Mutis Nueva Granada

Mutis Nueva Granada

Mutis Nueva Granada is a perfume house that draws inspiration from the beautiful illustrations of New Granada by Celestino Mutis to create original niche fragrances, using high-quality ingredients and unique-looking designer bottles. A juxtaposition of glossy black and vibrant colours encapsulates fragrances that recall a distant paradise, atmospheres suspended between myth and reality...

Mutis Nueva Granada
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Mutis Nueva Granada Perfumes

Mutis Nueva Granada is a perfume brand named after the famous medicbotanist and mathematician José Celestino Mutis, known for his monumental 'Flora de la Real Expedicion Botanica del Reino de Nueva Granada'. The beautiful illustrations of this herbarium were a source of inspiration for the brand, which honours the scientist by choosing his surname as a defining part of the brand. Mutis, a pupil of Linnaeus, created the first botanical gardens in Nueva Granada and anticipated the ideology of conservation of natural species by centuries.


The Origin of Mutis Fragrances: La Nueva Granada

La Nueva Granada is a vast region that includes present-day Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Guyana, Ecuador and parts of Brazil, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Perù. For the European conquerors, the territory was a source of enormous riches, while for the Indians, this contact with the Europeans was the cause of epidemics, war and political and cultural annihilation. However, beautiful vestiges of this difficult historical encounter remain: colonial baroque towns with a languid atmosphere, where European architecture lights up with vivid colours and carved stone acquires new roundness and unprecedented shapes. Over everything reigns the splendour of nature, then pristine and threatening, the mother of biodiversity inconceivable by European standards. A richness now threatened that is the patrimony of the whole world and that the Indios for millennia have protected and respected.

The fragrances of Mutis Nueva Granada are permeated with these atmospheres suspended between myth and reality, olfactory transpositions of a world outside of time, in which spaces become immense, changes slower and reason succumbs to sentiment.


Between Literary Art and Perfumery Art

The descriptions of Nueva Granada by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the celebrated Colombian writer, prize-winning Nobel and leading exponent of Magical Realism, are an inspiration for Mutis Nueva Granada perfumes. Their intense jus, often erotic, are olfactory transpositions and homages to the nature and culture of this extraordinary territory, through olfactory notes that evoke its beauty, history and magic.


Mutis Nueva Granada Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Mutis Nueva Granada Amaranto Parfum: like the colour of coffee beans before roasting. Amaranto Parfum is inspired by the fertile and productive territory known as Eje Cafetero, the Triangle of Coffee and Orchids, whose landscape has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. A charged, energetic, floral and fruity perfume, evoking green highlands of red earth, rich in flowers and plantations in the centre of the Colombian territory between Medellin and Bogotà
  • Mutis Nueva Granada Agua De Indias Parfum: the olfactory transposition of the orange sunsets that are a trademark of Cartagena. Long since declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, Cartagena was celebrated by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his unforgettable novels. Agua De Indias Parfum is a balsamic, aromatic and intense fragrance, reminiscent of the scent of the wind blowing from the sea and bringing with it the salty mist of the waves mixed with the flowers of the trees surrounding the old city.
  • Mutis Nueva Granada Bahia Parfum: the port of Buena Ventura, a Colombian city on the Pacific Ocean, was once the main port of embarkation for goods coming from Europe and Asia and bound for Spanish ports. Bahia Parfum contains those same essences carried by vessels that sailed these rough waters: spices, ointments, fruits and precious plants, unknown to Europe and therefore much sought after and desired by all European courts.
  • Mutis Nueva Granada Selva Negra Parfum: the most mysterious and obscure fragrance in the collection. This fragrance takes us back to the headwaters of the Amazon, to the depths of the equatorial forest, to the myth of the Snake Man and his story of unrequited love. The fragrance is rich in precious woody accords, with notes of South American orchid, and its olfactory evolution recalls the slow course of the river along its dark bends. Selva Negra is distinguished by its overwhelming sensuality, reminiscent of certain dark and electric atmospheres in which a sinister and bewitching nature dominates the destiny of human lives.
  • Mutis Nueva Granada Delta Parfum: Delta stands for the delta of the Orinoco River, which was the point of entry of the Spanish conquerors into the boundless and dangerous territory they called Nueva Granada. The essences that makeup Delta speak of cool, mysterious waters, impenetrable forests, lands to be explored and new goods to be imported to Europe. Top: Petitgrain, Bergamot, Earth; Heart: Angelica, Oakmoss, Violet Leaf Absolute, Cedarwood; Base: Labdanum, Amber, Vetiver, Opoponax, Cashmere.


Mutis Nueva Granada Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Mutis Nueva Granada Kintu Parfum: “A spiritual union with the gods, fully introduced already in the top notes with a peppery copaiba balsam wrapped in galbanum. A passionate heart of Rose, Guaiacum and Patchouli continues its journey into the divine with the addition of a mix of balsams and closes with a solid base of precious Oud, Amber, Musk and Sandalwood. An ethereal symphony that invites one on a mystical journey.” Caterina
  • Mutis Nueva Granada Selva Negra Parfum: “An exotic, intense, dark perfume. In trying it I imagine I am in a forest, a persuasive voice calling me from the dark. Jasmine and Mandarin communicate innocence, immediately belied by the sensuality of the heart of cashmere, orchid and precious woods. The base of Amber and Musk suggests a perfect balance, perhaps trusting the voice is not a mistake… A sensual, particular fragrance that stands out” Daniele
  • Mutis Nueva Granada Delta Parfum: “Mutis perfumes immediately jumped out at me at the fair for their really beautiful and unusual packaging design…but then I stayed for the perfumes. They are all really unique and very good, you can tell they are of high quality! Among all of them, my favourite is Delta, the light and fresh initial notes delicately open a very special heart, which recalls a bit of a clearing. The base is solid yet suave, and closes an elegant and sophisticated perfume” Reina
  • to perfection.
  • Mutis Nueva Granada Bahia Parfum: “A rich and sensual perfume, in which a multitude of different yet well-balanced fragrances suggest the precious cargo of a ship that has just returned from the new world. Fruits, resins, spices and precious unknowns shine in the eyes of merchants ready to get their hands on these riches. I marvel at the complex perfection of the pyramid, which combines floral, spicy, ambery, musky, hesperidian notes…a balanced triumph at the thousandth” Tristan
  • Mutis Nueva Granada El Dorado Parfum: “I have always seen Fougere as masterpieces of perfumery, fragrances based on a complex pyramid, which, however, never tire. El Dorado in my opinion is a fantastic representative of this family, truly one of the best fougres I have ever tried. Warning: to understand it I recommend trying it on the skin, I find that it evolves phenomenally” Elias


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