Irene Forte

Irene Forte
Irene Forte skincare collection is hand-crafted in Italy, in small batches, following Dr Francesca Ferri principles in Biological-Cosmetics combined with the knowledge Irene herself has developed. Her aim is to distill the benefits of the Mediterranean diet into natural, sustainable skincare that nourishes the skin from the outside in.
Irene Forte
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Irene Forte Products

The Irene Forte brand is distinguished by its "Nature and Science" vision, which combines organic and natural ingredients with science to create highly effective and delicate products for the skin, offering visible results without harming the skin's balance. The brand's holistic philosophy aims to promote overall well-being, not only of the skin but also of the body and mind: this is why the brand's creator is inspired by the Mediterranean diet, using nutritious ingredients and antioxidants to promote health from the inside out. Irene Forte skincare is based on a professional and rigorous approach, whereby all products are tested and approved by spa and beauty professionals.

Irene Forte: History and Fame

Irene Forte has been fascinated by the beauty and the Sicilian culture since childhood, as her family has Italian origins. When she visited the area that would become the Verdura Resort in Sicily in 2003, she was fascinated by the natural beauty of the island and the goodness of the organic products from the hotel's farm. Afterwards, Irene dedicated herself to working at the resort for a year, during which she developed her knowledge of organic products and the importance of holistic wellness. This experience led her to develop her line of skin care products, based on the use of organic ingredients from the organic farm at the Verdura Resort in Sicily.

The Irene Forte brand was born from Irene Forte's experience as a Wellness Consultant in the hotel industry at 5-star luxury hotels. In 2014, Irene realised that her customers wanted natural and organic skincare products, but were not satisfied with the formulations available on the market. So, with the help of Dr Francesca Ferri and her team of cosmetic scientists at EffegiLab, Irene decided to address this gap in the market by developing her line of skincare products, characterised by combining natural and organic ingredients with science to create highly effective products that are gentle on the skin.

The public response to Irene Forte products has been very positive. The product line has gained a great reputation for its high qualityefficacy and use of natural and organic ingredients. Many customers have praised the products for their ability to visibly improve the appearance and health of the skin, but also Irene Forte's commitment to sustainability and the use of organic, eco-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients. This has made Irene Forte's products particularly popular with those looking for skin care products that are both effective and environmentally friendly and have earned her many awards. Irene Forte packaging is sustainable, recyclable and reusable.


An Organic, Ethical and Vegan Skincare Brand

Irene Forte is committed to an ethical and vegan approach, using natural and 100% biodegradable ingredients and making commitments to reduce the environmental impact of product production and distribution. The focus on sustainability and environmental impact, using organic ingredients from an organic farm in Sicily and ecological production and distribution processes, is fundamental to her.

Organic and vegan products use natural ingredients, such as plant extracts and essential oils, which often have healing and protective properties for the skin. These ingredients help to moisturise the skin, reduce inflammationincrease elasticity and prevent signs of ageing. They avoid using synthetic ingredients such as parabens, sulphates and artificial fragrances, which can be irritating or even harmful to the skin. This reduces exposure to these harmful chemicals.


Irene Forte Best Seller Products on 50 ml: 

  • Irene Forte Hibiscus Night Cream: a night cream that offers visible wrinkle reduction thanks to the revolutionary Myoxinol. Extracted from hibiscus seeds, Myoxinol acts similarly to injectables in reducing even deep forehead lines. This innovative formula with hyaluronic acid, olive oil and a tetra-ceramide complex stimulates collagen and elastin production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and nourishes and protects the skin. Hibiscus Night Cream helps reduce the effect of nocturnal water loss and rejuvenates the skin barrier.
  • Irene Forte Lavender Face Cream: a balancing face cream for all skin types. Its light formula moisturises and purifies the skin without weighing it down. Lavender and rosemary waters and hyaluronic acid nourish and increase moisture levels. Olive oil and soya, rich in skin-enhancing nutrients and antioxidants, combined with a multivitamin complex (A, Pro-B5, C & E) for proven efficacy. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily or combination skin.
  • Irene Forte White Wine Body Cream: a moisturising full-body cream, perfect for refreshing and softening the skin. Organic Sicilian White Wine, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol B5 and Beech Sprouts help to moisturise and nourish. Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oils, Sweet Almonds and Olive Oil work to support the skin's natural barrier, protecting it from environmental stress.
  • Irene Forte Hibiscus Serum: a powerful anti-wrinkle serum. Myoxinol™, extracted from hibiscus seeds, acts similarly to injectables in reducing even deep forehead lines. A unique combination of polypeptides increases collagen and elastin to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Multi-molecular hyaluronic acid moisturises and plumps, while olive oil (rich in omega fats) and a Tetra-Ceramide complex nourish and protect the skin's natural moisture barrier. Clinically approved for sensitive skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially mature, dry or dehydrated skin.
  • Irene Forte Aloe Vera Face Cream: is clinically proven that this face cream increases skin hydration, thanks to Pro-Vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid and aloe leaf juice. Organic olive oil, avocado oil and shea butter reconstitute the skin's natural barrier to preserve moisture levels. Antioxidants from olive oil and vitamin E nourish and protect. Suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types, especially dry or dehydrated skin.


Irene Forte Products Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Irene Forte Triple Level Hyaluronic Serum: “Very little is needed for a fantastic effect. I have dry skin and am now starting to see signs of ageing, but this serum feels like a time machine in a bottle! It leaves my skin soft and moisturised, which almost seems to glow. By now it become essential in my routine, I thank the shop assistant who suggested it! ” Adele
  • Irene Forte Pistachio Lip Balm: “I have come to try all of Irene Forte's products by now, only this one was missing. Like all the others, the quality is very high and it shows. Natural ingredients such as shea butter and olive butter, together with vitamin E, nourish and soften the lips while creating a protective layer. For me, I have lips that tend to create peels so it's indispensable, especially in winter and at the beach.” Alessandro
  • Irene Forte Prickly Pear Face Cream: “The best face cream ever. I was blessed the moment I saw the advertisement; 50 ml and decided to Google “Irene Forte Skincare Reviews” (I still remember it!). Until I started using this cream I thought skincare products were something with minimal effectiveness, I saw all these influencers with flawless skin but I felt it was because of expensive treatments I didn't know about or Photoshop. Thanks to this cream, however, I have changed my mind: wrinkles are reduced IMMEDIATELY! With constant use, the effect is magnified!
  • Irene Forte Pomegranate Hand Cream 50 ml: “I have particularly delicate hands that react even to dish soap, so I try many moisturising and nourishing creams. With the Irene Forte pomegranate cream, I have been very happy. It gives me the protection and hydration I need. My skin is visibly improved, I recommend it! ” Giovanni
  • Irene Forte Pistachio Face Mask: “I jumped on it after finding out that it received no fewer than six awards (!!). It leaves the skin soft and moisturised immediately and all day long, as well as giving it a full and radiant appearance. I have rosacea-prone skin which is starting to show the first subtle signs, and I feel great! ” Daniela


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