For 40 years, Nouba has brought a breath of fresh air and creativity to the world of make-up thanks to unique, high quality and easy to use products. Celebrated by the best magazines in the make-up world for its innovative and revolutionary choices, Nouba has defined the best trends, satisfying every need, including the freedom to select refined and exclusive colors.
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Nouba Products

The Nouba brand celebrates the beauty and power of makeup that breaks barriers and challenges stereotypes, expressing the audacity of those who use it in their everyday lives. Nouba mixes unique coloursvibrant and high-contrast with long-lasting performance, offering its customers a wide range of expressive possibilities. Nouba products are designed for anyone with the passion to explore and the desire to create new looks according to their own rules and fantasies. The brand embraces the contradictions of femininity, such as audacity, elegance, rebellion, precision, freedom and mystery, aware that beauty is not only aesthetic but also an attitude. Nouba believes that make-up is a medium through which one can express one's personality, where the muse and the artist can coincide. The brand is distributed in more than 40 countries and has more than 2000 points of sale worldwide.

Nouba was founded in 1978 by talented Italian make-up artist Rosy Armanini, after a life-changing trip to Africa. Inspired by the beauty and joy of the colours used by the NUBA tribes of Sudan, Rosy decided to experiment with materials and pigments, giving life to her products characterised by intense colours and multi-functionality. The arrival of Andrea Brambilla in 2015 marked an important turning point for Nouba. Andrea's artistic talent, combined with his scientific knowledge, positioned the brand as one of the few able to produce formulae in-house with cutting-edge technology. Today, Nouba can offer exceptional products that reflect quality in every aspect, from design to the choice of ingredients and production methods, guaranteeing flawless performance.

Among the iconic products of the Nouba brand is the liquid lipstick Millebaci, which celebrates its anniversary in 2020. The light formula, rich in microencapsulated pigments, guarantees extraordinary durability and a no-transfer effect. A product that was born from the simple idea of having perfectly coloured lips using a product that does not leave traces of colour on glasses, clothes, cigarettes or someone else's lips. Nouba is also the first brand to launch the free powder bronzer Terra, which gives the face a bright and golden effect like a summer tan.

Nouba invites women all over the world to express their uniqueness and authenticity through make-up, a medium that allows them to create new looks and explore new horizons without limits. The brand celebrates diversity and individuality, offering high-quality products that allow you to express your creativity and audacity. Nouba is a global company that continues to innovate and produce innovative formulas with cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing the maximum performance and durability of its products.


Nouba Best Seller Products on 50 ml:

  • Nouba Millebaci Five Kisses Experience Box 1: a set of 5 shades of mini Millebaci. The saturated, vibrant and fashionable colours included in this set are imbued with passion: a formula enriched with pure pigments for instant colour release, with no-transfer and kissproof textures with a matt finish. For breathtaking kisses, the first lipstick that leaves only emotions and no traces.
  • Nouba Blush on Bubble: is a talc-free, baked blush that gives your face a natural complexion. Modulable, silky and soft texture. Available in both matt and pearly versions. Long-lasting, stain-free. Contains Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, known for their soothing and anti-ageing action.
  • Nouba Millebaci Liquid Lipstick: Nouba Millebaci Semi-Permanent Liquid Lipstick. Instant coverage and warm, pigment-rich shades. Extra fluid texture that releases unparalleled colour on the lips. An extra-thin film with a velvety matt finish, without smudging. Long-lasting. Contains Vitamin E ester with anti-oxidant and anti-ageing action and Borage oil with softening and soothing properties.
  • Nouba Noubamore Fluid Foundation: much more than a foundation, a beauty elixir for perfect, smooth skin. Just a few drops are enough for a sublime complexion; it blends instantly into the skin and is water-resistant. Instant coverage and unparalleled smoothness combine with extreme comfort. Formula enriched with Jojoba extract, known for its soothing and emollient properties.
  • Nouba Eyebrow Powder Kit: three compact eye shadows with a waxy touch, to define, plump and sculpt the eyebrows. Three tone-on-tone colours, are indispensable for creating chiaroscuro effects and precisely shaping the eyebrow arch. Perfect adherence and excellent hold. Formula made with micronised pigments to ensure an even trace and optimum coverage. Spherical powders ensure extreme blendability.


Nouba Products Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Nouba Lipstick: “I got the neutral red to make sure it would suit me (as it's a very versatile colour) and I have to say that I feel great in it. The consistency is just the right level of creaminess and strength, so it glides on divinely without losing pigmentation. It was a good buy. Laura
  • Nouba Divinouba CC Cream: “During the summer I can't stand foundation but I don't want to give up perfect skin either. Divinouba for me is the ideal solution: is covering and light at the same time, it gives me the sensation of having both the benefits of foundation and of a good moisturising cream in just one product” Serena
  • Nouba Velvet Touch Lipstick: “I am OBSESSED by the shade 04, with a line of pencil just a little bit darker in the overline, it gives that plump and seductive Hollywood diva effect. I love it! ” Simona
  • Nouba Hydrostress Cream Foundation: “Perfect for skin prone to redness, like mine. is chock-full of highly effective active ingredients, so it helps the skin and makes it look great at the same time. I wholeheartedly recommend trying it at least once” Alessia
  • Nouba Twist & Write Lip Contouring: “is perfect for those who want effortless professional make-up. I got the 56, and I use it together with the “velvet touch lipstick 04” by Nouba. First I outline the contour with the pencil and darken the corners a bit, then I fill in the lipstick: the result is really beautiful, natural and fast. By now is my makeup for every day” Eleonora


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