Founded by Claude Trudon in 1643, this Maison soon became the Manufacture Royale des Cires. At court, the light of Trudon candles danced on the walls of Versailles, lightened the French corridors and was appreciated from Louis XIV to Napoleon and in all the major churches of the country. Trudon’s heritage is shared and renewed today with exquisite refinement.
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Trudon: the refinement of French candles and perfumes

A centuries-old maison, which passes on the fashion of bygone eras, but also the savoir faire and the very high quality of each product, always rigorously handmade in the factory in Normandy. From the choice of fragrances to the glass of the candles and every smallest detail, this maison reconnects with the elegance and luxury of the past to create an experience always avant-garde and full of charm.


Trudon: history of an imperial maison

The history of this charming Parisian maison begins in 1643. It began as a manufacturer of candle waxes, becoming in the 19th century a supplier of beeswax candles for the Emperial Court of France. Trudon collected a success story that culminated in the birth of the candle brand as we know it today, joined by the creation of home fragrances, and a campaign to protect bees.


Features of Trudon

From the selection of fragrances to the choice of waxes, Trudon devotes the utmost attention to the most exceptional formulations to ensure an olfactory experience of the highest quality. Each glass container is unique and handmade in Tuscany, inspired by the shape of a Champagne bucket. The wicks are made of cotton, in different sizes depending on the size of the candles, all strictly hand-cast.


Trudon best seller on 50 ml

  • Abd El Kader Candle: available in 4 sizes, this Trudon candle is the most iconic. Notes of fresh mint and ginger immediately evoke the Moroccan air, enhanced by notes of tea and tobacco.
  • La Cloche: Glass accessory with a wooden base to store and protect your Trudon candle. A decorative object for the home, it enhances the candle while preserving its aroma.
  • Spiritus Sancti Candle:this iconic candle celebrates the scent of ecclesiastical luxury, with the incensed aroma of Olibanum and the warmth of amber, a choir in jubilation beneath the cathedral aisles.
  • Atria Cameo: With the Cameo, Trudon pays homage to Mme de Pompadour, the famous favourite who celebrated cameos as ornamental objects. This melting cameo diffuses a fragrance of iris and amber, with notes of geranium and musks.
  • Ernesto Diffuseur: a diffuser with notes of Rum, Patchouli, Leather and Tobacco to celebrate the Cuban revolution and its guerrillas at that extraordinary moment in history.
  • Cyrnos Candle: a villa in Provence and its aromatic scents are what this candle wants to celebrate. Notes of citrus and fig trees and maritime pines, the Mediterranean and stretches of lavender.


Trudon Reviews: discover our customers' reviews

  • Abd El Kader Diffuseur: "a diffuser that is fresh and soft at the same time, an exotic and light fragrance, extremely pleasant". Peter
  • Josephine Cameo: "I like Trudon's cameos because they allow me to change perfume often and I never get tired of them. This flowery one is always very elegant" Giovanna
  • La Promeneuse: "a really elegant accessory for those who, like me, find the diffuser a bit boring and the candle that gets a bit dusty annoys me. With the cameos of various fragrances I never get tired, besides the fact that aesthetically it is really beautiful" Laura
  • Ernesto Candle: "a candle with a masculine, strong, characterful fragrance. For those who love tobacco. Marco


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