The sea awaits you with unique and original formulas, different from the usual sparkling summer fragrances; seasonally adjusted pyramids to discover unknown and unusual seas. From the intense notes of the Arabian sea to the cold notes of the northern seas, Salum perfumes will take you on a discovery of a new marine world with unique luxury perfumes.

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Salum Perfumes

The sea as never before. Salum has decided to make the sea the protagonist of its new line of fragrances in an unprecedented form: far from the classic summery and sparkling representation of the sea, Salum perfumes interpret marine fragrances in an unexpected way, opening up new olfactory horizons for one of the most beloved pyramids in perfumery.

Salum's collection of marine fragrances was created with the use of new raw materials and unexpected notes, different from the usual marine scents. Each perfume expresses an original concept inspired by different seas, never previously thought of. These strong and unexpected landscapes have been explored through research, experimentation and study to create perfect fragrances in every detail.

The passion and care put into Salum is evident in every fragrance of the collection. The aim is to explore unexpected marine situations, travelling the world to discover unknown and unusual seas. For example, the collection includes fragrances inspired by the intense notes of the Arabian Sea, the cold notes of the northern seas and even the sea of Japan, with its many olfactory nuances.

Salum represents a unique and unexpected olfactory experience, offering an original interpretation of marine fragrances, exploring new territories and opening up new olfactory horizons.


Salum Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Salum Amber Wave: The sound of the sea on an Arabian night: mysterious, sensual, soft. Amber Wave Eau de Parfum opens with ozone notes made luminous by Salt Crystals, Citrus and the sparkle of Pink Pepper in the dark. The warm and secret heart reveals a mysterious mélange of saffron, labdanum and geranium, wrapped in a veil of leather with woody touches. Notes of amber, incense and smoky woods in the base complete the jus.
  • Salum Marine Oud: The secret abysses of the Arabian Sea envelop us from the very first moment, with salty, marine and ozonated nuances. The top notes intertwine with lively citrus spices, merging with a dark, seductive heart. The magic of Saffron Flower, Blond Tobacco and Myrrh combine in an enigmatic play with touches of Coffee;. The base of Marine Oud Eau de Parfum, intimate and occult, is an explosion of Amber, Oud and sensual woods.
  • Salum Abyss Rose: Salum Abyss Rose Eau de Parfum is a unisex marine fragrance. The preciousness of Damask Rose Absolute, rendered black and mysterious by touches of Guaiacum, Patchouli and Birch, introduces the scents of a deep and sensual sea, the Arabian Sea. A deep, tactile embrace releases elegant scents of Chamois, Cedarwood and Amber, combined with a refined cloud of Musk and Orchid Vanilla. Experience the incredible elegance of Abyss Rose Eau de parfum.  

Salum Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Salum Amber Wave: “ I tried it at the fair and immediately fell in love. It opens with a clear, hesperidian rose, which slides into a spicy, leathery heart. A magnetic base of incense, oud and ambroxan allures the senses. My new romantic date fragrance” Laura
  • Salum Marine Oud: “In sparkling, marine notes, with a spicy, clean heart. The coffee is pleasant and does not overpower the rest. A well-balanced fragrance with a solid pyramid, inviting one to use it again and again. Respectable duration. Definitely, a purchase I will repeat, thank you" Riccardo
  • Salum Abyss Rose: “Definitely not a typical marine. A salty rose dominates the opening, illuminated by bergamot and flowers. Right from the start, spices begin to be perceived, which then linger discreetly in the fragrance. After this explosive beginning, leather and musk, the true protagonists of the fragrance, come alive, accompanied by precious woods. I am sorry that Salum fragrances are little known because they deserve” Boris


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