Rigaud is the perfume brand founded in 1852 by Jean Baptiste Rigaud. Thanks to the creativity of the Rigaud family, many innovative fragrances were developed, including the world's first 'home fragrances' and scented candles - such as the famous fragrance Cyprès (1860). Today, the brand is known for its unique fragrances, and Rigaud scented candles have become global symbols of elegance.

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The Rigaud Collection 

The story of Rigaud began in1852, when Jean-Baptiste Rigaud moved from Auvergne to Paris, attracted by the world of perfumes. His passion guided him to discover unique fragrances that would make the Rigaud brand famous over time. Initially, the brand did not produce candles. After World War II, the Rigaud Perfumery passed into the hands of Mario Rigaud and his wife Viviane who, in the late 1950s, had the idea of combining high-quality fragrances with a soft wax. Thus was born their first masterpiece: the Cyprès candle. Mario developed a subtle and refined fragrance inspired by the pines of the Mediterranean, along with an innovative wax formula - of which he deposited the patent - that managed to enhance the natural extracts that make up the Rigaud fragrances to perfection.


Rigaud Scented Candles 

Faithful to the vision of Mario and Viviane Rigaud, all of Rigaud's brand candles continue to be craftedversed and handmade in France. Even the tapes are positioned by hand, following the tradition of the renowned French luxury houses. Rigaud candles have a truly special touch: they are enclosed in transparent glass containers that let the magnificent colors of wax shine through in all their beauty. When you light one of these candles, its unique and soft wax gently melts, quickly spreading its wonderful fragrance to the surrounding ambience. 


Rigaud Best Seller Scented Candles on 50 ml


  • Bois Precieux Candle: this scented candle awakens Asian memories with a mix of fine woods such as Patchouli and Teak. 
  • Cypres Candle: with aromatic Lavender, Pine and Cedar Wood, Cypres is a timeless, refined and elegant candle that reveals the richness of Mediterranean forests.
  • Gardenia Candle: a voluptuous blend of white flowers and the fresh green of Provençal Roses, for a luxurious and sensual scented candle.
  • Jardin de Printemps Candle: spring sunrise captured in a luminous blend. Notes of Bergamot and Ylang-Ylang, with the freshness of Jasmine and warmth of Orange Blossom. 
  • La Vie en Rouge Candle: Rigaud's scented tribute to Edith Piaf, with soft, seductive, and tenacious notes of Blackcurrant, Geranium, Rose, and a contrasting woody base!


Rigaud Scented Candles Opinions: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!


  • Reine de la Nuit Candle: “I usually light it for special occasions, and every time its exotic scent leaves me speechless! You really feel like you are on some distant island, as the sun sets on the horizon!” - Linda
  • Rose Couture Candle: “This candle is so beautiful! I put this little treasure on the living room cabinet, and when I light it the house takes on a whole other scent!” - Micheal
  • Tournesol Candle: “When I found out that this candle is inspired by Van Gogh's sunflowers I couldn't help but try it. I have only one thing to say: if you want your house to smell like summer, this is definitely your candle!” - Gabriel
  • Vesuve Candle: “I'm from Naples so I was super pleased to see that Rigaud made a candle inspired by our Vesuvius …what can I say: it's warm, spicy and woody, I love it! ” - Francesca



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