BDK Parfums Paris is an independent artistic perfumery house, based in Paris. The brand's ambition is to best describe stories, words and movements through suggestive scents and the best raw materials. For this reason, anyone can find their own “personalized accessory” in the BDK selection, for a unique and inimitable touch of pure class.
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BDK Parfums Paris

BDK è an independent perfume Maison based in Palais Royal, Paris. A Maison that creates creative fragrances with high quality raw materials inspired by characters, movements and silhouettes. These creations tell a universe centred on words and stories, between fantasy and reality thanks to meticulous craftsmanship that enables the creation of exceptional fragrances.


David Benedek, the Founder of BDK Parfums

Born in Paris in 1989 to a father of Romanian origin and a mother born on the Algerian-Moroccan border, David Benedek è grew up in the world of perfumery. His grandparents were among the first retailers in Paris, in the 1950s, of perfumes from major brands such as Worth and Christian Dior, later specialising in the sale of perfumes and luxury products and opening their first boutique in the 1960s. From generation to generation, the experience was perfected and shared. David Benedek studied economics and management in Beijing and New York in 2010 before joining the Institut Français de la Mode in 2012, where he specialised in the world of profumery and cosmetics. Smell, discover, recognise: Benedek became familiar with the more subtle nuances of perfumery together with the Givaudan teams. Over time, his passion grew into a burning desire to make this profession his career, and he started BDK Parfums.


Features of BDK Parfums Paris

From the very beginning, the maison's idea was to work from a particular raw material in order to bring it to life but also to link it directly to an inspiration. This initial idea then becomes the main driving force for shaping the olfactory family that characterises each BDK Parfums fragrance. From this olfactory family comes a personality, a way of being that translates into sensations that allow the mind to run free, telling its own story. The Maison BDK Parfums è is constantly searching for the most perfect raw materials to offer an incomparable end product, which is why all the concentrates used are formed in the region of Grasse, in France. The creative process is never rushed: new perfumes are only considered a finished product when the perfect alchemy between the notes is found.


BDK Parfums: Impeccable Packaging

BDK Parfums chooses to make products "Made in France" knowing the savoir faire of French artisans and the French perfumery industry. The cap of the bottle, developed in Paris by a master goldsmith, was modelled on the base of the dome of the Grand Palais in Paris. This monument, which houses many of France's treasures, is the symbol of a city where creativity and freedom reign. The bottle with its faceted edges was made by a master glassblower based in Normandy. After processing, the glass was worked again to create a unique transparency and brilliance, which enhances the colour of the fragrance it contains. The label, hand-applied, è was created by a typographer in the Marais. Finally, the case, similar to a binding, is made by a family-run business in the Le Mans region. The ink used is natural and the recycled paper. When placed side by side, these boxes form an encyclopaedia of perfumes.


Bestsellers by BDK Parfums

  • Tabac Rose Eau de Parfum: In this fragrance, David Benedek chooses to work with the rose in a different way to reveal its atypical facets. Tabac Rose è a rich fragrance, which emphasises a sensuality; oriental and mysterious. The opulent and addictive tobacco, enhanced by delicious plum and chocolate, combines with the majestic Turkish rose, to which is added a contrast of spicy notes of pink pepper and cinnamon. The sweet voluptuousness is prolonged thanks to the deep, mystical notes of patchouli and labdanum.
  • Gris Charnel Eau de Parfum: An autumnal fragrance, a full-bodied cocoa but not excessive, refined and particular. Notes of coconut and fig contribute to conveying a conturbing sensuality. One of BDK's most pungent and peppery fragrances, a very strong spice with a hint of cardamom evident.
  • Rouge Smoking Eau de Parfum: Rouge Smoking è a fragrance based on talcum cherry and almond with a tabaccino finish, and a nuance boozy: a BDK fragrance for men and women. Like all BDK fragrances, it evolves richly, and the accords blend gracefully and sensually. Vanilla becomes velvety and acquires a talky floral character thanks to heliotrope and orange blossom. From the base, tonka reveals a toasted tone and the typical tobacco accord.
  • Crème de Cuir Eau de Parfum: Crème de Cuir celebrates the Indian summer, when the hot days are over and the sweet freshness of the evening begins to wane. A sensual elixir characterised by white and beige tones, a pure representation of contemporary sensuality. The perfume evolves through Rothko's monochromatic style, where materials dance in circles one after the other. Leather is stripped, dusted of all impurities, rendered white and pure. Green notes embrace passionately as musk and bergamot reach for the southern skies.
  • Tuberose Imperiale Eau de Parfum: Asubtle and elegant floral, sweet and rounded. The tuberose is very present, as are other sensual white flowers such as Ylang Ylang. A fragrance whose extremely creamy, buttery aspect is particularly exalted, reminiscent of a soft embrace, an elegant sensuality, a refined eroticism.


BDK Perfumes Reviews: Our Customers' Opinions

  • Gris Charnel Hair Perfume: “The sensuality of coconut and fig notes is diluted by the extreme spicy quality of this fragrance. The hair perfume is a lighter and more playful emanation of this, but no less sensual and disturbing.
  • Ambre Safrano Eau de Parfum: “You can clearly smell the amber notes, which mingle with saffron, suede and woods, the fragrance transports you to the warmth of the Orient. Saffron and vanilla, with sandalwood and oakwood reveal a gourmand softness with a woody hint to tease sensuality. ” Sabrina
  • Pas Ce Soir Eau de Parfum: “Pas Ce Soir by bdk parfum: super sensual, lively, but still very chic. Exuberant notes of ginger and mandarin clash with spicy notes of pepper, all tempered by the sweetness of pear” Jasmine
  • Velvet Tonka Eau de Parfum:  “Velvet Tonka è an enveloping and irresistible gourmand for those who love almond aromas: in fact there is vanilla, tonka in the base and this very strong note of almond aroma, the kind you can cook with. To conclude on notes of a very powdery retrò Marta
  • Rouge Smoking Hair Perfume: “You don't need a lot of it for it to have an effect, just a little spray, move your hair around with a bit of sensuality, et voilà! The game è done. When the cherry note fades, it leaves room for a smoky trail of sweet and cosy vanilla” Petra

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