Roll On Fragrance

Have you ever tried a roll-on perfume? Easy to carry around and extremely concentrated, roll-on fragrances are the perfect solution for those who love to travel or want to carry perfume with them at all times: just a few drops will be enough to provide a long-lasting fragrance. Browse the 50 ml catalogue and discover the roll-on fragrances that suit you best!

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Roll-On Perfumes

Sometimes opting for a smaller, more "portable" format of your favorite fragrances can be a winning move to always have your perfume with you, applying it intelligently: this is exactly why the Roll-On perfume was invented.


What is a Roll-On Perfume and How to Use It

The Roll-On perfume is a fragrance packaged in a special bottle that allows you to apply the perfume by gently rolling a metal/plastic ball on an area of the body. Generally, Roll-On applicators are spheres permanently embedded in the bottle opening: they allow you to deposit small amounts of perfume in specific areas. This mode of application allows for targeted action and provides a more intimate experience of discovering the fragrance. Roll-On perfumes also tend to come in smaller sizes (starting from 15 ml) compared to regular Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette bottles.


The Advantages of Roll-On Fragrances

  • Portability. Perfumes usually come in bottles of sizes and shapes that are more difficult to carry: the Roll-On format, on the other hand, is small and perfect for storing in a bag, pocket, or backpack.
  • Price. Roll-On fragrances often have a competitive price and are perfect for testing a fragrance before committing to a full bottle.
  • Ingredients. Roll-On perfumes maintain the same level of quality as regular fragrances, but in a more convenient format!
  • Layering. They can lend themselves well to layering different scent notes: have fun experimenting!
  • Ideal for travel. Thanks to their compact size, Roll-On perfumes will be your best friends to slip into your suitcase during your vacations: no more pre-departure dramas!
  • Quick reapplication "on the go". Compared to regular sprays, they allow you to reapply perfume discreetly and conveniently throughout the day. With Roll-On perfumes, you can perfectly dose the amount of fragrance to wear, without risking overpowering anyone!
  • Gift idea. Roll-On fragrances can be a truly original and interesting (as well as useful) gift idea for both women and men. They don't have the cost of a classic-sized perfume and come in practical and cute bottles suitable for everyone!


The Best Roll-On Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Versatile Croissant Café Perfume Roll On: a roll-on perfume that is a true homage to the French breakfast. Composed of notes of coffee, cappuccino, and butter, this gourmand fragrance will transport you to the Parisian streets in the middle of a Sunday morning, as tourists and locals wake up and head to cafés to bite into a crispy croissant.
  • Ortigia Zagara Perfume Oil Roll On: a glass bottle, the size of a pinkie, housing precious scented oil. Perfect to keep in your bag, this roll-on fragrance allows you to always have with you the wonderful notes of orange blossoms, neroli, and woods, giving you a long-lasting scent on the skin.
  • Carthusia A'mmare Perfume Roll On: a roll-on perfume that takes you to the bluest sea. Bright bergamot and aromatic rosemary scent the air, while the sea salt crystallizes on sun-kissed skin and mint releases a burst of energy. All around, the vegetation composed of cedarwood and musks creates a magical and enveloping atmosphere.
  • Miller Harris Tea Tonique Perfume Roll On: a roll-on fragrance enriched with natural coconut oil for an irresistible scent of citrus and tea notes. This 9ml glass bottle is perfect to carry anywhere, guaranteeing freshness and style at any time of the day. Refresh yourself with your favorite perfume while on the go or always keep it handy in your bag!


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