A collection that transforms the visual into the olfactory, using a wide range of ingredients to create layers, depth and texture, evoking memories and emotions through a personal and original interpretation of artist Jasper Li's childhood memories. Tobba is an olfactory experience that offers a gateway to emotional release and the creation of a personal connection with fragrance.

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Tobba Perfumes

The Maison de Parfums Tobba is the brainchild of Jasper Li, an artist-smith who believes that perfume is a work of art and a means of expression. Jasper's love for  olfactory pleasures dates back to his childhood when he was fascinated by the distinctive smells of his mother's vintage sandalwood fans, wooden spheres and classic perfume bottles. The artist used such memories as the foundation of Tobba's fragrances, designed to evoke warm emotions and feelings that transcend time and confines.

Jasper's artistic journey has been defined by his fascination with the interaction between the figurative and the abstract, which he vividly depicts in his paintings. This motif can also be found in Tobba's fragrances, where the contrast between the natural and synthetic ingredients creates a unique and independent scent: this allows the audience to establish their own connection with the fragrance.

Jasper optimises the creative process of designing each fragrance from zero. All fragrances are made in France and are Eau de parfum with a concentration of 15% to 25% of fragrance, which is carefully tested to best showcase the aesthetic.

The packaging of Tobba perfumes is a work of art in itself, adorned with a logo in 3D relief and wrapped in paper with a texture that reproduces the effect of real watercolour drawing paper watercolour, reminiscent of Jasper's past. The rectangular classic shape of the bottle with a rounded rim is the perfect analogy of Tobba's aesthetic where the classic merges with modernity.

In essence, Tobba is more than just a brand of perfumes; it is an artistic expression that embodies the founder's vision of emotional release. With its special and impressive fragrances, Tobba invites you to embark on a sensory journey where memories and emotions are transformed into an olfactory experience timeless and limitless.


Tobba Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Rose on the Shore Eau de Parfum: A bed of roses beside the ocean. Spicy initial notes of pink pepper and Egyptian geranium set a fresh tone, while the heart is embellished with a compelling juxtaposition of intense Rose de Mai, refreshing lychee leaves and warm castoreum to convey its rich emotions and contrasting nonchalance. An impeccable blend of patchouli and vetiver complements the woody, relaxing aromas.
  • Force Eau de Parfum: The universe is full of energy from its origins. Force Eau de Parfum embodies this vitality and celebrates it. Italian cypress combines with mint, liquorice with cocoa absolute and Siberian fir balsam with patchouli and leather. Each of the three layers intertwines with the other two, captivating with a mysterious yet intense woody mix.
  • Tendresse d'Automne Eau de Parfum: Elegant chypre fragrance, Tendresse D'Automne is a true tribute to the classic. Dry, powdery iris, together with sublime notes of violet, rose and ylang-ylang, evoke the subtle scents of nature at the start of autumn. Wrapped in sensual notes of sandalwood and musk, the blend is enriched with contrasting hints of vetiver to convey a unique quality. Extraordinary. Seductive.
  • Indolence Eau de Parfum: A fragrance that liberates the inner self. ''Sunbeams penetrate through the curtains, gently warming the floor as he soaks in the fragrance of tis. A faint perfume dances on the tip of his nose, fresh citrus with earthy notes of the earth; is sweat or tobacco? Giving in to temptation..." bBreakingthe rules has never been so much fun.
  • Ombre Verte Eau de Parfum: Ombre Verte is inspired by the kaleidoscopic quality of oil paintings, which see countless shades of the same colour come together to form a masterpiece. Ombre Verte Eau de Parfum begins with an invigorating breath of wild plants, gradually moving to a melange of refreshing Italian cypress and slightly smoky Haitian vetiver, while tuberose elevates the tone with irresistible elegance. The final notes of cedar and ambroxan give the abstract fragrance a velvety texture, encompassing all kinds of woody scents.


Tobba Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Serendipity Eau de Parfum“A sweet, elegant, spicy rose. Nutmeg, cinnamon, sandalwood and delicate saffron give warmth and character to a clean, slightly salty rose. All this is set in a vanilla and musky base. Excellent on both paper and leather” Teresa
  • Discovery Set“I picked it up as soon as I could to try the whole range at a bargain price. I must say that I don't regret it, they are all perfumes of obvious quality, and trying them on the skin makes a difference” Wil
  • Force Eau de Parfum: “A fragrance that has surprising depth and quality. It begins as a balsamic scent, dominated by cypress and fir resin. In the second half patchouli and leather take over, turning it into a more animalic fragrance. Fantastic, I have no words” Guido
  • Ombre Verte Eau de Parfum: “Smelling this perfume immediately made the brand's story clear to me: a difficult fragrance, a masterpiece, in which natural and synthetic notes intertwine in perfect balance. A fragrance that conveys the elegance of the great classics of perfumery, without, however, getting caught up in it” Ugo
  • Tendresse d'Automne Eau de Parfum: “When I wear this perfume I feel like an elegant, feminine woman…a delicate bouquet of rose, iris and violet with an extra note that makes people turn as I walk by. I am in love with it” Elisa


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