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Hair can be a business card that speaks of you even before you open your mouth: straight, curly, wavy or dyed, your hair needs the right products for it! We have selected the best niche shampoos, conditioners and nourishing and restructuring treatments to help you get the shiny, disciplined hair you've always wanted!

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Discover the Best Hair Products: Take Care of Your Locks!

Hair health starts from the scalp (but not only): carefully selecting the most suitable products for your hair is the first step to having strong and healthy hair. Even the best shampoo, in fact, may serve little purpose if used on the wrong hair type or not combined with the right drying, styling, and hair care techniques. To avoid damaging your hair, therefore, it is important to start with the choice of shampoo, hair oils, and conditioners, keeping in mind whether you are dealing with oily, dry, normal hair, or scalp anomalies such as dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.


How to Choose Shampoo Based on Hair Type

The first step to buying the best shampoo is... getting your hands in your hair! Observe your scalp: does it tend to get oily easily? Or is it particularly dry, with a tendency to dandruff? Try to identify the issues of your scalp before embarking on a hunt for hair products.

  • Shampoo for Normal Hair. Perfect for those who do not have any specific problems with their hair and scalp: the head is naturally balanced, without particular dryness or oiliness. In these cases, a balanced cleansing is recommended.
  • Shampoo for Dry Hair. Ideal for those with dehydrated scalp or using aggressive dyes, which tend to dry out the hair. In these cases, it is good to opt for products enriched with nourishing and repairing ingredients.
  • Shampoo for Oily Hair. Designed for those who tend to have oily scalp, characterized by excessive sebum production. Contrary to what one might think, the goal with oily skin will not be to "eradicate" excess sebum, but rather to rebalance the scalp to regulate its production.
  • Shampoo for Frequent Washes/Delicate Hair. Recommended for those in need of particularly gentle cleansing or for athletes who need to wash their hair every day.
  • Shampoo for Curly Hair. It's known that curly hair requires some extra care: starting with the shampoo is crucial to ensure that the hair can maintain its shape, nourished from root to tip.
  • Shampoo for Colored or White Hair. For a color-respectful cleansing or aimed at toning the hair, avoiding the "yellowing" effect that can characterize white hair, and able to restore hair nourishment.
  • Dry Shampoo. Ideal for those who are always on the go or for emergencies, dry shampoo can purify the scalp, freeing it from excess sebum.
  • Anti-Aging and Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for Fragile Hair. Choose a gentle cleansing, able to stimulate the scalp and strengthen the hair from the root.


Conditioner, Masks, and Treatments for Hair

Even the best shampoos alone are not enough: the lengths always need nourishment through specific action. Choosing the right conditioner for your needs can be of great help in maintaining the health and nourishment of your hair. The conditioner is able to seal the hair cuticle, trapping hydration inside and making the hair manageable and resistant.

In case of hair damaged by the use of flat irons, dyes, or simply by frequent washes, you can opt for specific treatments: hair masks are able to deeply nourish, discipline, and restructure the hair. A few minutes of application once or twice a week to forget about frizzy, dry, or split ends.


Hair Styling and Full Volume!

In our wide selection of hair products, you will find sprays, gels, mousses, and hairsprays for styling, perfect for shaping your favorite hairstyles and never having a hair out of place. Select, through the available filters on our website, the function that suits you best and... go wild! There are no limits: in the end, they're just hair! They grow back and can be cut again: the only true "rule" is to take care of them as best as possible to keep them strong and healthy. Don't miss out on volumizing sprays or achieving a "beach waves" effect all year round, but also products for touching up regrowth: perfect for stalling a little longer before dyeing again and covering any white hairs.


Some 50 ml Tips for Healthy and Strong Hair

We thought of suggesting a basic hair care routine that could help you achieve the shiny mane you've always wanted. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to hair:

  • Hair grows from the roots. Many may be surprised to see us write such a banality, but the truth is that we often forget: the lengths of the hair are the "dead" part of your mane. The hair bulb, on the other hand, is the living source of your hair: that's why it's important to take care of the scalp, even before the lengths.
  • It's better to trim today than to have split ends tomorrow. Just because hair grows from the roots, it's necessary to accept that occasionally trimming split ends will be necessary: trust us, it's worth it. The ends of your hair have been on your head for quite some time and have been exposed to mechanical damage (and more) for months and months: that's why they are more fragile. Trimming a bit today will save you from having to cut more tomorrow.
  • Brush hair from the ends. Brushing your hair from the ends will allow you to progressively untangle knots as you work your way up. Start with the lengths, perhaps with the help of a detangling spray to avoid too aggressive mechanical shocks on the hair.
  • Do not apply shampoo to the lengths. When cleansing, it's always good to put a dollop of shampoo on the scalp, dilute it with a little water, and then proceed with a thorough massage: rub all points of the scalp, but without exaggerating pressure! Finally, rinse off the shampoo, letting it flow over the lengths: this will be enough to keep them clean, but this process will prevent them from drying out. Applying shampoo to the lengths should be the exception (e.g., too many styling products accumulated on the hair), not the rule.
  • Use a mask at least once a week. Make it a habit to do a nourishing treatment regularly, and you'll see your hair rejuvenate.
  • Pay attention to the brush you use and hair accessories. Prefer wooden brushes or those with natural bristles, paying attention to the shape and density of bristles that best suit your needs. Also, watch out for accessories: some materials or shapes can damage the hair more mechanically than others: choose soft elastics, without metal plates, and bands and headbands in materials like satin or silk.
  • If you have frizzy hair... maybe you have wavy/curly hair. It's better not to fight against the windmills: embrace the beautiful mane that you have and try to understand what type of hair you have. Very frizzy hair could be an indication of a routine not suitable for bringing out the natural wave or curl that characterizes it.
  • Take breaks from the straightener and wild styling. Using heat on your hair daily can damage it a lot: it's better to alternate periods of "rest," doing specific treatments for hair nourishment and repair.
  • Are you traveling and don't know what to do? Use the filters available on our website and find the mini-size or "travel size" that suits your needs, or opt for a solid shampoo: perfect to slip into your suitcase at any time.


On 50 ml, you will find a wide selection of hair care and styling products. Whether you have curly, straight, oily, or dry hair, you will find the professional shampoo, conditioner, and treatment that suits you. Use the filtering system on the website to select your hair type, texture, and the function you are looking for.



On 50 ml, you will find the best hair products: choose to take care of your mane with the best niche shampoos, conditioners, and oils! Don't miss our selections of Anti Aging and Anti Hair LossAnti Dandruff, for ColorStraightening, which Nourish and hydrate, for Protection and RepairIlluminating, for Volume and Styling, and Multi-function. Besides taking care of your body, do you want to learn more about the world of perfumes? Let yourself be captivated by the vast universe of niche fragrances! If you want to buy niche perfumes online, remember that on 50ml, you can request free samples in your cart with every order! And if you want to know more about artistic perfumery, don't forget to follow us on InstagramTik Tok, and YouTube, and subscribe to our Newsletter. With us, you'll become an expert in niche fragrances in no time, thanks to original and exclusive content that will guide you through this great perfumed world!