Thameen is a London-based Maison that tells the story of British culture and heritage. All Thameen perfumes are created with love and craftsmanship by world-renowned perfumers. These niche perfumes put environmental friendliness first, through luxurious ingredients and sustainable materials, without compromising their high quality.

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Thameen Perfumes: The Essence of British Heritage in a Bottle

Thameen London: Creating for today, thinking of tomorrow

Thameen was founded in 2013 in the heart of London, to encapsulate the British heritage in luxury niche perfumes of the highest quality. Each fragrance is created with care and attention to detail, starting from the conception: the jus are developed in collaboration with the greatest perfumers of the niche, to guarantee pyramids that are not only well constructed and balanced, but also inspire in those who smell them a world of new emotions and sensations.

Thameen strives every day to develop its production towards impact 0, selecting sustainable ingredients and materials to ensure a harmonious relationship between nature and fragrance. Thameen London is not just a perfume maison, but a concretisation of the British spirit based on a deep understanding of the changing landscape of perfumery and modern and future tastes. 


Thameen Britologne Collection

Born in 2023, the Britologne Collection is an innovative line of fragrances inspired by the rich heritage of the British colognes, to reimagine and enhance their classic structure. Such pyramids are infused with intricate and enhanced chords and harmonies of notes to achieve intensified projection and longevity, but also a well-balanced formula. Among the highlights of this collection are: 

  • Thameen Fanfare Eau de Cologne: A fragrance inspired by the Covent Garden Flower Market, immortalised by George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion. It opens with a seductive aquatic, floral and citrus accord, which slowly becomes darker as the structure evolves and shows all its audacity thanks to the vermouth accord. Finally, noble woods lend a dark depth to the structure of the fragrance.
  • Thameen Bohemian Infusion Eau de Cologne: Inspired by the stories of Covent Garden square in the 19th and early 20th centuries - when it was a playground for the sinful and decadent pleasures of dandies and literati - Master Perfumers Maurice Roucel and Alexandra Carlin reinterpret the iconic cologne structure with freestyle and unexpected ingredients. Citrus accents blend with juicy Blackcurrant, spicy nuances and a bold bouquet of aromatic notes. Earthy Patchouli and mineral Ambrostar are enveloped by Labdanum and sensual Ambre 84 from Laire.
  • Thameen Bravi Eau de Cologne: Perfumer Bruno Jovanovic recreates the scent of the flower Queen of the Night, travelling the road of sensuality, but dramatically and sensationally. The intoxicating tuberose is spiced with an overdose of ginger and pressed with an unprecedented nut milk accord. The notes are blended to accentuate the tension in a race to paroxysm. A perfect fragrance for an elegantly decadent evening.


Thameen Treasure Collection

The Treasure Collection is a line of fragrances inspired by the world's most famous gems and jewels and their stories. Among the most prominent fragrances in this collection are:

  • Thameen The Hope Extrait de Parfum: inspired by one of the world's largest and most famous blue diamonds, worn by sultans, queens and stars of all generations, this spicy, woody fragrance reproduces the very idea of glamour with an exquisite juxtaposition of woody and resinous notes to create a harmonious olfactory interpretation.
  • Thameen The Cora Extrait de Parfum: this fragrance is inspired by the Cora Sun-Drop Diamond, the world's largest pear-shaped diamond. The marvellous fragrance of The Cora Extrait de Parfum pays tribute to it by opening with an explosion of floral notes, which dry down into a musky amber with softer and brighter tones.
  • Thameen Noorolain Taif Extrait de Parfum: the inspiration for this floral fragrance is Noorolain's Tiara, a 60-carat pink diamond. The Taif rose is extremely rare and precious, which is precisely why it was chosen as the heart of Noorolain's composition: to symbolise the indescribably luxurious beauty of its namesake tiara.


