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Pierre Guillaume

Pierre Guillaume creates and produces his perfumes in complete creative and financial freedom in his own laboratories, under the brand that bears his name. The maison offers contemporary, inventive, poetic, sustainable and wearable perfumery, guaranteeing high quality at realistic prices. At Pierre Guillaume Paris, they produce 'only' perfumes... but that's it!

Pierre Guillaume
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Pierre Guillaume Perfumes

Pierre Guillaume è an independent perfumer who has set himself the goal of offering unique perfumespoetic and innovative internally realising the design and production of the products, to guarantee the maximum quality at affordable prices. With a proactive attitude towards his customers, Pierre Guillaume constantly seeks to innovate and produce in a sustainable and clean way. Because of all this and much more, Pierre Guillaume grows thanks to the satisfaction of its customers, men and women who love wearing its fragrances and make them passwords. If you are looking for an innovative, eco-friendly perfumery with a unique personality, Pierre Guillaume è is the right choice for you.


The History of Pierre Guillaume Perfumes

Pierre Guillaume grew up in a family of chemists and, fascinated first by smells and then by scents, he has been collecting essential oils and scented materials since childhood. È the prelude to the story of a great perfumer, who applies to the world of perfumes the scientific notions learnt first in the family and then during his studies. And so, at the age of just 25, he tried to reproduce the smell of his father's cigar cellar. This accord of spicy notes and tobacco then called 02 Coze, built on the famous Epicene-Gamma base (a blend of chilli, cloves and nutmeg), è was immediately noted by critics which made him popular in the perfume blogosphere and among professional buyers in every corner of the planet in the early 2000s, kick-starting a glittering career.

After 10 years of experience in the field, the company Pierre Guillaume Diffusion was created, internally equipped with a first production centre comprising a composition studio, a raw materials cellar and a packaging line entirely dedicated to the production of Pierre Guillaume perfumes. This independence from third-party companies will allow him to guarantee the highest quality standards at an incredible price, leading him to distribute his products in over 390 points in 26 countries. Discover the Pierre Guillaume collections with us:


Pierre Guillaume Numbered Collection

Loquacious fragrances, olfactory epics: each of the fragrances in this Numbered collection (formerly Parfumerie Générale) è a new stage in a journey to the heart of Pierre Guillaume Paris' style. Using a mix of genres, the creator spontaneously expresses his olfactory aesthetic and personal tastes. He explores in turn different olfactory themes, which follow one another in this numbered collection. Thus tobaccos are grouped in theme 02, orange blossoms in theme 19, aromatic flowers in theme 09, etc. The fragrances from the collection are often described as loquacious and compared to shocks for their evolving character on the skin, a true olfactory signature of the Pierre Guillaume Paris style.

Pierre Guillaume Cruise Collection

The Taste of Travel: Through the theme of travel, these creations evoke the great outdoors, the wild nature and the elsewhere far away. The Cruise collection is not a catalogue of iodized smells... It is about the sea, faraway islands, the jungle, but above all, it is about movement… The "Cruise" bottle echoes the lines of the Maison's emblematic bottle with a double skin of translucent blue ceramic injected into the glass, to give these niche perfumes with their modern perfumes unique style easily recognisable.

Pierre Guillaume Black Collection

Olfactory Photographs: a collection of eaux de parfums with a pyramids that evoke figurative olfactory captures. The composition of these perfumed photographs is built around innovative ingredients derived from biotechnology. The 'shadow' bottle echoes the lines of the Maison's emblematic bottle with a double black ceramic skin injected into the glass.

Pierre Guillaume White Collection

Fragrances inspired by the sun: a collection of sexy and luminous eaux de parfums inspired by light, sun and well-being. The 'Shadow' bottle echoes the lines of the Maison's emblematic bottle with a double white ceramic skin injected into the glass.

Pierre Guillaume Confidential Collection

Pierre Guillaume Confidential Collection modern and urban in a black flacon decorated with a golden coat-of-arms studded with light. With "Pierre Guillaume Confidential", the perfumer invites us into an intimate and dreamlike world, where the art of perfume takes shape through modern and urban universes steeped in surrealism or exoticism. All the poetry of Pierre Guillaume Confidential is expressed in gold and graphite-coated flasks available only at very few distributors Pierre Guillaume.

