Original Perfumes

Original Perfumes

Prepare to be captivated by our astonishing array of Original Perfumes! While the term "original" may seem ambiguous, we chose it with purpose. On our site, you won't find mundane scents – we thrive on the extraordinary. No counterfeits here, only genuine treasures because 50 ml is the official retailer of niche perfumes not only in Italy but worldwide!

Original Perfumes
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What are the best original niche perfumes?


Original perfumes are unique and precious, both for the quality of the fragrance and for the attention to detail. Niche perfumery, moreover, consists of luxury products that often stand out for their extravagance and eccentricity, allowing you to find an unparalleled product that can satisfy even the most particular needs and bring out your personality. Sometimes, however, you may have wondered why you should spend money to buy an original perfume instead of a non-authentic one that costs much less. Let's start by saying that an original fragrance stands out for the quality of the ingredients that compose it: the raw materials used inside it, in fact, are precious and sought after. On the contrary, in fake products, it is easy to find low-quality raw materials, resulting in having a perfume that lasts little or does not fully reflect the fragrance you fell in love with. All authentic products, furthermore, undergo strict controls and are, therefore, safe for health, something that certainly cannot be said of fake perfumes.


How to Tell if a Perfume is Original

If you are passionate about artistic perfumery, you have probably wondered where to buy original perfumes online. Besides reminding you that on 50 ml you will find exclusively authentic niche products, we are ready to reveal some aspects to keep an eye on when purchasing the fragrances you love the most!


  • The price. However attracted you may be to sites promoting the sale of original perfumes at very low prices, with enticing yet deceptive ads like "Original perfumes for 20 euros!", you should be wary of online sites claiming to sell authentic niche perfumes at bargain prices. Always rely on e-commerce platforms that prioritize product quality!
  • The testers. Doubt those sites that encourage buying original perfume testers. The sale of these, in fact, is illegal, as the label on the bottle reminds.
  • The packaging. Also pay attention to the packaging and the perfume bottle. Labels with errors or poorly printed logos are often synonymous with fraud. Niche perfumes are also characterized by the elegance and care of the bottles: luxury, in fact, goes hand in hand with the concept of originality.


The Best Original Women's Perfumes

What are the best niche perfumes for women? Discover this exclusive selection of original female perfumes and embark on the quest for the fragrance that suits you best!


  • Masque Milano Perfume Tango Eau De Parfum: a women's perfume that evokes the imagery of an evening in a countryside house, where, between one glass of wine and another, a dinner is enjoyed. The moon peeks into the sky, illuminating the diners, while the rhythm of tango music becomes compelling, leading you to engage in a bold yet delicate dance amidst the fresh and flowery notes of the lush garden surrounding the house.
  • Heeley Perfume Cardinal Eau De Parfum: a timeless and original perfume, built around the traditional notes of incense. However, do not expect the classic smoky and dark perfume. The idea is of a basket of clean laundry ready to be hung out, wrapped in ambery notes. Immediately, a feeling of lightness and purity emerges, giving the fragrance a unique and contemporary elegance.
  • Stephane Humbert Lucas Perfume God of Fire Eau De Parfum: a women's fragrance inspired by the legend of the Aztec God of Fire, father and mother of all gods. Depicted wearing a crown, wrapped in a turquoise snake, he is considered the ultimate expression of power and wisdom. The fresh and exotic notes, yet warm in character, of this fragrance aim to simulate the sweet elixir that the Aztec god bestows upon humans.
  • BDK Perfume Gris Charnel Eau De Parfum: a women's perfume inspired by the dancing nights along the Seine, at the Tino-Rossi Garden. This perfume, from its color, wants to pay homage to the bodies moving in rhythm under the silver moon. Among the festive crowd, suddenly, two gazes meet, and, as if hypnotized, the two souls draw closer to each other in a seductive game that ignites the night. A ritual that the fig and black tea notes can only indulge!
  • Pierre Guillaume Perfume Le Musc et La Peau Eau De Parfum: a feminine original perfume consisting of a blend of seven different musks aiming to evoke the smell of human skin. The sensuality of clean skins blending together is enhanced by fragrant notes of ylang-ylang and rosemary milk, making Le Musc et la Peau a perfect example of a second skin effect perfume. Just like a white shirt worn in the morning!

The Best Original Men's Perfumes

What is the best men's fragrance? We have selected for you some of the best original male perfumes: all you have to do is choose your favorite!


  • Essential Parfums Perfume Bois Imperial Eau De Parfum: an original men's perfume that is a true must-have among niche fragrances in recent years! Bois Imperial is a fresh and luminous perfume, thanks to the presence of Thai Basil leaves and peppery and citrusy notes. At the same time, the woody notes give it a warmer and more sensual soul, making it a persistent and intense perfume on the skin.
  • Jeroboam Perfume Gozo Eau De Parfum: a masculine fragrance that celebrates the Maltese island of Gozo, which, with its magic, captures the heart of anyone who visits. A surreal postcard that carries within it the memory of the passage of ancient populations who lived on that land. Gozo is a persistent and sunny perfume, but also intense and magnetic, thanks to the darker notes of tuberose and patchouli.
  • Lorenzo Pazzaglia Perfume Esco Pazzo Eau De Parfum: an original men's perfume born from Lorenzo Pazzaglia's idea of ​​perfectly replicating the fragrance image he had in mind. Esco Pazzo wants to modernize classic fougere fragrances, enriching them with ambery and oriental notes. After several attempts, the dream became reality, giving birth to a perfume with a bright and fresh opening, followed by darker and spicier notes.
  • Milano Fragranze Perfume Piazza Affari Eau De Parfum: an elegant and stylish original men's perfume, like those who leave the Stock Exchange Offices during lunch break and gather in Piazza Affari, the pulsating heart of Milan's finance. This perfume is a classic office fragrance, enriched with more sparkling and decisive notes, like the famous L.O.V.E. sculpture by Maurizio Cattelan, which has proudly stood in the center of the square since 2010.
  • Zoologist Perfume Tyrannosaurus Rex Eau De Parfum: a masculine fragrance that, as evident from the name, refers to the king of dinosaurs: the Tyrannosaurus Rex. This fascinating yet menacing creature ruled the barren and hot lands of the Cretaceous, where everything was giant, from the trees with majestic heights to the animals that lived there. This original perfume aims to transmit the same sensations, bringing you back to a primitive world of smoky woods and dried flowers.

That was our selection of Original Perfumes! At 50 ml, you will find an extraordinary variety of men's, women's, and unisex perfumes. Don't miss our selections of Long Lasting Scents and Best Sillage Perfumes! Let yourself be captivated by the vast universe of niche perfumes! If you want to buy niche perfumes online, remember that at 50 ml you can request free samples in your shopping cart with every order! If you want to learn more about artistic perfumery, don't forget to follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and subscribe to our Newsletter. With us, you'll become an expert in niche fragrances in no time, thanks to original and exclusive content that will guide you through this vast scented world! 


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