Grammatik Drammatik

Grammatik Drammatik

Innovative, brightly coloured perfumes with mischievous names and no gender labels: this is the heart of the innovative perfume maison Grammatik Drammatik. No more pretending. No more following others. Grammatik Drammatik is the brand that leads you to rediscover yourself by freeing yourself from the impositions of others or our own prejudices. Discover the most unconventional niche perfumes, try Grammatik Drammatik fragrances!

Grammatik Drammatik
Set Descending Direction

Grammatik Drammatik Perfumes

Explore the unique universe of Grammatik Drammatik perfumes, the innovative niche fragrance brand with vibrant colors, inspired by the "no drama" philosophy for those who refuse to be defined by labels or constraints. This perfume line consists of five fragrances that encourage you to express yourself freely, not taking things too seriously or seeking perfection. In a world full of perfect social media photos, flawless influencers, and a sea of rules, Grammatik Drammatik perfumes say enough. Enough pretending. Enough following others. It's time to be bold, dress as you please, and unleash your true self without compromise.

Grammatik Drammatik was developed in collaboration with renowned international perfumers such as Agerville and Christian Carbonell. The brand's "no drama" philosophy is reflected in the fragrance recipes, using perfect blends in their imperfection. Experience the essence of Grammatik Drammatik and discover the pleasure of being yourself, without unnecessary drama. Immerse yourself in the unique fragrances that will take you on an exciting and authentic sensory journey. Explore the power of words and scents with Grammatik Drammatik, the brand that celebrates your uncompromising individuality.


Best-Selling Grammatik Drammatik Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Grammatik Drammatik NFI Eau de Parfum: NFI is a unique experience that allows you to go with the flow, saving time and drama. It's an invitation to express yourself fearlessly, even if you have no idea what you're doing but have the courage to present yourself wonderfully. This fragrance combines notes of lavender, fall, cypress, and guaiac wood, evoking deep, dark, and cold forests but surprisingly placing them in a spicy and warm setting. The result is a drama-free oriental fragrance that doesn't play by the rules and offers a laid-back experience. If you're ready to break conventions and live a life full of adventures, NFI Eau de Parfum is the perfect choice.
  • Grammatik Drammatik Sexorcism Eau de ParfumSexorcism perfume is your ally in skipping all the breakup rules and avoiding the pain and drama that come with heartbreak. While most people go through traditional breakup stages, you opt for a different approach: sleeping with someone new to forget the ex. This perfume is your partner in crime, and the victims will be those who benefit from your seductive power. Created by Vanessa Prudent, it's an irresistibly gourmand and sensual fragrance with a strong allure. Notes of hazelnut, almond, and caramel blend with a floral heart of jasmine enriched with benzoin and tonka bean. The opulent trail is composed of creamy sandalwood wrapped in amber, chocolate, and musk, creating a comforting and voluptuous perfume.
  • Grammatik Drammatik Ambitchous Eau de ParfumAn ode to determination and limitless ambition. This perfume is dedicated to those who are here to achieve great things and are not hindered by anyone. You're not interested in pleasing or impressing others. Your path is unstoppable when you put effort into what you do. You have no time for mediocrity. Be stronger and more determined than anyone else in pursuing your goals. Your presence will be discussed on the streets, written about in magazines, and studied in schools. This fragrance combines exotic flowers and dark elements in a unique mix, creating a seductive and lethal perfume that won't go unnoticed. It's a tribute to those who embrace their ambitions to create a lasting legacy.
  • Grammatik Drammatik Haptic Eau de ParfumThe perfect perfume for those who know they are sexy and love to show themselves in a fun way. You enjoy being admired like a work of art in a gallery, an untouchable entity. Your strength and playful spirit give you the right to do things your way. Your "untouchable" attitude increases desire towards you. This fragrance frames your vulnerability, releasing explosive confidence in yourself. Chris Maurice has created a precious accord of red fruits, painting a realistic picture of juicy and inviting fruits like a still life, enriching them with bergamot, strawberry, and coconut. He then framed it all with precious woody notes, adding a thread of deep musks and seductive vanilla, completing this unique olfactory creation.
  • Grammatik Drammatik Impish Eau de ParfumA perfume dedicated to those who know they have only one life and intend to live it to the fullest. They're not afraid to push the limits and have fun. They know they're sexy and love to show themselves without problems. This fragrance takes their confidence to the stars, leading them to do bold things just for fun. Chris Maurice imagined a potion concocted by a mischievous "IMP," a mix of juicy pineapple, smoky ton ka, and mischievous and creamy sandalwood. The bright and playful opening of pineapple draws you into a world of delicious mischief, while the burning tonka signals their naughtiness from miles away. The creamy sandalwood in the base notes provides balance and softness to the composition, ensuring eternal longevity.


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