Pierre Guillaume Collection The Atmosphere

Pierre Guillaume's collection of products for the home: entrusting their creation to expert French craftsmen and combining this centuries-old knowledge with his know-how as a chemical formulator industrial, Pierre Guillaume has from the outset developed objects destined to make the atmosphere of our living spaces unique. Particularly renowned are the scented candles, available in the Cruise and Messenger collections, but also the La Gachette room sprays, the magnificent Hesperidream and Pillow Poem textile fragrances and specialised products such as Reboot The Loo.


Pierre Guillaume Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Pierre Guillaume 04.1 Le Musc et la Peau Eau de Parfum: a unisex fragrance with an elegant musky note. The fragrance consists of a blend of seven different musks that evoke the smell of human skin, enriched with sensual balms such as tonka bean, amber and cedar wood, together with a touch of vanilla. Rosemary milk and ylang-ylang add a floral note that makes it unique and irresistible. Perfect to wear alone or as a base to personalise your usual fragrance.
  • Pierre Guillaume Intime Extime Eau de Parfum: when a perfume says it all about you... Intime Extime is a powdery, floral and amber skin ornament that evokes the movement of diary pages expressed by an accord of Iris powder, Incense and Vanilla. Itauba wood, refreshed by a hint of White Tè infuses its exotic complexity. The name is inspired by a deeper essence that is voluntarily made public.
  • Pierre Guillaume La Nuit de l'Orchidee Eau de Parfum: “'Witch's flower, with a fruit resembling a leather sheath, the Vanilla Orchid is a sinner containing a sensory storm'. Pierre Guillaume offers the skin the vertigo of liquid leather: the scent of black pods struck by lightning on a stormy night. With key notes of Spices, Orchid Vanilla, Amyris and Leather, this perfume will strike you with its singularity.
  • Pierre Guillaume Anti-Blues Eau de Parfum: In Jacques Monory's painting, blue forgives all. Through a vapour of Incense mixed with Vetiver, the woody bitterness of Cocoa Wood, Saffron and Amyris rises. Anti-Blues Eau de Parfum unfolds its gourmand and dark nature by extending its olfactory spectrum from the scent of Hay and Dark Chocolate to the animalic nuances of Vanilla edged with Leather and Tobacco.
  • Pierre Guillaume Saigon Candle: a fruity candle. On the meanders of the Saigon River, itinerants tasting of red fruit tea in the leather-clad cabin of a traditional junk boat. Each Saigon Candle is contained in an elegant glass jar equipped with a cotton wick for clean and even burning. The candle has a burn time of approximately 50 hours and is made of high-quality wax. Red fruits.


Pierre Guillaume Perfumes Opinions: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Pierre Guillaume La Rose D'Isparta Candle: “I first smelled it at the spa and fell so much in love with its scent that I ordered it straight away, directly from there. A mix of fruity, floral, herbaceous, ambery…in short, a symphony of notes with different origins but which together create a melody. I turn it on whenever I want to relax or guests come to the house, and it lasts so long! ” Dalila
  • Pierre Guillaume Pillow Poem Spray Fabrics: “I run an Air BnB and as a small treat I like to perfume curtains and bed linen before guests arrive. Pillow Poem by Pierre Guillaume Paris and Biancofiore by Laboratorio Olfattivo are my favourites, the only ones I also use for myself: they leave a long-lasting but not too strong scent, a discreet cloud of perfume. I recommend” Roberto
  • Pierre Guillaume Leaf Room Spray: “I started using Pierre Guillaume parfums, but then I also discovered La Gachette room sprays. Leaf is very convenient both for perfuming rooms and fabrics. I use it on the back of curtains and sofa and on carpets and car seats once a week, then if I really need a scent boost I spray it a little in the air. It lasts long enough and doesn’t bother me" Olga
  • Pierre Guillaume Reboot The Loo: “I always keep it in my bag now: I'm really ashamed to leave bad smells in the bathroom, especially in the office or uni, and this is my salvation. It doesn't just cover up bad smells, it actually prevents them from spreading, and in fact, has a faint scent that is released when I flush!!! I will definitely retake it, thank you very much!!!” Annalisa
  • Pierre Guillaume Bienveillante Candle: “Super relaxing without being soporific. It smells good and lasts quite a while, and unlike cheaper alternatives, it burns well and spreads a lot. It smells of hay, lavender and incense, a mix that I find ideal for perfuming a tranquil environment without descending into the banal or being annoyed by an overdose of a single note” Alessandro


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