Sasva is inspired by oriental culture, particularly India, with a modern approach. Sasva niche perfumes are inspired by poetry, music, art, films and emotions, with a focus on the sensual opulence of historical and contemporary oriental culture. Savsa perfumes are formulated with high-quality natural ingredients from the best sources.

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Sasva Perfumes

The Maison Sasva takes its name from the Sanskrit word for 'excellent' and 'praiseworthy'. The brand's logo, a variation of the lotus of a thousand petals, is a symbol of the supreme consciousness, the universal spirit and mind in Indian culture. This motif is reflected in every aspect of the brand's ethos, which focuses on the opulencesensuality and decadence of historical and contemporary Indian and Oriental cultures in general.

The brand draws inspiration from various art forms such as poetry, music, art, films, emotions and settings to create fragrances imbued with depth and character. The brand seeks to reinterpret the rich heritage of oriental perfumery in a progressive way, drawing inspiration from the energetic cosmopolitan and globalised youth culture of our times.

Sasva believes in a pluralistic and diverse approachopen to modernity and other cultures. Their products use mainly natural ingredients of the highest quality, sourced from the best sources. Reusability s important to the brand, which strives to embody a luxury that respects the environment and the dignity of animals.

Sasva draws heavily from the myriad of influences that have created the composite melting pot of modern India, such as the Persian culture and Far Eastern cultures. The aesthetics, use of ingredients and brand ethos are luxuriously modern and oriental in equal parts and reflect the sensual intricacy, decadent sensuality and overt ornamentation of the celebration of Eastern cultures, as well as artdesign and literary traditions.

Sasva's emphasis on high-quality natural ingredients locally sourced and renewable packaging and production methods reflects its commitment to naturalism. The brand's unique approach to fragrance production has resulted in a range of luxurious fragrances and environmentally conscious, which embody the brand's core values: pluralismeastern modernism and naturalism.


Sasva Perfumes Best Seller on 50 ml:

  • Sasva Fruit du Paradis Eau de ParfumThe freshness of the sea breeze in the middle of an orchard. The smell of sun, sea and the richness of pomegranates, mangoes and citrus fruits. Fruit Du Paradis Eau de Parfum is an explosion of citrus fruits, followed by the sweetness of mango and pomegranate: a nostalgic homage to the Indian summer. A powdery base of sandalwood and vetiver subtly complements the fruity accords, making them sing.
  • Sasva Garden of Youth Eau de ParfumA bouquet of Indian flowers. Notes of lime and peppery rose combined with the intense aroma of saffron and blackcurrant introduce an enchanting heart: a floral bouquet of rose, ylang ylang and sambac jasmine, together with the sensual aromas of tuberose, champak and Rangoon Creeper. Finally, base notes of dry amber, musk and leather leave the skin feeling elegant and refined.
  • Sasva Junoon Eau de Parfuma love that, in its madness, purifies the soul, giving birth to nobility and achieving the Sufi ideal of higher spiritual consciousness. The silky accords of saffron, patchouli and rose, with the depth of labdanum and lavender, describe the pain and bliss of love. The woody notes of Oudh, cedarwood and musk describe sleepless nights and endless dreams.
  • Sasva Light of the Earth Eau de Parfum: ''I want to connect with the universe and immerse myself in the heart of existence, reconnecting with the formless aspects of being, to seek the depths of the elements. An explosion of saffron balanced by cardamom and orange bitters lends an airiness that leads to a dusty vetiver and amber to create the heart of the fragrance, boasting timelessness and mysticism complemented by a woody base.
  • Sasva Reverie de la Rose Eau de Parfuma dreamlike landscape of Indian festivals and rituals. The smell of the mystical and the ecstatic combine to create the atmosphere of timeless rituals celebrating abundance and joy. The dreamy Gulaab (rose) in the centre combines with the flowers of celebrations - lotus and jasmine. Amber and leather form the earthy base of Reverie De La Rose Eau de Parfum, juxtaposed with saffron, cardamom and cinnamon at the top. 


Profumi Sasva Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  •  Sasva L'Amour Libertin Eau de Parfum“For me, this perfume is a challenge: a mix of notes that alternate, transforming it. An enigma that I like to discover little by little, carrying it.” Yelena
  • Sasva Forbidden Words Eau de Parfum: “A perfectly balanced blend of woods, tobacco, patchouli, amber, leather, oud and vanilla. Like a choir in which the voices intertwine without cancelling each other out, but rather enhancing each other. I had only bought the small sample, fearful…and instead, once I smelt it, I bought it immediately” Valerio
  • Sasva Fruit du Paradis Eau de Parfum“I love it! is a perfect balance of sweet and fresh, it reminds me of some of Simone Andreoli's perfumes but I like it much more! I think it is also a pleasant enough perfume to be a good gift idea! ” Victoria
  • Sasva Garden of Youth Eau de Parfum: “10/10. is a bouquet of white and yellow flowers that exudes cheerfulness. Very fresh and flowery, is just my kind of perfume: the kind you always like to wear, that lifts your mood” Rosanna
  • Sasva Reverie de la Rose Eau de Parfum“Very pleasant. It is a perfectly balanced spicy bouquet. Rose, jasmine, lotus, cinnamon, cardamom…a base of amber and leather provides a nice solid foundation. is truly a perfume to try” Giovanni


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