If the bottle is a must-have accessory for the daily life of urban nomads, perfumes are a Lingvo Internacia (international language in Esperanto) in the art of seduction, reminding us that a sensorial experience can be more effective than a long speech. Jeroboam celebrates a base created around a cocktail of musks, contained in all the fragrances of the maison.
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Jeroboam Perfumes

The best perfumes come in the smallest bottles! Or so show us Jeroboam fragrances, which have been able to conquer the world of niche perfumes in a very short time. You have probably already heard of this brand because of Gozo Extrait de Parfum, one of the most talked about perfumes of the moment, as well as one of Jeroboam's best sellers. Find the perfect Jeroboam perfume for you!


Jeroboam: Perfumes with a Story

The Jeroboam perfume line was born from the side of another extremely well-known niche perfume brand: Jovoy. In 2015, François Hénin decided to found Jeroboam to meet the needs of a new audience looking for persistent fragrances, yet with something important to tell. François' first creation is Origino, a perfume extract composed of a cocktail of enigmatic and mysterious musks, conceived by the extraordinary perfumer Vanina Muracciole, who will then collaborate in the production of all subsequent Jeroboam perfumes. This concentrate of mysterious musks will give life to a new frontier of perfume, also giving a pinch of mystery to the olfactory pyramids of the brand. François likes to describe his collection of perfume extracts as suitable for “urban nomads”, that is, those who like to move around the urban jungle always with the right fragrance. Do you want to know a curiosity about Jeroboam perfumes? Almost all of them have a name in Esperanto, an artificial language created by the Polish optician Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof at the end of the 19th century.


Jeroboam Perfumes Features

One of the first aspects that catches the eye when you pick up a Jeroboam perfume is definitely the packaging: elegant and minimal, the Jeroboam bottle comes in black, orange or glossy white glass, topped with an elegant golden top of the highest quality. The golden writings in full roaring '20s style evoke the festive, elegant and luxurious imagery typical of the "Belle Époque". All Jeroboam perfumes are presented in a 30ml size, designed for true “urban nomads”, who love to take their perfume with them on any occasion. The enigmatic cocktail of musks created by Vanina Muracciole is the basis of all Jeroboam olfactory pyramids and is able to marry on the skin in a unique and irreproducible way: the result on the skin? A “signature fragrance” with an unforgettable trail.


Jeroboam Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Jeroboam Gozo Extrait de Parfum: Gozo extrait de parfum takes inspiration from the homonymous island of the Maltese archipelago. François created Gozo in collaboration with Abdulaziz Al Ajail, a highly respected influencer in Qatar, during two years of work together. Gozo is an opulent perfume, characterized by notes of tuberose, saffron and bergamot on the top, followed by a heart of geranium, violet leaves and cedar wood. On the bottom we find the unmistakable mix of Jeroboam musks and a balsamic note of patchouli. Like all Jeroboam perfumes, Gozo is a persistent fragrance that you absolutely must try on the skin, before proceeding with the purchase.

  • Jeroboam Insulo Extrait de Parfum: François Hénin described this gourmand as the weapon of excellence of the most hardened seducers. This sweet scent has vanilla as its absolute protagonist (the pod, to be understood), enhanced by a heart of jasmine and the iconic Jeroboam base of enigmatic musks.

  • Jeroboam Floro Extrait de Parfum: a burst of overflowing petals and delicious and luscious notes of apple is broken by the thickening of crunchy and juicy facets, which mask the generous, sensual and creamy notes of sandalwood. This perfume extract stands out for its extreme persistence. In the head pineapple, red and green apple, in the heart jasmine, sandalwood, flowers, at the base cedar wood, dry wood and white musk. Floro is a masterpiece to wear in the summer.

  • Jeroboam Vespero Extrait de Parfum: This Jeroboam perfume is characterized by decidedly masculine vibes and is perfect for urban dandy night owls. Its notes of bergamot, apple and pink grapefruit give a more intimate dimension, albeit sparkling, like the most effervescent hour of the night; in the heart, cedar wood, geranium, leather and jasmine open the way to the base of patchouli, amber woods and enigmatic musks.

  • Jeroboam Hauto Extrait de Parfum: a journey back to the roaring twenties, with its lights, sparks and an explosive will to live. Hauto means "skin" in Esperanto and it is no coincidence: this Jeroboam perfume takes inspiration from the habit of the French dancers of Can Can to perfume themselves wherever they wish to be the head we find notes of pineapple and bergamot, in the heart the tuberose, the rose and spices, on the bottom a mix of enigmatic musks.


Jeroboam Perfumes Opinions: Discover Our Costumers' Reviews!

  • Jeroboam Gozo Extrait de Parfum: “A name, a guarantee. Bought a pig in a poke. Powerful and sweet, nice wake, a little feminine". Maxim

  • Jeroboam Ligno Extrait de Parfum: “As a lover of patchouli, I was pleasantly surprised. A very classic ingredient presented in a modern way. Obviously one thing for lovers of the genre: if you don't like patchouli, stay away ”. Barbara

  • Jeroboam Unue Extrait de Parfum: “A special fragrance. Honestly I didn't feel it on paper, then I liked it on the skin: with the warmth of the skin the perfume took on the typical smell of fragrances with animal notes, which I adore “. Vanessa

  • Jeroboam Floro Extrait de Parfum: “Very good! Fresh, a perfect fragrance for summer evenings, thanks to its delicate apple note". Martha

  • Jeroboam Vespero Extrait de Parfum: “I used Aventus, I tried Vespero thanks to a friend and now I will never go back”. Riccardo


Did you find the right Jeroboam perfume for you? We advise you to try Jeroboam perfumes on skin, before buying them: how to do it? It's very easy! 50 ml offers you the possibility to buy Jeroboam samples, so that you can test them before choosing the one you prefer. If you haven't found something that satisfies you, you can browse our rich catalog of niche perfumes to discover a world of exceptional fragrances! Free samples on request!