Mossa carefully selects the juiciest Nordic berries for a healthy, radiant skin. The berry therapy meets all beauty needs and is dermatologically tested to protect every complexion. Discover the Mossa collection, entirely made of natural ingredients for a moisturised, radiant and even skin.
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Mossa Cosmetics Products

Mossa Cosmetics is a natural cosmetics line, certified according to the international ECOCERT and COSMOS standards, produced by the organic product brand Mádara Cosmetics. Mossa offers products for cleansing and cleansing, toning and moisturising all skin types. Mossa products contain no artificial substances.


Mossa Cosmetics Skincare

Each Mossa product contains the natural extracts of wild and garden berries, cultivated and harvested in the Nordic regions – bramble berries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, rosehips, currants, sea buckthorn, rowan berries, cranberries, wild blueberries etc. Mossa means moss, a vegetation typical of cold northern areas, where the many red fruits in Mossa products grow. The moss, soft and green, protect the berries like a caring mother - proven efficacy, rich in high-quality, natural and antioxidant ingredients. The packaging is made from recyclable materials so you can show love not only to your skin but also to the Earth.


Best Seller Products Mossa Cosmetics on 50 ml

  • Mossa BB Soft Beige 5in1 Nude Tint Moisturiser: 100% natural, dermatologically tested BB cream suitable for all skin types. Mattifies covers lines and wrinkles for visibly younger-looking skin. 5-in-1 action: evens out the complexion without clogging pores; gives the skin a healthy appearance and covers imperfections thanks to natural pigments; hyaluronic acid boosts hydration and improves the texture of the face; natural oils and shea butter nourish and protects against dehydration; plum oil (antioxidant) regenerates and soothes.
  • Mossa Vitamin Moisture Conditioner: an excellent disciplining, moisturising and nourishing conditioner suitable for all hair types. It makes hair soft, shiny and silky thanks to its formula with coconut oil and strawberries and wheat protein extracts. It can be used as a mask, thus becoming an intensive treatment.
  • Mossa Juicy Jelly Hyaluron Face Moisturiser: a moisturising face gel for all skin types that hydrates and plumps the skin, giving it a fresh, plump appearance. Multimolecular hyaluronic acid and betaine ensure deep hydration, while raspberry and cranberry extracts provide an antioxidant boost. The light gel-like texture absorbs quickly, recharging all skin types with freshness and radiance.
  • Mossa Rich Repair Lip Balm: a regenerating lip balm rich in Omega 3-6-7-9 fatty acids from sea buckthorn oil. It nourishes and softens dry lips, strengthening the skin barrier to ensure maximum results.
  • Mossa V-Lift Wrinkle Resist Collagen Day Cream: This formula is an effective combination of 38 active ingredients that restores firmness and fullness to the skin and gives it a youthful radiance, thanks to its anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, lifting and firming effect. Use it to reduce wrinkles and expression lines, promote collagen production and counteract free radicals.


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