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Matiere Premiere
Every Matiere Premiere fragrance is a celebration of raw material. Each fragrance features a high quality, sustainably sourced main ingredient. Aurelien Guichard, nose and founder of the house, creates compositions where all the notes revolve around this main raw material, highlighting an aspect, a facet of it and illustrating Guichard’s unique interpretation.
Matiere Premiere
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Matiere Premiere Perfumes

Matiere Premiere, which in French means "raw material", is a perfume brand that revolves around a central natural ingredient, used in its highest dosage. Founder and perfumer Aurélien Guichard, between Paris and Grasse, creates contemporary, direct and understandable fragrances that reveal the unique texture and the most beautiful facets of each central ingredient. The brand's approach is focused on excellence and quality, favouring ethical and organic production methods.


The Matiere Premiere Fragrance Formula: Natural Ingredients and Unparalleled Quality

The fragrances of Matiere Premiere are composed to offer an unrivalled emotional impression, a sillage that will never fade. The brand pays particular attention to each stage of the ageing process, from maturation to maceration, to guarantee unique quality. The fragrances contain between 85% and 92% natural ingredients and are veganphthalate-free and dye-free.


The Matiere Premiere Philosophy: Beginning from the Origins

In 2016, Aurélien Guichard founded an organic farm in Grasse, where he grows thousands of Centifolia Roses and Tuberoses in an exceptional terroir recognised as an Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2018. The flowers are used to produce the Tuberose Absolute and Enfleurage, the heart of their French Flower fragrance. Each year, harvesting takes place for 30 days in May, and the flowers are picked every morning and taken immediately to a nearby factory to produce the Absolute of Rose Centifolia, the main ingredient in Radical Rose. "Growing our flowers is a way to reconnect with the essence of a perfumer's work: creating the fragrance itself, but also supervising the quality and production methods of the raw material," says Aurélien Guichard. 


The Unique Quality of Matiere Premiere

The fragrances of Matiere Premiere offer a unique approach to perfumery, with a particular focus on natural ingredients, unparalleled quality and ethical production methods. From the central natural ingredient used in each fragrance to the careful ageing process, every step is taken to ensure a unique and exceptional fragrance experience. Try the fragrances of Matiere Premiere and experience a new way of experiencing fragrance. Discover with us all the best niche perfumes by Matiere Premiere!


Matiere Premiere Crystal Saffron: "The Comfortable Brightness of Saffron"

Main IngredientOil Greek Saffron.

Creative Approach: Habanolide Musk amplifies the contemporary, genderless character and aura of saffron. Ambroxan underlines its comfortable, almost addictive aspect. Somalian frankincense oil accentuates the liveliness and projection of saffron and lends texture to the fragrance. Go to Matiere Premiere Crystal Saffron Eau de Parfum.


Matiere Premiere Falcon Leather: "A Leather Perfume Inspired by Falconers' Gloves"

Main Ingredient: A vegetal note of leather, tar of Finnish birch.

Creative Approach: Exacerbate the power of the note at the beginning with Saffron. Unfold and enrich the texture of the birch tar to evoke both aspects of leather: the smooth, full side highlighted with Ciste Labdanum Andalusia, and the soft, suede side amplified with Laos Benzoin Absolute. Go to Matiere Premiere Falcon Leather Eau de Parfum.


Matiere Premiere French Flower: "The Intoxicating Smell of a Tuberose Field at Night".

Main IngredientAbsolute and Enfleurage of Tuberose French Flower, extracted from biologically cultivated tuberoses by Matiere Premiere.

Creative Approach: Create a Tuberose bouquet with Absolute and Enfleurage of Tuberose petals. The Ginger of Nigeria amplifies the whiteness of the flower. The essence of Chinese Tis Leaves and an accord of Green Pear underline the vegetal character of this stem flower. Go to Matiere Premiere French Flower Eau de Parfum.


Matiere Premiere Radical Rose: "An Overdose of Rose Absolute".

Main IngredientAbsolute of French Rose Centifolia, extracted from roses cultivated biologically by Matiere Premiere.

Creative Approach: Working on the world's highest concentration of Rose Centifolia Absolute. Exacerbate the bright, spicy facets of the Rose with Saffron Oil and Jamaica Pepper Berry. Highlight the dark, woody facets with Indonesia Patchouli Oil and Andalusia Labdanum Absolute. Go to Matiere Premiere Radical Rose Eau de Parfum.


Matiere Premiere Santal Austral: "A Sensual White Wood".

Main IngredientOil from Australian Organic Sandalwood

Creative Approach: Emphasise the creamy, velvety facet with a hint of Iris Absolute Tuscany almond milk. Reinforce the comforting and engaging facet with Laos Benzoin Absolute and Venezuelan Tonka Bean Absolute. Go to Matiere Premiere Santal Austral Eau de Parfum.


Matiere Premiere Neroli Oranger: "A Study of the Purity of Orange Blossom".

Main IngredientAbsolute of Orange Flower Tunisia

Creative Approach: Highlight the fresh, radiant facet with Neroli Libano oil and Bergamot Italia oil. Amplify the delicate floral character with Ylang-Ylang oil from Comoros and floral musks. Go to Matiere Premiere Neroli Oranger Eau de Parfum.


Matiere Premiere Cologne Cédrat: "A Citrus that Lasts".

