Munio brings the power of nature back into every home. Its selection of natural soy wax candles and skincare products is handcrafted in the beautiful landscapes of Latvia. Relaxing and surprising fragrances guides you through a flowery meadow or a sunlit forest and invites you to ease off in a charming candlelight.
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Munio is a Latvian brand that was founded in 2008 by Elina Cima and consists of two product lines: Munio Candela and Munio Skincare. The founder's mission is to create products inspired by the nature of the North using only ingredients of botanical origin. After rapid growth in global markets, both of Elina's sisters, Laura and Liene, joined the brand, which is now a growing family business.


Characteristics of Munio

All Munio candles and body care products are handmade using only natural fragrances and essential oils. Munio Candela means 'the candle that strengthens the spirit' in Latin. The candles contain soy wax, a vegetable wax extracted from soya beans, and rapeseed wax, as well as 100% natural fragrances. The wick is made of lead-free cotton. The materials are made by Latvian master craftsmen, who work the candles with a high quality design.

Munio Skincare products contain botanical fragrances inspired by Nordic nature, free of ingredients of synthetic or animal origin. The raw materials contained within the products are all COSMOS certified. The products are contained inside glass bottles with a minimalist design, also ideal for use as furnishing accessories. Munio Skincare offers naturally scented and organic skin care products: soaps, lotions and body oils.


Munio bestselling products on 50 ml

Moss Candle: a candle with a fresh, wild aroma. Green moss is present all year round in Latvia. 

Wild Flowers Candle: a candle with a flowery aroma. The scent of a flowery meadow enclosed in a fragrance with wild and fresh notes.

Heather Diffuser: aromatic room diffuser. The diffuser, an elegant design piece, releases the fragrance into the air in an adjustable manner. The intensity of the fragrance is determined by how many sticks are dipped into the liquid inside the diffuser. The sticks, once inserted, absorb the fragrance, which rises to the top, diffusing gently but persistently.

Cinnamon Candle: candle with a spicy aroma. It recreates a warm and cosy ambience with just the strike of a match. Delicious hand-poured natural soy wax decorated with cinnamon sticks.

Heather Candle: candle with aromatic aroma. For a summer full of wild heather-scented memories.


Munio Opinions: See all of our Customers' Reviews

Juniper and Limonium Candle: 'Heavenly fragrance. The candle is beautiful to look at and good to smell." Natalia.

Marigold Flowers Candle: "It's like having fresh flowers in the house all the time!". Filomena.

Ashberry and Bilberry Leaves Candle: "Perfect for creating the right atmosphere in autumn". Barbara.

Moss Candle: "The moss is very noticeable and this characteristic makes the candle great for perfuming the home." Viviana.

Cinnamon Candle: "Amazing scent for winter". Patty.


And you, have you chosen your Munio routine? If you have doubts about how to perfume your home or want more detailed advice on Munio skincare products, we are here for you: contact our Customer Service. Haven't found your favourite home and skincare brand yet? Explore our catalogue to discover the best skincare products and fragrances for your home. We remind you that at 50 ml you can buy online samples of all fragrances. Free samples on request.