spectrums of protection.

Ecological Responsibility: Reducing Environmental Impact

SeventyOne Percent is committed to limiting its environmental impact and eliminating the unnecessary. The company uses recyclable materials for packaging, reducing secondary packaging by 80% and refusing to produce samples or disposable products to promote the brand. They have also made sustainable choices in packaging logistics, using cartons labelled as 'sustainable development'.


Solidarity: Contributing to Social and Environmental Good

The fourth pillar, Solidarity; reflects Seventy One Percent's commitment to social and environmental initiatives. The company collaborates with the ONG Vision du Monde, focusing on providing access to drinkable water for children in emergencies. Seventy One Percent aims to raise awareness of the importance of access to water and support projects that address these challenges for a fairer world.

Another key aspect of Seventy One Percent is the 'Zero Plastic Inside' initiative. This label certified by the Plastic Soup Foundation highlights their commitment to minimise the use of plastic in their products. In their compositions, Seventy One Percent use no microplastics and adopt recycled and recyclable packaging to help combat the pollution of the seas.

Seventy One Percent recognise that absolute perfection does not exist and admits to having made mistakes in the past. However, the company is committed to constantly learning and improving to reduce its impact on the environment and provide effective and respectful products. Their 'Mother Earth Approved' policy explains their beliefs and choices in terms of formulation, packaging and other actions to pursue their goal of sustainability.


Seventy One Percent Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Seventy One Percent Eco Sun Spray SPF 50+: Seventy One's ultra-high protection sunscreen. Its mineral filters respect the epidermis and the environment and make it an excellent barrier against UVA and UVB rays. Everyone will appreciate its wide range of qualities: it does not sting the eyes, can be applied on wet skin and is water-resistant, so you can swim safely. Its milky consistency, in a super handy spray format, is easy to apply without greasy hands. You will be addicted to its vanilla flower fragrance.
  • Seventy One Percent Wipe Out Arnica Cryo Gel: a relaxing after-action gel, indispensable for sportsmen. After a surf session or intense exertion, it immediately relieves joint and muscle pain thanks to its cocktail of essential oils and proven active ingredients: Arnica, Wintergreen, turmeric root, lemon eucalyptus, menthol and Tea Tree oil. A calm sea never made an experienced sailor!
  • Seventy One Percent Eco Sun Shield Invisible: ready to prolong your holiday pleasure? Composed of mineral filters that respect the epidermis but also the environment, counteracting the action of UVA and UVB rays. It does not run, does not sting the eyes, does not leave traces, is can be applied on wet skin without reducing the effectiveness of the protection. The scent of vanilla flowers evokes an exotic paradise, and the aloe vera pampers your skin.
  • Seventy One Percent Second Skin: Second Skin is SeventyOne's solution for sporty and dynamic people, inspired by papaya, the Australian fruit loved by surfers. This all-purpose balm protects against wet suit rashes, quenches sunburned skin, repairs irritated lips and soothes insect bites. Use its 99% natural formula whenever you want! Made in France and tested under dermatological control.
  • Seventy One Percent Urban Feel Good: leaves skin feeling fresh even in the middle of the urban jungle, protecting it from pollution. Active ingredients block UV rays (SPF 30) and blue light. The formula protects against dehydration and loss of radiance thanks to its marine active ingredients, hyaluronic acid, which plumps and rehydrates the skin, and powerful probiotics, active in strengthening and protecting the skin.

Seventy One Percent Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Seventy One Percent Sun Stick SPF 50+ Blue Lagoon: “I don't know if you've ever tried to put sunscreen on a child. Here. For me, this stick has been a lifesaver: to apply it, I can swipe it directly onto their skin in two seconds without having to stop, risk spilling it, or put too much on. For me, I got it transparent, but for the kids, not only does the blue let you know if you have put it on right, plus they enjoy colouring all over and me watching them walk around like smurfs. The ideal solution hahaha” Sofia
  • Seventy One Percent Dry Sun Oil SPF30: “This dry oil is fantastic! The texture is great, and easy to apply on the face, body and hair. I didn't get sunburnt, and the skin remains smooth and tanned. Delicious scent, light oil and practical packaging. Highly recommended for summer! ” Mara
  • Seventy One Percent Feel Good Oil: “I usually use it in more ways than one: as an after-sun lotion, on the ends of my hair and also at work, as it protects against blue light. It has a light consistency that absorbs quickly, leaving my skin and hair soft and moisturised without being greasy, which gives me the idea of having the benefits of a nourishing product without that horrible greasy effect. I appreciate the fact that it is formulated with high-quality ingredients and no harmful substances” Genevieve
  • Seventy One Percent Sun Stick Invisible SPF 30 Sunkissed: “I was looking for a water-resistant and eco-friendly sunscreen that was suitable for my super delicate skin. I am having a great time with this one, the packaging is perfect to carry around and makes it easy to apply, but most importantly there is no risk of spilling it in your suitcase. In addition, it leaves no white marks on the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling. I can almost believe how comfortable it is.” Giulia
  • Seventy One Percent Eco Sun Shield SPF 50+: “I always buy super-high sun protection because I burn easily, but having oily skin it's really hard to find one that fits. I tried Sun Shield last year and I liked it so much that I bought it again this year: I don't burn, it doesn't leave me greasy like a roast chicken and it's easy to use. Fantastic.” Aurora


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