Oil Cleanser

The first step of the Korean skincare routine is cleansing oil. Essential for removing makeup and layers of previously applied products (including sunscreen), this step prevents impurities from accumulating on your face and ensures your skin is ready for the next phases. Find the Korean oil cleanser that suits you best!

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What is an Oil Cleanser and why should I use it? 

A good skincare routine must start with facial cleansing. Thorough skin cleansing is essential before proceeding with any other steps because it prevents the buildup of impurities and allows the products we apply afterwards to penetrate better. In particular, using a cleansing oil ensures clean skin free from layers of dirt that accumulate on our face. In this section, you will find oil facial cleansers from Korea, a country that in recent years has become known as an expert in double cleansing, setting a model to follow. Whether it's make-up residues or other products used during the day, smog traces deposited on the face, or the sebum produced by our skin, starting your Korean skincare routine with an oil cleanser will help unclog pores and achieve perfectly clean and glowing skin 

Korean Oil cleanser usually come in two different types, depending on their consistency: 

  • Cleansing Balm. Cleansing balms have a solid or creamy consistency that melts upon contact with the skin's warmth, transforming into a silky oil that, in addition to cleaning the face, provides ultra-nourishing benefits. An example? The Pollufree Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm from Thank You Farmer! 
  • Cleansing Oil. Cleansing oils have a liquid formulation, varying in oiliness depending on the product. When applied to the face, they have a lighter consistency. Upon contact with water, the oil tends to create a slight milky effect, like the Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil from Skinfood. 

Remember: not all cleansing oils and cleansing balms are the same. Choose the one that best suits your specific needs to enhance their effects! 


The Two Step of Korean Double Cleansing 

Talking about the first step of Korean skincare, we cannot overlook the already mentioned double cleansing. An essential part of the skincare routine in the Asian world, this technique has become famous worldwide due to the attention it has garnered in South Korea in recent decades. It is a facial cleansing method consisting of a first step of oil cleansing, followed by a second step of foam cleanser: together, these two steps represent the first two steps of the famous Korean skincare routine! On one hand, the Korean oil cleanser, thanks to its texture, can capture the skin's oiliness and dissolve makeup and residues, which are washed away once the product is rinsed off, while the Korean foam cleanser removes any remaining makeup residues, thoroughly cleaning each pore. Thanks to these two cleansing phases, not only are the pores freed from impurities, but the natural skin balance is also promoted, resulting in pure, even, and radiant skin! The best part? This technique is perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive and usually prone to irritation! You just need to choose the Korean cleansers that best suit your skin and needs! 


How to do the Korean Oil Cleanser Method

Korean oil cleanser products can be used as true oil-based makeup removers or as cleansing oils, as they dissolve makeup and any other product left on the face, leaving the skin purified. But let's get to the practical side!

  1. Apply an adequate amount of product to the palms of your hands and spread it directly on your dry faceMake sure you don't miss any area of your face, paying particular attention to often neglected areas such as the neck, forehead, chin, and corners of the nose.
  2. Massage the cleansing oil thoroughly on your face for about 30 seconds, using circular motions.
  3. Add water and continue massaging until the makeup is completely dissolved.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.

Oil cleanser not only ensures effective cleaning, but also improves blood circulation and prepares the skin to better absorb subsequent treatments. Good cleansing is the foundation for healthy and glowing skin! 


When to Use Cleansing Oil

Oil cleansing should always be done in the evening, to remove all traces of makeup, dirt, and various residues that have accumulated on the face during the day (never give in to the temptation of going to bed without first removing your makeup). However, it can become a good habit to do it in the morning, since during the night the skin regenerates and a simple water wash is not always enough to remove dead cells. Remember not to overdo it and always keep an eye on your skin, giving it what it needs. Even excessive cleansing can damage the skin by stripping it of its natural protective layer: while it is important to perform oil cleansing in the evening to remove the dirt deposited on the face during the day, using an oil cleanser in the morning is a plus to be done only when and if necessary.


Best Oil Cleanser from Korea on 50 ml

  • Mixsoon Bean Cleasing Oil: a facial cleansing oil suitable for oily skin and perfect for deep and gentle face cleansing. Among the key ingredients of this Korean oil cleanser are fermented soy extract, fermented barley, pomegranate, and Korean pear, which work together to remove impurities and excess sebum, leaving the skin clean, soft, and radiant. 
  • Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing Balm: a creamy cleansing balm with a sorbet-like texture that melts with the warmth of your fingers. This Korean cleanser removes makeup, impurities, and excess sebum without irritating or drying the skin. Thanks to rice bran water, lavender water, and chamomile flower extract, this balm brightens, soothes, and nourishes the skin. 
  • Skin1004 Centella Light Cleansing Oil: a gentle Korean oil cleanser that dissolves smoothly on the face, melting away makeup and impurities without causing irritation. Enriched with Centella Asiatica Extract, this cleansing oil for face soothes the skin and restores its natural moisture level. Just a few drops of oil are enough for a complete and refreshing cleanse! 
  • Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original: one of the absolute bestsellers among Korean cleansing balms! This cleansing balm transforms from a buttery texture to a soft oil upon contact with the skin, capable of removing even waterproof makeup in a single step. Additionally, thanks to Zero Balance Technology, it deeply cleanses without ever drying the skin, keeping it fresh and hydrated. 
  • Mizon Cicaluronic Cleansing Balm: a cleansing balm that offers extraordinary cleansing for face, eyes, and lips, thanks to its formula enriched with Jojoba Oil, Centella Asiatica, and Hyaluronic Acid, which hydrate and soothe the skin while purifying it. After using this Korean cleansing balm, your skin will be fresh and clean, giving you a feeling of lightness and well-being. 


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