Thameen Sovereign Collection:

The Sovereign Collection by Thameen is a regal collection of fragrances inspired by the magnificence of the crown jewels. This collection features captivating scents that exude elegance and refinement. Highlights of this collection include:

  • Thameen Sceptre Extrait de Parfum: is a unisex oriental perfume. Used in ceremonies to symbolise royal authority, the sovereign's sceptre is a unique creation of precious jewels and gold. Sceptre Extrait de Parfum is an ambery fragrance featuring myrrh as a key ingredient to symbolise the splendour and historical significance of the sceptre.
  • Thameen Royal Sapphire Extrait de Parfum: is a unisex citrusy fragrance. This fragrance is inspired by the oldest jewel in the entire Royal Collection, the sapphire of St. Edward. In Royal Sapphire Extrait de Parfum, citrus fruits and orange blossoms are used to capture the sparkling brilliance of this important jewel.
  • Thameen Insignia Extrait de Parfum: this Extrait de Parfum is inspired by the Garter Star, which Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II continued to wear until her recent death. Reflecting the attributes of the Garter Star, Insignia Extrait de Parfum represents a certain aura of British aristocracy. Ingredients that embody timeless elegance and grandeur, such as Vetiver combined with an exclusive recycled sandalwood, are intertwined with an original leather accord, Cuir Velours de Laire.


Thameen Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Thameen Regent Leather Extrait de Parfum: Created in collaboration with the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club, this woody fragrance is the best of its kind, starting with its ingredients: chosen from among the most exclusive. Regent Leather Extrait de Parfum is a leathery fragrance that captures the illustrious glory of its namesake diamond with an explosion of citrus tones. The spicy floral heart lends a sensual dimension before fading into the soft facets of vanilla and leather, confirming its legendary status.
  • Thameen Amber Room Extrait de Parfum: famous as the eighth wonder of the world, the original Amber Room in the heart of Catherine's Palace near St Petersburg is the inspiration for this warm and luminous fragrance. The Extrait de Parfum Amber Room was designed with a generous amount of citrus ingredients layered with golden amber and facets of resin to illustrate the amber panels covered in gold leaf and mirrors of its namesake.
  • Thameen Blue Heart Extrait de Parfum: Inspired by the world's largest blue heart-shaped diamond, Blue Heart Extrait de Parfum evokes an aura of mystery with the richness of notes of Orris, Tonka Bean and Vanilla, carefully selected to evoke the radiance of the diamond's seductive allure.
  • Thameen Patiala Extrait de Parfum: in 1928, a splendid necklace of 2,930 diamonds set in platinum was created for the Maharaja of Patiala, including one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world. Capturing the magnificent craftsmanship of the necklace's brilliance, the floral scent of Patiala Extrait de Parfum opens with luminous orange blossom and seduces with a velvety base of rose and musk facets.
  • Thameen Peregrina Extrait de Parfum: the Peregrina is one of the world's oldest and most precious pearls. The owners of this centuries-old pearl include Mary I, Queen of England, and the actress Elizabeth Taylor. Sensual and seductive, Peregrina Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance that expresses itself through a beautiful white floral explosion, before settling on the lingering tones of musk and amber.


Thameen Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Thameen Peacock Throne Extrait de Parfum: “A woody fragrance in which vetiver and patchouli intertwine with a sweet, slightly powdery rose, jasmine and a hint of pepper. For me, the woods are the throne, majestic and solid, while the spices and flowers represent the splashes of colour given by the gems embedded in them. It's a high-quality fragrance, linear and coherent, opulent.” Davide
  • Thameen Imperial Crown Extrait de Parfum: “I find it a very interesting incense, enriched with spices and leather but also sweet notes. It certainly draws attention, in a positive sense” Eleonora
  • Thameen Cullinan Diamond Extrait de Parfum “First of all, I would like to point out that the duration is impressive, we are talking about more than 10/12 hours! In general, I find it a sophisticated, elegant fragrance, which despite being unisex immediately brings to mind the figure of the gentleman in a suit and tie. The buttery musk makes it incredibly posh” Max
  • Thameen Green Pearl Extrait de Parfum: “I love it! The bouquet is rich and complex, but at the same time perfect. Thé, green apple and citrus fruits merge into a very fresh and luminous essence that tends to be masculine. Artemisia and pepper give it that special edge that makes it unique, while the base of tonka musk and oakmoss fix the fragrance and soften its peaks. 10/10” Erik
  • Thameen Carved Oud Extrait de Parfum: “Honestly? Buy it. They recommended it to me as an alternative to a much more famous perfume, but there is no comparison: this is one of the best perfumes I have ever bought. I have no words.” Alessandro

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