About 50 ml Perfume Store

"When I decided to open my boutique, I thought of those who came in as guests and not customers: more than a regular shop, I wanted it to become a living room in which to welcome friends."


The 50 ml Perfumery, inaugurated in 2017 in Milan, is the culmination of a broader project that began with the online sale of clean beauty products and niche perfumes (read the e-commerce story here). The boutique arrives four years after the launch of the 50 ml project on the web, following an unconventional path. Fabio and Matteo, the two founding brothers of 50 ml, decide to go beyond the online experience and once again take on the challenge themselves. Matteo, in particular, takes charge of this new project and starts working directly in the store. The only certainty at this stage is that the 50 ml boutique will not be the typical niche perfumery. Thus begins a new journey filled with obstacles, aiming to give a younger and irreverent dimension to a market often very formal.

Leave any shyness at home, arm yourself with curiosity, and come visit us at our perfume store in Milan! We have one fundamental and non-negotiable rule: 50 ml welcomes those who come to visit us as if they were entering as a friend. Expect friendliness, kindness, and honesty: every question is welcome. We even accept a sincere "I have no idea what I like": we will help you discover the most suitable artistic fragrances (or skincare products) for you! Our goal is not to make you go home with an empty wallet but to see you return the following week to tell us that the product you purchased is superb, wonderful, fantastic... you decide!

We know that a successful purchase requires the right amount of time, especially when it comes to niche perfumes with a certain history and quality behind them, like the ones we have selected for you. That's why we will never let you experience a fragrance without letting it "rest" for a few minutes, allowing the olfactory pyramid to evolve, and we will always be ready to provide you with a couple of perfume samples to take home if you are unsure about the fragrance to purchase and need some time to think. In short, approach it with curiosity and relax to savour the discovery of the niche world, whether you are looking for a perfume, skincare products, or makeup (did you know that in our perfumery in Milan, you can find Espressoh?!).

The years of experience in the boutique have helped us understand what our customers like and how to pamper them a little: a few extra perfume samples, a fragrant bag, a mini perfume holder... but most importantly, we have learned that clear, direct, and honest communication is the key to building long-lasting trust relationships with every customer who chooses to rely on us. We want our passion to come across loud and clear, whether you come to visit us in our boutique here in Milan or are making a purchase from the comfort of your home.


Are you looking for the best niche products but don't live in Milan? Don't worry! On 50 ml, you can purchase the best perfumes for women, perfumes for men, and unisex fragrances, along with a wide selection of skincare, make-up, home care, body and hair care products! Remember that on 50 ml, you can request free perfume samples with every order! Also, try our Matteo Selections, niche sampler sets specially curated to introduce you to new raw materials and brands. Want to learn more about artistic perfumery? Don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube, and subscribe to our Newsletter! With us, you'll become a niche fragrance expert in no time, thanks to original and exclusive content that will guide you through this vast scented world!

Did you see the beautiful mural as a backdrop in the Boutique? Its original design was created by Nastia Gladushchenko especially for 50 ml. Nastia is an Aussie artist specialized in botanical murals and paintings. Find out more about the painter exploring her website and get inspired by the most astonishing works of art on her Instagram page @nastiagladu!