Les Bains Guerbois

Les Bains Guerbois

Les Bains Guerbois is an artistic perfumery brand inspired by the famous Paris hotel/spa of the same name. Through its fragrances, this brand traces the history of the famous temple of beauty, a building with a thousand stories, constantly reinvented to embody the spirit of a creative, glamorous and festive Paris for more than a hundred years.

Les Bains Guerbois
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Les Bains Guerbois Perfumes

Founded by Auguste Guerbois in 1885, Les Bains Guerbois quickly became a Parisian sanctuary for wellness and beauty, attracting the cream of society and cultural luminaries such as Manet, Monet, Zola, Renoir, and Proust. Over the years, the destiny of this place has intertwined with the ever-changing fabric of modern history. In 1978, Les Bains Guerbois underwent a transformation, becoming Les Bains Douches, one of the most famous nightclubs in the world, hosting prominent artists and personalities for a quarter of a century. But the legacy of Les Bains Guerbois did not stop there. In 2015, under the guidance of film producer Jean-Pierre Marois, the ancient building was reborn as a luxurious 5-star boutique hotel. The building not only houses sumptuous rooms, but also a restaurant, a bar, a lounge, a spa, a concept store, a concert hall, and, of course, a nightclub, keeping alive the tradition of hospitality and entertainment that has characterized Les Bains for generations.

The fragrant legacy of Les Bains Guerbois is equally extraordinary. In 2016, the Eau de Cologne and the candle "Atmosphère" were launched, followed in 2018 by the niche perfume collection "Une date, une Histoire", which traces a journey through the fundamental epochs of almost 140 years of history. 2022 saw the further expansion of this heritage with the launch of the collection "Formes & Matières", a multisensory exploration of places manifested through elegant fragrances like Oud Laqué, Damier, and Raku. Les Bains Guerbois continues to embody the vibrant and ever-evolving soul of Paris, offering its guests an unparalleled experience that combines past, present, and future in a single essence.


The Les Bains Guerbois Collection

The Les Bains Guerbois perfume collections represent a masterful blend of the art of perfumery and impeccable French savoir-faire. Each Eau de Parfum is composed and produced in France with care, where Master Perfumers work with passion and dedication. What makes Les Bains Guerbois perfumes unique is their 100% vegan formulation and cruelty-free, ensuring not only a fragrance of the highest quality but also an ethical commitment to animal welfare and the environment. The ingredients, carefully selected, come exclusively from sustainable sources of French origin, giving the perfumes an authentic essence.

The commitment to sustainability extends to the packaging: the outer packaging is fully recyclable and protected by biodegradable cellophane, obtained from corn. Furthermore, the colour of the perfume jus derives solely from the raw materials used in their production, without the addition of dyes, additives, preservatives, or UV filters. With Les Bains Guerbois, every spray of perfume becomes a sensory journey through France, celebrating art and nature in a symphony of unique aromas.


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  • Les Bains Guerbois 1978 Les Bains Douches Eau de Parfum: this oriental niche perfume is inspired by the effervescent and timeless atmosphere of the famous Parisian nightclub. A symphony of floral Yuzu opens the party, followed by the elegant Davana reminiscent of an Old Fashioned essence, transporting us to a night of madness at Les Bains Douches.
  • Les Bains Guerbois Oud Laqué Eau de Parfum: the lacquered wood of Bains Paris inspires this incredibly elegant and sensual niche fragrance, evoking a captivating and unique depth thanks to an addictive combination of Saffron, Geranium, and Oud Wood!
  • Les Bains Guerbois 1885 Bains Sulfureux Eau de Parfum: the fragrance celebrates the enchanted atmosphere of Turkish and Russian baths, mixing Mandarin, Rosemary, and Orange Blossoms with essences of Benzoin, Tonka Bean, and incense. A lively and balsamic fragrance that offers a toning and revitalizing experience, while white flowers add a touch of softness and brightness.
  • Les Bains Guerbois Raku Eau de Parfum: inspired by Japanese terracotta and its dense and radical sensuality, in this fresh and elegant fragrance, Lemon, Fig, and Texas Cedar blend in a captivating harmony, while white musk caresses the senses, creating an intense, unique, and engaging sensory experience.
  • Les Bains Guerbois 1979 New Wave Eau de Parfum: within the perfume, the atmosphere of the 80s is evoked with notes of Peppermint, Musk, and Cedarwood. Freshness, depth, and a touch of mystery blend into a sensory symphony promising an intense and unforgettable experience.


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