Nishane is a Turkish word meaning sign, symbol. Inspired from the deep-rooted traditions, modern vision and cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul – the city on the Bosphorus that has welcomed so many civilisations. Nishane, with its unique and sophisticated fragrances and the elegance of its artistic collections, is a symbol of your value and that of your loved ones.
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Nishane is a luxury perfume brand founded in 2012 in Turkey. The two owners and creative directors, Murat Katran and Mert Güzel, both originally from Istanbul, are integral in the creation process along with the noses. The brand was first launched in 2015 during the Exsence event and is now available in 120 countries. 


Characteristics of Nishane

Nishane, spelled 'nişane' means sign or symbol. Nishane offers unique and sophisticated fragrances, inspired by tradition but influenced by the modern and cosmopolitan vision of the city of Istanbul, where Western and Eastern cultures come together in unique harmony.

Each Nishane fragrance is conceived as a tribute to different emotions and moods. Citrus, chocolate and coffee are just some of the olfactory notes present in Nishane fragrances, the result of months and months of searching for the best raw materials. The "Collection Rumi" is inspired by the quotes of Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî; the "Shadow Play Trilogy" takes inspiration from the traditional shadow play also known as "Karagöz & Hacivat"; the "Collection Imaginative" recalls "The Little Prince" and the "No Boundaries Collection" is designed to put an end to the emotional boundaries between people in the world.


Nishane bestseller Perfumes on 50 ml


  • Nishane Discovery Set: unisex mixed kit. Nishane has created this kit to allow you to discover its creations: quality, sought-after and unique niche fragrances. The collection contains some of the house's most popular non-commercial fragrances: Wulong Cha, Ambra Calabria, Sultan Vetiver, Tuberoza, Ege, Nanshe, Fan Your Flames, Hundred Silent Ways, Hacivat, Colognise, Karagoz and Ani.
  • Nishane Time Capsule Discovery Set: a unisex mixed kit to discover the fragrances of the capsule collection. The names of the fragrances are in Esperanto, a universal artificial language designed to allow equal communication between people of different languages. This underlines the universality of the fragrances and the concepts they are inspired by: Papilefiko is the butterfly effect; Tempfluo indicates the passing of time, Tero is a tribute to the earth and Kredo refers to beliefs. Four fragrances to tell the stories behind the modern concepts of Action, Time, Place and Belief.
  • Nishane Safran Colognise Eau de Cologne: unisex citrusy eau de cologne. The saffron accord is surrounded by the citrusy freshness of lemon, juicy pink grapefruit and the sweetness of passion fruit, which open the olfactory pyramid and then give way to the soft aroma of magnolia, framed by special spicy nuances of saffron and pink pepper. The base smells of worked leather, charismatic musk and shades of amber, forming an aromatic, sensual and persistent sillage. Safran Colognise by Nishane is the modern fragrance of the oriental tradition.
  • Nishane Hundred Silent Ways Hair & Body Oil: nourishing body oil. This product based on sweet almond, jojoba and sunflower oil with added vitamin E for the body and hair is moisturizing, emollient, anti-inflammatory and protective. It protects against damage caused by sunlight and pollution, is non-greasy, absorbs easily and contains 73% natural active ingredients. In Nishane's Hundred Silent Ways fragrance, a sensual floral note of white flowers is enhanced by a touch of vanilla.
  • Nishane Hacivat Extrait 50 ml: woody perfume for men. A chic, fresh but decidedly persistent perfume inspired by the traditional Turkish shadow theatre. The composition includes chypre and citrus notes of bergamot, with a touch of sweetness and a heart of jasmine, patchouli and cedarwood, which give way to an accord of light woods, oakmoss and timber.


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