Atelier Oblique

Atelier Oblique
Atelier Oblique was founded by Mario Lombardo, taking inspiration from poetry and Bauhaus art to create luxury perfumes and fine candles. The name Oblique refers to the French typographical expression for italics, a tribute to the roots of Lombardo's design studies. Craftsmanship, high quality ingredients and exceptional design are at the heart of Atelier Oblique.
Atelier Oblique
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Atelier Oblique Perfumes

Atelier Oblique is a Berlin-based luxury fragrance house founded by Mario Lombardo in 2016. The guiding theme of the brand is an invisible language of fragrances and the high-level craftsmanship that accompanies it. Each Atelier Oblique perfume is composed of only the most precious and selected ingredients, crafted in France and hand-mixed in exclusive formulas in Germany. With a classic heart that has been modernised to reconnect with the innovations of the present, the fragrances of Atelier Oblique are not only a window into both our own and the ancient perfumery's history, but also a deep breath of the present and a dance with the unknown future.

The artist and his philosophy

Mario Lombardo, one of the most renowned German designers of our time, has influenced the national and international design scene for many years. His work is considered innovative and testifies to social and impressive relevance, evidenced by numerous national and international awards. His work has always playfully transcended stylistic boundaries and dared to perform in a game of balances between various disciplines, creating new contexts in language, space, aesthetics and materials.

Poetry meets Bauhaus. Luxurious Eau de Parfums and handmade scented candles represent the heart of the Maison, its core collection. The invisible language of fragrances, the timeless design and the exclusive craftsmanship that accompanies them are the brand's common thread. In search of new ways of expression, Mario Lombardo created Atelier Oblique to preserve his life path and memories in the form of olfactory notes. The name Oblique derives from the French typographical expression for italics and links the brand to Lombardo's roots in design. The brand's founder chose to launch a collection of scented candles, one for each letter of the alphabet, to link each letter to an olfactory heart in an explosion of synaesthetic pleasure. From this coveted initial project, the brand has evolved from a hand-crafted perfume house to an exclusive boutique known internationally among perfume experts, with an unmistakable look that combines modern German design with the poetic and high-class art of French perfumes.

Craftsmanship, high-quality ingredients and exceptional design. The niche perfume house Atelier Oblique not only composes its fragrances in France but also produces all its collections in Germany. Following a purely 'perfumistic' approach, all scented candles are composed of a top note, a middle note and a base note. Precious materials, carefully hand-poured wax, hand-painted glasses and fragrances with a unique aura of charm turn these candles into classics born in our time. The line of unisex Eau de Parfums continues this path of luxury with unique compositions, small batch production and sophisticated packaging.


