Founded by Bram, the company is inspired by the use of ancient oils and juices in Egypt and a mindblowing myth about how Cleopatra conquered Ceasar by her perfume. Bram's adventurous character combined his talented gut feeling with powerful ingredients and ancient techniques to translate his vision into Fugazzi perfume, delivering a new and exciting line of fragrances.
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Fugazzi: modern perfumes from ancient Egypt

It all started with Bram, a real explorer who was inspired by the ancient art of Egyptian scented oils. But it didn't end there, because Bram also uncovered a shocking myth about how Cleopatra conquered Caesar with only the power of perfume.


Fugazzi Profumi features

But Bram didn't stop there: he combined his instinctive talent with powerful ingredients and old-fashioned techniques to create a truly exciting line of fragrances and essences. Industry experts immediately realised the value of his work and helped Bram to make his creation even more brilliant.  Inspired by the famous dialogue of Dallas Buyers Club “You know what fugazi is? “It’s fairy dust”. (It’s fairy dust”.) It’s nothing, does not exist, è pure imagination. Knowing the meaning of the word Fugazi and the fairy dust derived from it, Bram customised the mark with a Russian letter and changed the spelling without altering the original meaning. And that is how the Fugazzi mark was born.


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  • Angel Dust Eau de Parfum: The notes of this Eau de Parfum are created to remain imprinted with an indescribable power, without evolving over time. The star of the fragrance is the note of cashmeran, which envelops with a sense of intimacy and creates a state of serenity. Around the main note, a spiritual and delicate interplay is formed with Calabrian bergamot, pepper, cashmere and white amber.
  • Goudh Extrait de Parfum: A fragrance extract that will transport you to a world full of magnificence and luxury. This fragrance boasts one of nature's most precious gifts, oudh, known as 'liquid gold' distilled from a rare resinous heartwood of the Agar tree. Hedonism is at the heart of this luxurious, intense and long-lasting fragrance, which combines rich ingredients such as oudh with sweet, sharp notes of mandarin and grapefruit for a powerful, mysterious and multifaceted result.
  • In Love With The Cocos Extrait de Parfum: Imagine a hot summer day, sand clinging to the skin and the smell of sunscreen. All this is encapsulated in this exclusive extrait de parfum. With just one spray, this fascinating, velvety fragrance will give you an unprecedented sensory experience. Top notes of bergamot and lemon peel, together with a heart of orange blossom, geranium, rose and coconut water, blend with base notes of amber, musk and ambrette to create a fragrance reminiscent of an unforgettable summer holiday.
  • Orange Crush Eau de Parfum: An ingenious, direct and pure work of construction, giving a sensation of intoxicating freshness and full of energy. Orange Crush Eau de Parfum by Fugazzi è composed exclusively of three main ingredients: Iso and Super, White Amber and Orange. The woody, soft and velvety note acquires an airy expression very similar to the smell of skin, thanks to the white amber.
  • Parfum 1 Extrait de Parfum: Parfum 1 represents freedom and nonconformity without spatial or temporal limits, taking you from the mountainous regions of north-eastern India to the warm sunshine of Mediterranean Spain. The olfactory experience is enhanced by the fruity, hesperidian top notes of mandarin, blackcurrant and peppermint, which provide an otherworldly, alluring freshness.



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  • Saint Remy Extrait de Parfum: The pungent opening of juniper berries well highlighted combined with notes such as pepper and ginger make it more sparkling and pungent. The iris in both the heart and the head of the perfume lend roundness, softening the other notes.
  • Sugardaddy Extrait de Parfum: “I have thesensation of adult candyfloss, that cloying sweetness soon turns into a spicy cocktail. A fragrance with a limited evolution, it remains what is perceived in the opening for a long time but this is not a bad thing; on the contrary, this well-defined character makes it recognisable” Jasmine
  • Workaholic Extrait de Parfum: “A spectacular fragrance inspired by the hustle and bustle of New York City. It opens with a beautiful accord of coffee and Bulgarian rose, with a clear supremacy of coffee. This is followed in development by other floral notes on a bed of vanilla and amber

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