Barber Mind

Barber Mind
Barber Mind is an Italian barber brand, animated by a great passion and an eclectic soul. Each product is inspired by a different world: the Ink one has given life to hair styling products. The BePop music of the 30s and 40 inspired many solutions for beard care. Every product is made with the one and only italian quality.
Barber Mind
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Barber Mind: The Beard and Hair Care Collection

Barber Mind is a brand of professional products for hairbeard and shaving, founded in 2014 from the idea of Hiroshi Vitanza and with a very specific goal: to combine mastery, innovation and refinement within a 100% Made in Italy line. In its evolution, Barber Mind is constantly striving for excellence as its principal mission, addressing the modern men who value personal care, want to distinguish themselves and are seeking their path to success.


Barber Mind Shaving Products

The Little Italy Shaving Deluxe Series line from Barber Mind pays homage to the old and traditional act of shaving, passed down from generation to generation. Consisting of three distinct products (Father Pre Shave Gel, Son Shave Cream, Spirit After Shave Balm) this trilogy offers a comprehensive shaving experience and high quality ingredients


Barber Mind Hair Products

Barber Mind offers a comprehensive range of treatments, shampoos, waxes and styling gels, all formulated with water-based ingredients. One of the key ingredients is the Tsubaki oil, which not only gives softness to the hair, but also keeps the scalp healthy to give you hydration, nourishment and a flawless style!


Barb Mind Beard Products

Bebop is the beard care line inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of New York in the 40s. It includes a specific beard shampoo, beard oil and conditioner. In addition, all products are enriched with the valuable properties of Tsubaki oil and have an intense and spicy scent, which transforms beard care into a moment of deep relax and pleasure.


Barber Mind Best Seller Products on 50 ml 

  • Barber Mind Flash Super Gel: a volumizing gel for all hair types. It leaves no residue and has a super strong and long-lasting hold!"
  • Barber Mind Wave Shampoo Scrub Anti-Dandruff: this shampoo normalizes the scalp, eliminates dandruff and prevents its reappearance!  
  • Barber Mind Father Pre Shave Gel: a pre-shave gel formulated with tsubaki oil, chamomile and mallow. It has soothing, calming, moisturizing and antioxidant properties, for a comfortable and irritation-free shave!
  • Barber Mind Iron Clay Pomade: the new Barber Mind pomade for styling hair with extra strong hold and matte effect. With this product you can say goodbye to irritation and annoying residues!
  • Barber Mind Forest Tonic Lotion: this fortifying lotion helps prevent hair loss and hair fall, thanks to aloe vera extract, known for its healing and fortifying properties. In addition, it has a very fresh scent of Mint and Eucalyptus!


Barber Mind Products Reviews: Check out our Customers' Reviews!

  • Barber Mind BeBop Beard Balm: "My secret for a perfect beard. With its spicy and refreshing fragrance of peppermint, lavender and rosemary, shaving is now a pleasure!” - Matthew
  • Barber Mind Ghost Hair Pomade: "A great styling product! It does its job without leaving any residue, and without giving you that annoying heavy feeling on your hair" - Luke
  • Barber Mind Lucifer Shaving Gel: "Lucifer Shaving Gel is my best weapon for a precise and fast shave, without irritation. A must-have for beard care lovers!" - Mark
  • Barber Mind Ocean Hair Grooming: "This volumizing gel makes my hair easy to shape thanks to its non-aggressive fixative resins. A really professional product, I recommend it to everyone!" - Alexander
  • Barber Mind Fenix Hair Powder: "If you want to give new life to your hair this is the product for you! " - John


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