Innoxa offers cosmetics with unique efficacy: Innoxa researchers believe in incessant and avant-garde development and, for this precise reason, they spend a lot of time studying new formulations. Each cream, serum and make-up remover proves to be an improvement in your daily life: with a few simple steps, the daily benefit given by a quality routine is guaranteed.
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Research, scientific development, tireless research in the laboratory, customer care, attentive service, and a love for beauty are the brand's strengths. Discover its innovative and exclusive formulas, the elegance in detail, and all those values that have always distinguished Innoxa over time.


Innoxa features

Achieving numerous successes in the niche market, Innoxa has gained merit, reliability and responsibility over time. Salways on the cutting edge, Innoxa values the role of scientific cosmetic progress in defining the best strategy and creating unique products with exclusive formulations. When we talk about beauty, we talk about Innoxa: the quality of the products comforts the soul through the senses, becoming an object of intense satisfaction.


Bestselling Products Innoxa on 50 ml

  • Free and Easy Roll On Deodorant: a deodorant formulated to regulate glandular secretion of sweat and the pH variation of the skin. Odourless and colourless, it is applied pleasantly to the skin and its long-lasting action provides freshness and comfort all day long.
  • Inoxudor Deodorant: this deodorant spray regulates the variation of the skin's pH, which is the cause of the activation of bacteria that cause bad odour. Sprayed onto the skin, it dries leaving an impalpable powder that absorbs sweat and odours.
  • Nucleic Acid Cream: the Nucleic Acids in this cream are able to smooth the epidermis, stimulate new cell growth, smooth wrinkles, strengthen and reactivate the dermis in depth. Ribonucleic Acid keeps the skin youthful and toned.
  • Organic Cream: a formula rich in poly-vitamin cod liver oil and Avocado oil, which makes this cream extremely effective, even on very tired skin. Just a few uses are enough to make the skin glow and make it more supple and smooth.
  • Special Soap Ph 5.5: a compressed foam with an acid pH and a softening action. Innoxa Special Soap pH 5.5 è also suitable for intimate hygiene and on sensitive, delicate skin such as children's skin. This soap degreases the skin and fights impurities without irritating or drying it out.


Innoxa Reviews: See all our Customer Reviews

  • Clean Face: “This cream cleanser è perfect for deep cleansing of the face, when you have dull and tired skin è pure magic! ” Alessandra
  • Couprosil Day Cream: “I have sensitive skin, and this è the only cream I can put on. It doesn't burn my face and reduces the redness. È really fantastic” Daniela
  • Super Vision Creme: “If you have dry skin like me, this cream will be your lifesaver: I wear it especially in the mountains to combat the effect of wind and sun, but in the end I don't give it up even in the city” Barbara
  • High-nourishing Cream for dry and sensitive skin: “Super-nourishing yet gentle cream. Innoxa has the answer for all needs, I found it very good” Laura

And you, have you chosen your Innoxa routine? If you have doubts about your skin or want more detailed advice, we're here for you: contact our Customer Service team. Haven't found your favourite skincare brand yet? Explore our catalogue to discover the best products for skincare and hair. Please note that at 50 ml you can buy online samples of all perfumes. Free samples on request.