Novexpert creates cosmetics with an innovative effect. Behind each formula lies the combination of progress and health: effectiveness and high tolerability for the skin merge at a very high level. The brand was born from the ambition of four scientists to create only the best and, above all, to make this "best" available to everyone. Thanks to Novexpert, scientific evolution is put at the service of your skin.
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Novexpert Products

Novexpert is a cosmetics brand that stands out for its philosophy based on sustainability and social responsibility. Their main objective is to offer independently certified products that are highly biodegradable,100% natural origin and that reduce pollution caused by cosmetic products.


The Brand Philosophy of the Novexpert Skincare 

A 2017 study by "The University of Western Bretagne showed that French women use an average of 16 beauty products per day, corresponding to approximately 300 kg of products absorbed by the skin over almost 50 years of life. This reality has driven Novexpert to make the safety of its products an absolute priority. They are developed by scientists who work on the basis of their own research rather than on marketing strategies, and who use highly concentrated ingredients. One of these is Novaxyline, a patented anti-ageing active ingredient from Novexpert that uses epigenetics to measure the link between environment and gene activity.

All Novexpert products are allergen-free and hypoallergenic, ensuring maximum safety for even the most sensitive skin, and are also suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. The brand is entirely conceived and manufactured in France, using the excellence of scientiststechniciansartisans and creators from this country. Novexpert is committed to guiding and informing consumers objectively about cosmetics, offering a detailed list of ingredients and their main actions.

For Novexpert, scientific research is fundamental and guides all choices. The company is committed to offering only safe and effective skin products that respect the company's values. Sharing goals and values is at the heart of the company's philosophy, which involves everyone in making decisions about budgets, research, profit sharing and even product pricing. Novexpert is a pioneering brand that stands for the quality and safety of its products, always respecting the values of sustainability and social responsibility.


Novexpert Best Seller Products on 50 ml:

  • Novexpert Masque SOS Ultra-Nourrissant: a nourishing face mask for dry skin. Whether you have been battling with super-dry skin for years or are looking for a treatment to relieve dry skin after an adrenalin-filled surf or ski session, Masque SOS Ultra-Nourrissant is THE perfect product for the situation!
  • Novexpert Brume Trio-Zinc: a spray for acne and skin blemishes on the face. 41% of people suffer from acne, but there is no thermal water for this need. With this spray, Novexpert solves the problem by attacking the enzymes and hormones responsible for excess sebum. This prevents acne redness and inflammation. It also acts as a fixative on make-up. Perfect to use as needed.
  • Novexpert Huile Demaquillant: a cleansing oil for all skin types. One equation: a skin care product that does more (make-up remover, cleanser, anti-pollution, moisturiser and smoother ...) so you can do less (in one step - face cloth included*).
  • Novexpert Creme Extra-Riche Reparatrice: a nourishing face cream for dry skin. Discover this intelligent blend of Novexpert active ingredients inspired by the protective fluid for babies and the 5 Omegas. The unique Extra Rich Repair Cream balm offers immediate comfort and long-lasting nourishment to your skin, without greasiness.
  • Novexpert Lip'Up: a volumising lip cream with a gloss effect. It gives an immediate soothing effect and prevents the formation of wrinkles in the lip contour. Ideal for nude or no make-up but also with lipstick. Apply to the red part of the lips, up to 5 times a day. Apply a thin layer before lipstick.


Novexpert Products Reviews: Discover the Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Novexpert Serum Booster a l'Acide Hyaluronique: “I was looking for a non-greasy hyaluronic acid cream to start preventing wrinkles without overloading my skin. At the boutique, they recommended this one, and after 3 months the results are clear: I can see my skin is more even, healthy and hydrated, and even the fine lines I was starting to notice on my forehead have disappeared!" Martina
  • Novexpert Flash Eclat Mousse Nettoyant 150 ml: “I am finding it very good, it leaves the skin smooth and clean, perfectly prepared for other products. I use it once a day, alternating it with the Novexpert makeup remover oil. I have to say that Novexpert products are among the best skincare products I have ever tried” Alessandra
  • Novexpert La Creme Anti Age Expert: “They recommended it to me as a real youthfulness booster, and they are right! I'm sorry I can't put up the before/after treatment because you can see the effects and how! I use it together with gua sha, and after 6 months I look like a different person” Elena
  • Novexpert Serum Booster Vitamin C: “It has a beautiful consistency and I like the effect it has on the skin. It feels a little bit brighter. I will continue to use it and see the results :)” Annalisa
  • Novexpert La Creme Repulp: “A friend of mine recommended it to me, saying that it helped her skin recover after pregnancy without interfering with breastfeeding. After only three weeks I can already see the improvements, it is unbelievable! is so effective that I have decided to buy other products of the same brand” Giada


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