Principal IngredientOil from Italian Cedar

Creative Approach: Black pepper oil from Madagascar and pink pepper oil from Argentina are used to amplify the fresh spicy note. Italian bergamot oil and Paraguayan Mate Absolute emphasise the note to prolong the freshness. Go to Matiere Premiere Cologne Cédrat Eau de Parfum.


Matiere Premiere Encens Suave: "A Black, Engaging and Carnal Incense".

Main Ingredient: Somalian Incense

Creative Approach: The sensuality of the Frankincense note is accentuated by Labdanum Absolute from Andalusia and Benzoin Absolute from Laos. The addictive aspect is supported by the Extraction of Coffee from Venezuela and the Absolute of Madagascar Vanilla. Go to Matiere Premiere Encens Suave Eau de Parfum.


Matiere Premiere Parisian Musc: "A Woody Vegetal Musk".

Main Ingredient: Peruvian Amber Seeds

Creative Approach: a study of Ambrette, whose woody note is reinforced with Virginia Cedar Oil. Its musky character is amplified by Ambrettolide Supreme. Ambroxan is used to bind the wood to the musk. A note of fig leaves underlines the vegetal facet. Go to Matiere Premiere Parisian Musc Eau de Parfum.


Matiere Premiere Bois d'Ebene: "A Dark Amber Wood"

Main IngredientOil from Guaiac wood from Paraguay

Creative Approach: Strengthening the density of Guaiac wood with Indonesian Patchouli oil and Indian Cypriol oil. The amber facet is accentuated by the addition of Cabreuva Brazil oil. Juniper berries underline the spicy and fresh character of the wood. Go to Matiere Premiere Bois d'Ebene Eau de Parfum.


Matiere Premiere Perfumes Best Seller on 50 ml:

  • Matiere Premiere Falcon Leather Eau de Parfum: a powerful, leathery men's fragrance inspired by the falconer's glove. The creative interpretation of this image was to emphasise the power of this fragrance right at the beginning with warm notes of saffron. The full-bodied note of Birch Tar evokes both aspects of leather: its powerful, leathery side emphasised by Cistus Labdanum from Andalusia, and its soft, suede-like side by Benzoin Absolute.
  • Matiere Premiere Parisian Musc Hair Mist: A fragrance built entirely on the Perù ambrette seed note, accented with woods from Virginia cedar oil. The musky aspect of Parisian Musc Hair Mist is is amplified by Ambrettolide Supreme, while Ambroxan binds wood to musk in a creamy, vibrant scent. 
  • Matiere Premiere Crystal Saffron Eau de Parfum: the main ingredient is undoubtedly Saffron Oil, obtained from the dried stigmas of hundreds of thousands of crocus flowers from the region of Kozani, Greece (considered the producer of the world's most precious saffron). The other ingredients in Crystal Saffron Hair Mist are habanol Moss, which amplifies the brightness and aura of saffron, ambroxan, which emphasises its comforting and almost addictive character, and Somalian frankincense, which accentuates its vibrancy and projection.
  • Matiere Premiere Neroli Oranger Eau de Parfum: Matiere Premiere Neroli Oranger Eau de Parfum is a unisex citrusy fragrance. Aurélien Guichard's inspiration for this fragrance is a work around the purity of orange blossoms. Neroli Oranger Eau de Parfum emphasises the fresh and radiant facet of Tunisian orange blossom absolute with Neroli oil from Lebanon and Bergamot oil from Italy. The delicate floral character of this fragrance is enhanced by ylang-ylang oil from the Comoros and notes of floral musks.
  • Matiere Premiere Radical Rose Hair Mist: An intoxicating fragrance inspired by an overdose of Rose Absolute. Radical Rose Hair Mist enhances the facets of the rose with Saffron Berry Essence and Jamaica Pepper. The pyramid emphasises the dark, woody facets with Patchouli Essence from Indonesia and Labdanum Absolute from Andalusia.


Premiere Matiere Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Matiere Premiere Bois d'Ebene Eau de Parfum: “Very high quality; immediately perceptible, durability on skin excellent. Linear, rounded, and well-developed. The apotheosis of sensuality: is a very sexy fragrance, both on men and women. I think there is a slight animalic note inside. The aroma of juniper makes the warmth of the wood intriguing. Patchouli rounds it all off. Gives shivers of pleasure.” Marinella
  • Matiere Premiere Cologne Cedrat Eau de Parfum: “Very fresh opening with a citrusy scent that lasts remarkably long, then sliding towards mate and musky notes that make Cologne Cedrat a well-balanced fragrance. A robust cologne” Luca
  • Matiere Premiere Custom Set: “I took two matiere premiere discovery kits/custom sets, one of 3 and one of 6, so I could get almost all the fragrances. I must say that they are very, very pretty! The size is perfect to keep in your handbag or suitcase, but in my opinion, a kit of these is also a beautiful gift idea! ”Anne
  • Matiere Premiere Encens Suave Eau de Parfum: “The best incense I have ever smelled. The incense note mixes with vanilla benzoin, turning into a sensual incense that has nothing to do with that of our churches. The other notes are more of a background chorus to this fantastic centre. A rounded, well-balanced and sensual fragrance.”Ayla
  • Matiere Premiere French Flower Eau de Parfum: "An explosion of tuberose! I usually hate perfumes with lots of tuberoses, but I really like this one! is an unabashedly sensual scent, even a bit aggressive. A light note of thé refreshes and counterbalances the ambroxan. is a complex fragrance, to be tried on the skin and left to develop, but once tried in all its splendour, it is never forgotten." Emìle


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