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The founder and perfumer of Fort & Manle, Rasei Fort, has raised the art of perfume creation to new heights, bringing the essence of the world's most precious aromas into exciting compositions. Vibrant, opulent and often eccentric, his creations combine the finest and most precious raw materials available. Today synonymous with luxury the world over, it never ceases to amaze.

Fort & Manle
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Fort & Manle perfumes

Fort & Manlé is a luxury niche perfume maison committed to the creation of high-quality artisanal perfumes. Founder and perfumer Rasei Fort has elevated the art of perfume-making to new heights, bringing the essence of the world's most precious aromas into exciting compositions. Vibrant, opulent and often eccentric, his inspired creations combine the finest and most precious raw materials available. Now synonymous with luxury around the world, Fort & Manlé continues to raise the bar, offering an olfactory experience that is sure to transport its users to the most exotic places and times. 

Autodidact, studious and meticulous in his methods, Rasei blends artisanal oils and extracts to create a nuanced balance that is truly unique to Fort & Manlé. Combining modern and 'old world' sensibilities, from the rich pageantry of great empires to the allure of romantic seduction and the fresh paradise of exotic islands, the rich and inspired aromas created for Fort & Manlé are as evocative as our founder's imagination.


Fort & Manlé Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Fort & Manle Late Harvest Eau de Parfum: Age is measured in memories. The memory of days gone by is handed down from generation to generation. Matured and aromatised by a lifetime of use, grandfather's old leather tobacco pouch opens up a world of memories. The aroma of cherry pipe tobacco, with earthy notes and hints of sweet wetness in the fields, recalls happy days and the cool breeze of late harvest. Nostalgic. Unforgettable.
  • Fort & Manle Honiara Eau de Parfum: Afternoons basking in the island breeze of one of Oceania's rare natural gems, known for its diverse fauna and flora, celebrated for its clean, pristine air. The crystal clear waters captivate the senses with the rich sentiments of this South Pacific jewel. Take a journey through the legendary lands of the Solomon Islands. Discover a luxurious bouquet with notes of exotic fruits, coconut palms and the unforgettable colours of the capital of paradise - Honiara.
  • Fort & Manle Amber Absolutely Eau de Parfum: Sought after for its intoxicating beauty and mystique. Layered with the rich details of a timeless tapestry, from the fresh ripeness of plum and blackcurrant to the smooth air of rose, golden honey and rich amber peeps out over cedarwood and vetiver, preserving the deepest mysteries within a bold, refined surface. Intoxicating. Mysterious.
  • Fort & Manle Qahwa Extrait de Parfum: Warm. Inviting. A rich, complex aroma inspired by centuries of wisdom and sharing. Only the finest beans are wood-roasted in the heart of the desert to produce the perfect cup of Qahwa, the Arabian coffee. The aroma of natural coffee extract, skilfully blended with subtle notes of cardamom and selected spices, transforms the experience into a ritual worthy of good company.
  • Fort & Manle Ismi Extrait de Parfum: Ismi is "my name is" in Arabic. Present yourself to the world with a fragrance that identifies you without ever saying your name. Romantic, soft and unforgettable details are layered with delicate and persistent saffron. Light on the skin. Soft. Introduce yourself with Ismi Extrait de Parfum, a fragrance that says: "Hello, this is who I am".


Fort Perfumes & Manlé Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Fort & Manle Fatih Sultan Mehmed Eau de Parfum: “Delightfully complex, it is a rich blend of floral, woody and fruity notes that intertwine without any of them taking over. This is painstaking work, a journey that has taken a long time. The notes I smell the most are apple, vanilla and rose, although the others pop up from time to time. I would not wear it in the office, but rather when I want to be the centre of attention. Ian
  • Fort & Manle The Oud Caravan Extrait de Parfum: “The centre of the composition is the oud, an oud not cleaned up or made cheesy by attempts at westernisation, but a real full note. Surrounding it are animalic notes, incense and rose, but also a small multitude of other ingredients. A reasoned fragrance” Ettore
  • Fort & Manle Bojnokopff Eau de Parfum: “Lavender chocolate, with an undertone of smoky woods. is deliciously dark, rich, and persuasive. A pampering to indulge in when one is not 100%, but also a fragrance to savour and study at leisure. A more than worthy addition to my collection” Tom
  • Fort & Manle All the Queen's Men Eau de Parfum: “For me is the scent of ambrosia. is a combination of sweet, spicy, woody and alcoholic notes that gives you the idea of a rich sweet nectar, a cider of honey and fruits that is almost addictive. I can't stop snorting it” Riman
  • Fort & Manle Discovery Set 7 x 2 ml: “I got this and a couple more samples to explore the whole collection. I think these perfumes have something that sets them apart, that they have in common (although the pyramids are quite different). I will investigate further. In general, I recommend taking at least the discovery because I think there are a couple of absolutely outstanding fragrances (no spoilers)” Patrizio


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