Ligne St Barth

St. Barth
Ligne St Barth was born from a small Caribbean paradise in the French Antilles: it was in St Barth that Mr and Mrs Brin founded this brand, inspired by the unspoilt nature of the island, some thirty years ago. Discover the brand's iconic products, such as the vanilla fragrance Vanille West Indies or the unmistakable Roucou Oil, the Aloe & Mint Gel and much more!
St. Barth
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St. Barth was founded more than thirty years ago by Hervé Brin. The deep attachment to the Caribbean island of St. Barth are well translated day by day into products of excellence. They are able to mix the secular tradition and scientific progress with perfection. All solar lines, cosmetics and perfumes are the result of a very careful selection of local products. The Caribbean island ensures with its raw materials sublime perceptions, dedicated to wellness and beauty, emanating from ingredients of natural origin and from the sweet floral notes of the island. That's why St. Barth products are a moment of pleasure. The observation of nature allowes the brand to conceive a line of treatments for face and body in perfect harmony with skin and senses. Ingredients like the delicate frangipani flower or mango butter are chosen for their beneficial and refreshing properties. The lines of perfumes are instead the result of the poetic inspiration of the inhabitants. When you read the evocative names of these products, you know that they invite you to discover the relaxing atmosphere of the Caribbean. Les Alizés for example recalls the autumn breezes. They mitigate the coasts of the island. Citrus is softened by rosewood and enriched with spicy shades, in order to make a feel of wind in the hair and the damp sand between the feet. The attention to nature and the environment is therefore an essential component of the production philosophy. St. Barth laboratories always find more innovative formulas, focusing their attention on new and natural ingredients. The packaging is made only of recyclable materials. This is the key to a unique and recognizable eco-friendly design all over the world!