Chabaud is a niche perfume brand that follows the French perfumery tradition, creating unique, high-quality fragrances. All products are made in France and communicate a modern and sophisticated luxury. Explore the range of fragrances with evocative names such as Innocent Fragilité, Caprice de Sophie, Vintage and Chic et Bohème. Discover a unique experience with Chabaud.

Set Descending Direction

Chabaud Perfumes

Chabaud is a charming French family-owned niche perfume brand - based in Montpellier - expert in creating eaux de parfum, eaux de toilette, room fragrances and luxury candles. By following the precious legacy of the French perfumery tradition and embracing the fervid creativity that sets it apart, the company succeeds in bringing to life authentic and unique fragrances that evoke the past and bring life into future dreams. For Chabaud, every great fragrance has a fascinating story to tell, and when it succeeds in making the heart flutter, capturing desiresdreams and even arousing a certain melancholy, then it means it has struck a chord.


The Chabaud Collection

Chabaud fragrances represent an enchanting return to a past made of memories, dreams and whispered secrets. Sophie Chabaud designs this journey, with a touch of poetry, an elegant sensibility and an attention that is unparalleled, especially in the selection of the most extraordinary essences.

This brand's deep dedication to excellence is manifested through every stage of production, which takes place 100% in France. Is here, in Grasse, that the fragrances take shape, capturing the authenticity of the land itself. But the passion for quality goes further: the bottles and glass containers, containing these precious creations, come from the traditional glassworks of the picturesque Normandy. This choice not only ensures the use of precious materials, but also conveys a tangible link to the region's long craft history. In every drop of Chabaud perfume, there is an echo of a time gone by, an absolute dedication to perfection and the very essence of French craftsmanship.


Chabaud Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Chabaud Lait et Chocolat EDT: who didn't have breakfast with milk and chocolate as a child? An enveloping, soft scent with sweet notes of Milk, Jasmine and Chocolate, reinforced by Cedar and Teakwood.
  • Chabaud Gourmand Discovery Set: the best set to explore all the fantastic gourmand fragrances of Chabaud!
  • Chabaud Lait Concentré EDT: ethereal fragrance reminiscent of sweet condensed milk, with gourmand notes of coconut and caramel. Delicious!
  • Chabaud Lait de Vanille EDT: warm milk, butter cookies, and lots of - super sweet - vanilla! A scent that evokes peace and nostalgic memories, with Milk, Vanilla, Benzoin and Caramel.
  • Chabaud Lait de Biscuit EDT: a mouthwatering olfactory experience! Scent of pastry, with Caramel and Vanilla, for a fragrance that is simply irresistible!  


Chabaud Perfumes Opinions: Discover our Customers' Reviews!

  • Chabaud Vintage EDP: "A very nostalgic scent, but with a modern oriental touch. It reminds me a lot of the flowers my grandmother had in her yard." - Elen
  • Chabaud Caprice de Sophie EDP: “Caprice de Sophie is just as its name suggests: a playful whimsy, which puts a smile on my face. I love its fruity notes, while the floral heart reminds me of summer meadows <3” - Marzia
  • Chabaud Chic et Boheme EDP: “A fragrance that always makes me feel at ease. Ylang-Ylang, Mandarin and Bitter Orange make it fresh and bright!” - Francis
  • Chabaud Classic Discovery Set: "Have you ever tried the Classic Discovery Set? A real treasure! Each small bottle has its own tale to tell, and these scents stick around for ages. I love giving it as a gift, and I love using it even more! Perfect for those who like scented surprises!" - Sophie
  • Chabaud Fleur de Figuier EDP: “This perfume makes me think of a summer walk in a Mediterranean garden, among fresh figs and enveloping aromas!” - Lucas


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