Atelier Oblique Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Atelier Oblique Lightfalls Eau de Parfum: “the Eau de Parfum dedicated to the phenomenon we call "refraction", which bathes us in a cascade of light and colour. The composition of Lightfalls is reminiscent of a full colour palette, resplendent with notes from woody and warm to fruity and fresh. The opening of spicy and citrus accords recalls the sensation of sunlight sparkling on the skin. Saffron and vetiver are a ray of light passing through the clouds. Sandalwood, resinous oil of cistus and woody amber come together in the base note to form a balsamic woody, dry and sweet scent, a ray of light passing through a leafy forest.”
  • Atelier Oblique Marble Sea Eau de Parfum: “as elegant as a sea breeze. A fragrance inspired by the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich, which almost allows us to perceive the sound of the waves. Delicate, dancing notes of bergamot, jasmine, iris and green tea are embraced by a fresh salty breeze of mint and an ozonic composition of aldehyde. Heart notes of jasmine, rose and iris underline the sweetness but also the strength, persistence and depth of the fragrance. Musk and a breeze of South American vanilla give the composition rhythm, intensity and calm. A classy fragrance, firm and full.
  • Atelier Oblique April Skies Eau de Parfum:è April and in the air there is a scent of damp earth, fresh greenery and blooming flowers. Just like this somewhat moody month, April Skies Eau de Parfum encompasses an eclectic spectrum of fresh and tart notes. The fragrance opens with notes of delicately fresh lemon, fruit seeds and a green accord, the first sign of the warmer months. The fragrance April Skies Eau de Parfum is a hesitant awakening, witnessing the indecision of nature. In fact, the Base Notes of sandalwood and leather-amber envelop us once again in a surprising winter cloak.”
  • Atelier Oblique Saint Eau de Parfum: “Inspired by glamorous, festive nights, Saint Eau de Parfum is the bridge that connects the exclusive Parisian parties of the 1920s to the excesses of the unique club nights of Berlin today. The perfume simultaneously exudes desire, lust and elegance. A fresh top note of bergamot full of curiosity, Heart notes of cedar, amber and leather seduce, making the scent immediate, claiming, close and deep, and then losing itself in the swirl of vanilla, tobacco and musk of the Base notes. A special perfume: sophisticated, yet edgy and modern.
  • Atelier Oblique Closer Eau de Parfum: “The oud is known to be one of nature's most precious gifts: this aromatic resin with subtle notes is used for the most precious and mysterious perfume compositions. Closer Eau de Parfum celebrates the oud in an unexpectedly fresh way. This fragrance is sexy, deep, woody and at the same time fresh, free and floating. The woody, animalistic, balsamic and honeyed impression is balanced by a fresh top note of currant, grapefruit, lemon and fig. Rose, violet, vetiver and leather notes dance with oud in the Heart Notes. A unique, precious, extravagant, and exciting composition.


Atelier Oblique Perfumes Reviews: Discover our customer reviews!

  • Atelier Oblique Breton Brut Eau de Parfum: “An unexpectedly complex fragrance, a symphony of olfactory notes that I believe one must try at least once in a lifetime, on one's own skin. I was expecting a woody/herbaceous mix, but I found much more. It’s an evanescent perfume, which gives you the feeling of having understood it completely only to surprise you with something new a moment later. It invites you to get closer, to investigate… and before you know it, it has already captured you. Wonderful.” Damian
  • Atelier Oblique Bohemian Woods Eau de Parfum: “Wood, leather and smoke dominate a composition that is in itself complex, with floral and spicy notes acting as a background chorus. It has a calming, enveloping effect, giving the sensation of standing in front of a lit fireplace, of perceiving the scent of firewood that releases its hidden resins once kissed by the flames. Despite being unisex, I think it is the best men's fragrance I have ever used before” Eric
  • Atelier Oblique White Light Eau de Parfum: “I bought this perfume because I had already tried Atelier Oblique's Voodoo Flowers Eau de Parfum, and I found it to be of astonishing originality and quality. White Light is no less, like an explosion of light in a bottle: clear, fresh, airy. Is like opening a window on a sunny day, while cleaning, and perceiving the scent of flowers and citrus fruits mingling with that of cleanliness. It smells like a cologne but has a much more intense concentration. Fantastic” Yelena
  • Atelier Oblique Moon Sigh Eau de Parfum: “This is my fifth Atelier Oblique perfume, and I must say that it is also my favourite. Like all the brand's other perfumes, it is a complex fragrance, impossible to identify at first glance. An aromatic, earthy mix, but not only. It has a warm, enveloping coffee note that stays on the skin for hours, like a caress. I don't even know how to describe it… but I definitely recommend trying it”. Simone
  • Atelier Oblique Eau de Parfum Discovery Kit: “I was searching online for reviews on the best niche women's fragrances and came across this brand, which I had never known before. They recommended it for its sexy and distinctive scents, so I gave it a try even though it didn't inspire me much. I must say that I was wrong. In the packaging, there were five of their most popular fragrances and they all looked very good to me. I also had my husband and my friends try it and they like it too! I have already bought one (White Light) in a large size and plan to get more perfumes and kits for gift-giving” Maria


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